Brief Versus Long Psychotherapy

Author: James Paul Gustafson
Publisher: Jason Aronson
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79), for example, "if society is to go on, daughters must be disloyal to their parents
and sons destroy (replace) their fathers" (p. 88). ... Some myths cover up the
contradiction, while some let it through more baldly as a story about other people
(not us). ... Thus, the sentimental myths propose to solve the contradiction of
being in the clan versus being out of the clan, by making it all come out happily
ever after: you marry out (exogenously), and get all the virtues missing from your
own clan ...

Phoenix From The Ashes

Author: Carl B. Yoke
Publisher: Praeger Pub Text
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Even though the ultimate lot of the protagonist may not be that of a happy-ever-
after, Hollywood ending, I believe these stories are to be read, as Joseph
Campbell believes myths, fairy tales, and divine comedy of the soul stories are to
be read, "not as a contradiction, but as a ... 22 In other words, the old world simply
becomes decrepit and must disappear because "for something to genuinely
begin anew, the vestiges and ruins of the old cycle must be completely destroyed
. "23 Like ...


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Thank you for another great article about our distant but fascinating past, and a
special thanks to the men and women bringing it all to us on shoestring budgets
but limidess ingenuity and insight. ... AFTER A NINE-HOUR, HEART-WRENCH-
ing day volunteering at my local animal shelter, I read the incredibly uplifting
article written by Ed Boks and felt a tremendous surge of relief that there are
angels tion dollars there as a special thank you to the city for having a plan to
save thousands ...

Love S Virtues

Author: Mike W. Martin
Publisher: Univ Pr of Kansas
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We are asked to imagine two such lovers who have found each other and, while
locked in a sexual embrace, are approached by Hephaestus, the god of welding (
and other crafts). ... Such complete togetherness would destroy joyous interaction
. ... eternally into each other's eyes, like Tristan and Isolde, thereby preventing
them from living together creatively, side by side.8 No wonder the Romantic
model ends in promises of "happily ever after," rather than revealing how static,
stifling, ...

Cine Blitz

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"Don't ask me any questions. I am fine. My hiishancl is fine, liverything is perfect!"
CINE BUTZ 14a. Please state in the boxes the number. a day. "The maali greeted
her at the gate," disclosed Yogeeta's friend. "And he told her that another
memsaab was ... But the rumours never died. In fact, if at all, they became even
more persistent. And what with the myth of 'happily ever after' being different from
what it used to be, we naturally insisted on giving Yogeeta and her family
members a fair ...

Hitting The Jackpot

Author: Pasi Falk
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
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"I shall share the prize with you. By word of honour." These were Charlie's words
to Yvonne, when he could not afford a cup of coffee. The only thing he had was a
lottery ticket. The following day, Charlie is back. He has won the main prize in the
lottery. And a promise is a promise ... the comedy is based on a true story of a
New York police officer called Charlie, who won 4 million dollars in the lottery . . .
and shared his prize with a complete stranger, a waitress in a cafe. This is the ...

The New Leader

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Henry Louis Mencken is a party of one. Do you understand me? You're a party of
one. You don't put politics aside; you taste it, smell it, listen to it, and write it. You
don't join it. If you do, these clowns will destroy you as surely as the sun rises and
sets.' " Why would Fast quote such ... could ever destroy Howard Fast. That
demolition was an inside job, as evidenced by Being Red, composed by a
mythmaker who got along, went along, stayed too long, and has lied happily ever

Australian Book Review

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Without it we would have no science, no religion, no myth. These three picture
books each deal with different imaginitive realities, but they have in common the
gift of wonder, the ability to imagine a different world. Gwenda Smyth harks back
to Celtic folklore and the miniature world of faerie. However it is placed in a ...
And presumably lived happily ever after, as in all good fairy tales. Craig Smith
has created pictures rich with humour as his minute fairy child is seen fluttering
out of a ...

Library Journal

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I doubt that we'll ever know the answer to that question. But The Unborn is my
literary attempt to give ... essential cultural function— myth-making. Although
much good analytical history has been written recently about the Civil War, there
is no valid myth to define for us the meaning of a struggle that destroyed the last
vestiges of Jef- fersonian America, and ... with gambling, alcohol and drugs, and
a brush with the underworld before living happily ever after. As escapist fiction,
most of the ...