Windermere S Wish

Author: Jane Johnson
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781544862149
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OH NO! Has Windermere asked for too much? Read on and see ... "Windermere's Wish is an artistic joy with a powerful message."

Lady Windermere S Fan

Author: Oscar Wilde
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408145170
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... this woman's existence till half an hour ago. Someone who pitied me was kind
360 enough to tell me what everyone in London knows already—your daily visits
to Curzon Street, your mad infatuation, the monstrous sums of money you
squander on this infamous woman! Crossing L. LORD WINDERMERE Margaret!
don't talk like that of Mrs Erlynne, you don't 365 know how unjust it is! LADY
WINDERMERE (Turning to him) You are very jealous of Mrs Erlynne's honour. I
wish you had ...

Lady Windermere S Lover

Author: Miranda Neville
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062243330
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Lord Windermere rose from behind hisdesk without a smile, but a glintin hiseye
told Damianthat the old manwas gladtoseehim. Hetook a deep breath
andaccepted hisfather's solemn handshake. “I didn'texpect toseeyou for
sometime. I don'tknow if youreceived myletter congratulating youonyour majority.
Eitherway, letme repeat mygood wishes.” “Thankyou,sir.” They'd partedon cool
terms at the end of the summer, after the usual row about Damian's friends, habits
, and ambitions. God ...

The Maze At Windermere

Author: Gregory Blake Smith
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0735221944
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Ah, I said, then she does not wish to marry. He look'd at me then as if he marvel'd
at what I could mean. It was not that she did not wish to marry, he explain'd, but
that she did not wish the State of Servitude on him. He had been a Slave once
and having had those Fetters once untied, she would not have him resume them.
And then as I was silent, he said he believ'd it was a Testament to her Love
toward him that she would not have him back in Bondage. I continued with
questions: oh, ...

The Windermere Witness

Author: Rebecca Tope
Publisher: Allison & Busby
ISBN: 0749012641
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'We have to walk round it three times and make a wish,' said Lucy. 'That's what
they do in Mongolia, and it always works.' 'So what are we going to wish?' 'I'm
going to wish for Bridget, not me,' said the child, suddenly serious. 'Bridget's
going to need all the luck she can get.' Once again, it was obvious that she was
quoting from an adult, even before she added, 'That's what Daddy says,' in
confirmation. Trying not to think about probable watchers from the Victorian villas
on either side ...

A Guide To The Scenery On Windermere Etc

Author: James GIBSON (of Ambleside.)
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It has been for some time the wish of the Author of this small work, to furnish the
Tourist with a companion through the District of the, Lakes of Westmorland, of
which Windermere is the principal. Many guides to the Lakes have already been
written, by men fully qualified for the work, and which have had a very wide
circulation; but they all give an account of the whole Lake District, generally
commencing at Lancaster, and many taking in a great part of Yorkshire and
Cumberland: those ...

The Emerson College Magazine

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Against Lady Windermere's wish Lord Windermere invites Mrs. Erlynne to a
social function at their home. Lady Windermere, misunderstanding her husband's
attentions to Mrs. Erlynne, leaves her home and takes refuge in Lord Darlington's
rooms. In the meantime Mrs. Erlynne has discovered Lady Windermere's
absence, has learned of her whereabouts, and being desirous of bringing about
a readjustment of right relationship between Lord and Lady Windermere, she
follows to ...


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Coaches run between Windermere Station and Ambleside, calling at Low Wood,
in connection with Trains from north and south. See Time Bills. Tourist Tickets to
Ambleside are also issued, available by the Boats from Bowness Landing Stage,
but the Fares do not include conveyance between the Station at Windermere and
the Landing Stage. Passengers must state at the time of booking whether they
wish to travel via Oxenholme or Windermere (Lake Side), and those by the former

That Summer At Windermere

Author: Elizabeth Baroody
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1490737391
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I want to have a basic outline on paper, one copy for me and one for the bulletin
board in the main hall. this will be helpful to those students who haven't made up
their minds yet, as to which of the art courses they wish to pursue, Miss
Camfield's or Mr.Sullivan's.” Dr. Cary, at this point, removed his glasses and
gazed myopically around the room, his eye catching Diane phalen as she
yawned and looked out the window. “We'll start with you, Miss phalen, if you can
draw yourself away ...

The Watcher In The Wall

Author: Owen Laukkanen
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 069819408X
Size: 31.18 MB
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Frey would tell Adrian is that she's from Pennsylvania and she's unhappy about
the way her stepfather mistreats her.” “Sure.” Stevens yawned again. “So?” “So
it's not the chat logs,” Windermere said. “It's the anonymizer thingy. That's our key.
” Stevens paused, and she could tell he was struggling to follow. “I thought that
thing was for hiding your identity.” “It is,” Windermere said. “But Ashley Frey isn't
the only Death Wish member trying to stay incognito. I was trying to figure out if
maybe ...