Author: Jared M. Diamond
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Bald Mountain Gold Mine Expansion Project White Pine County Elko County

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The difference in the East Sage waste rock dump configuration would be more
beneficial to wildlife than the dump configuration for the Proposed Action.
Decreasing the size of the dump ... 4.5.8 Wild Horses Under the East Sage Dump
Alternative, the impacts to wild horses would be about the same as those
described for wildlife resources for the Proposed Action and for both wildlife and
for wild horses for the South Water Canyon Dump Alternative. The relocation of
the haul road into ...

Acme Fill Corporation Landfill Expansion Permit East Of Martinez Supplemental Information Report 1984

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H. PDBEIC HEAEIH AND SAFEIV (Continued) Alternative B. Alternative D would
probably have somewhat less of an adverse impact since less organic wastes
would be landfilled while any landfill associated with this alternative would
receive proportionately more inert, inorganic wastes. The dredged ... Vectors that
could be particularly drawn to a processing center include rodents, flies,
mosquitos, domestic animals and, depending on the location of the center, wild
animals such as ...

The Storm God In The Ancient Near East

Author: Alberto Ravinell Whitney Green
Publisher: Eisenbrauns
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... had learned how to exploit the potential fertility of the land, the population
could expand, laying the foundation for the complex economic structure of future
civilizations. In southern Mesopotamia, from around Baghdad to the Persian Gulf,
the sun beat down mercilessly throughout the day, not infrequently unleashing
violent winds that would cover the countryside with brown dust. After the climatic
changes, the natural state of the southernmost areas was a wild waste of dried
mud flats, ...

Ruby Hill Mine Expansion East Archimedes Project Battle Mountain District

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1 O-27 processing facilities, ponds. ancillary facilities and landfills should be
revegetated with a seed mixture that is a result of the test plot program which may
not be the mixture presented in Table 2-5. 1 0-28 Page 2-37 Section 2.2 ~ East
Waste Rock Dump Alternative -- Instead of quoting an average height for the East
Waste Rock Dump. it would be more meaningful to include a maximum because
the maximum height will affect the visual resources the greatest. 10-29 [Page 2-
35 ...

A History Of The Ancient World

Author: Chester G. Starr
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
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state the district is a wild waste of dried mud flats, stagnant pools, and reed
swamps; apart from clay there are no building materials, no sources of metals. ...
Upon this potentially fertile land, however, farmers could expand their numbers
greatly and could throw up nonagricultural elements to create the complex
structure of civilization once they had learned to draw off water from the high bed
of the Euphrates river to ... To the east and north are first foothills and then the
mountains ...

German Expansionism Imperial Liberalism And The United States 1776 1945

Author: Jens-Uwe Guettel
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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These three interpretations fall short of presenting a complete picture of both
German imperialism before World War I and Nazi visions and colonialist
practices in the East. Most important, before 1914, German ... Moreover, as
historian Robert L. Nelson has pointed out in respect to German eastward
expansion, “German reference to the Wild West is only a metaphor. . . . It is the
fantasy ofthe Wild ... Central European History 42, no. 02 (2009): 299. were a
waste of time: Prussia's eastern ...

Proposed Expansion Of Runway 9r 27l Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport Broward County

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Field evaluations of the eastern expansion areas (study zones 1, 2 and 3 in
Figure 5-23 in Appendix H) resulted in scattered observations of migratory and
endemic birds. The majority of birds to the ... occur (Aspidium fern, wild pine/air
plant, coastal leather fern and Royal Palm). These plant ... Hazardous and
Nonhazardous Materials and Waste S 187.201 13 The alternatives under
consideration are consistent with the goals and policies of this section of the
State Comprehensive Plan.

The Expansion Of Europe

Author: Wilbur Cortez Abbott
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Men fought or traded with such eastern peoples as found their way to European
borders, or from the western shores looked out across the Atlantic to infinity. But
in neither direction, save for the effort to regain the holy city of Christendom,
Jerusalem, from the infidel, and the occasional expeditions of some adventurous
or devoted spirits into the wild wastes of the north Atlantic, had Europeans made
serious attempts to penetrate the secrets of the outside world. They were, indeed,
poorly ...

Expansion Of Flying Cloud Airport Eden Prairie Minnesota

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See also Section V.T for a discussion of hazardous wastes. U.2.3 Summary of
Groundwater Impacts None of the alternatives under consideration would have a
significant adverse impact on groundwater. V. Wetlands The Flying Cloud Airport
property and land that would be acquired for the new building area have been
field reviewed in their entirety and found to encompass no jurisdictional wetlands
that would be regulated under state or federal law. Storm water ponding facilities
on ...