Wartime America

Author: John W. Jeffries
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442276509
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Wartime America was the fabled “Arsenal of Democracy,” whose factory workers (
often called “soldiers of production” by the government) and whose scientists
were as important to the defeat of the Axis as were its soldiers and sailors, and
whose industrial and technological might made the United States the economic
and military colossus of the globe. But economic mobilization also brought full
employment, fat pay envelopes, and rising expectations. Crucial to the double
victory over ...

Home Fronts

Author: Michael S. Foley
ISBN: 9781595580146
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An extensive collection of wartime letters, song lyrics, poems, editorial cartoons, articles, leaflets, and government documents offers a vivid cross-section of American intellectual, political, and cultural life in wartime over the past ...

Searching For Subversives

Author: Mary Elizabeth Basile Chopas
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 146963435X
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In telling the stories of former internees and persons excluded from military zones as they attempted to resume their lives after the war, Chopas demonstrates the lasting social and cultural effects of government policies on the Italian ...

Fdr Goes To War

Author: Burton W. Folsom
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439183228
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... move its classrooms, finally locating space in Garfinckel's Department Store
about a mile away. Students boarded with private families in the area. After
negotiations, the school was paid $1.1 million. The U.S. Navy had decided it
wanted that location, and with President Roosevelt's backing, the Navy had the
authority to take it.1 Following Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt increased his executive
powers enormously. On December 17, the New York Times re- ported, “Moving at
wartime speed, ...

America And Zion

Author: Moshe Davis
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
ISBN: 9780814330340
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Gedaliah Bublick s Wartime Dilemma Gershon Greenberg American University In
the wake of the Holocaust, leading voices of the Mizrahi religious- nationalist
movement turned even more intensely toward the land of Israel as the sole
remaining hope for the future of the Jewish people. In Palestine, for example,
Shlomo Zalman Shraggai (1899-1994) wrote that the appropriate response to the
disaster was to channel all Jewish concern into restoring the Jews to Israel. The
root of the ...

Home Front Girl

Author: Joan Wehlen Morrison
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 1613744609
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A Diary of Love, Literature, and Growing Up in Wartime America Joan Wehlen
Morrison Susan Signe Morrison. Not all the information in her notebooks is
utilitarian. In psychology class on January 19, 1943, after notes about Pavlov'
sdogs and conditioned responses,Joan wrote, “Dog gets neurotic ifcompelled to
maketoo fine a distinction. Me too.” Then she drew a picture ofadog salivating.
Amongst her scribbles about John Donne's poetry, igneous rocks, and Aztec
gods are doodles ...

An Undercurrent Of Suspicion

Author: George Sirgiovanni
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9781412817196
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4 The Politics of Anti-Sovietism in Wartime America In the true spirit of American
democracy, foreign policy continued to provoke sharp political debate during
World War II. At one point, a concerned Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn even
tried to dissuade his colleagues from engaging in any "dangerous talk" or "
dangerous propaganda" that might bring about "wrong thinking in our own
country or disunity among us and those allied with us." Rayburn's remark,
everyone knew, was ...

Weimar In Exile

Author: Jean-Michel Palmier
Publisher: Verso
ISBN: 9781844670680
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The Emigres in Wartime America 1. AMERICA'S ENTRY INTO WAR THE UNITED
STATES AND THE WAR IN EUROPE We have to state that modern war, waged
in the Nazi manner, is a repugnant affair. We do not like it. We do not want to join
it. But this is where we are, and we shall fight with all our resources. F. D.
Roosevelt a giant nation was rising, still half-asleep, to go to war. Bertolt Brecht,
Journals, 8 February 1941 Even if isolationism remained the United States'
official ...

Crossing The Pond

Author: Jere Bishop Franco
Publisher: University of North Texas Press
ISBN: 9781574410655
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"Crossing the Pond also chronicles the unsuccessful efforts of Nazi propagandists to exploit Native Americans for the Third Reich, as well as the successful efforts of the United States government and the media to recruit Native Americans, ...