Timeriders The Eternal War Book 4

Author: Alex Scarrow
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141968311
Size: 41.53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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There hasn't been since, well now ... since 1871 when the South signed an
alliance with Britain's King Edward VII.' 'The South, the Confederates, don't have
slaves?' 'Of course not.' 'Then ... then why are you guys fighting each other?' He
shrugged. 'It's a question I ask myself every day.' Devereau sighed. 'Truth is, we'
re underdogs of the British and the French. We're fighting their war for them.' 'My
God ... this is so wrong. This is all to do with Lincoln.' 'Lincoln?' 'A man called
Abraham ...

What Went Wrong

Author: kgcummings
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1467053430
Size: 25.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The years this novel covers are referred to by many from the Vietnam era as,"the silent years". The men couldnt, or wouldnt talk about the war, women, friends, and family didnt ask.

Star Trek The Dominion War Book 4

Author: Diane Carey
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 067104107X
Size: 28.14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If I've been wrong about you, then I should correct the wrong. I have a wedding
gift for you, Father . . . to show my respect and admit my mistake, I'll join the
House of Martok.” Staring until his eyes burned, Worf absorbed the phenomenal
depth of this gesture, this commitment, and quickly sifted the past few days to
make sure he had not made any pressures or hints—no, this was all Alexander's
idea, his own choice. Worf lowered his head and shook it. “This will not be easy . .
.” “I don't ...

War Of The Fae Book 4 New World Order

Author: Elle Casey
Publisher: Elle Casey
ISBN: 1939455243
Size: 76.73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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If we had, we would have been here sooner. We were actually looking for Chase.
Something must have gone wrong.” I looked at Tony, frowning. “Hey! Don't look at
me! I told Finn to think about Chase but all he kept doing was thinking about
Becky's face, Becky's hair, Becky's smile. It was Becky, Becky, and more Becky
the entire time!” Finn's face turned beetred. Becky smiled. “Seriously, Finn? Oh
my gosh, that's so sweet. I've been thinking about you a lot, too.” She suddenly
went shy.

The Wrong War

Author: Bing West
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1588369323
Size: 40.17 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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NATIONAL BESTSELLER In this definitive account of the conflict, acclaimed war correspondent and bestselling author Bing West provides a practical way out of Afghanistan.

Twilight Of Demons The Remnants Of War Series Book 4

Author: Patrick Astre
Publisher: ePublishing Works!
ISBN: 1614175101
Size: 75.46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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We walked down Malta to Linden Boulevard and waited at the bus stop. Stuart
looked down the boulevard and didn't see any bus coming. "Hey, I got time to run
to the deli and get jawbreakers," he said. "You better make it snappy," Julie said. "
We ain't waiting for you if it comes." Stuart took off at a run. We watched him go,
and Julie turned to me. "What's the matter, Patrice?" "Nothing. What're you talking
about?" "You're quiet, not like yourself. What's wrong?" I looked in her eyes and it

Why The War Was Wrong

Author: Raimond Gaita
Publisher: Text Publishing
ISBN: 1921921196
Size: 32.70 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This is an accessible and powerful book. It is a book you must read.

Scattered Suns The Saga Of Seven Suns Book 4

Author: Kevin J. Anderson
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0759515182
Size: 24.98 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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... herout ofthe way whilethe Eddies tilted at windmills in an infuriatingly
unnecessary crackdown against Roamer clans. Standing alone on the red rock
outcropping, Tasia madea disgusted sound intohersuit helmet, after making sure
thecomm was off. General Lanyan's GuidingStar must bea black hole ... ora
whole clusterof black holes, pullinghim ina dozen differentdirections —all of them
wrong! Wrong enemy,wrongpriority, wrong war. It hadn't been easy for her
toleaveherclaninthe ...

Heat Blood Bound Book 4

Author: Amy Blankenship
Publisher: Tektime
ISBN: 8873041434
Size: 59.35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If anyone thought they could steal her away from him they were wrong... dead
wrong. “Heat” “Blood Bound Series Book 4” Summary Alicia Wilder is tired of
being shielded from the world by her over protective brothers. Trying to prove she
can handle the vampire war gets her mauled, bit, kissed, shot at, and oddly
enough, living with three very sexy vampires, one of which started the vampire
war in the first place. When she finds herself going into shifter heat, Alicia realizes
her safety net ...