Entitled To Power

Author: Katherine Jellison
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 0807862274
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Farm Women and Technology, 1913-1963 Katherine Jellison. Roots of the
Consumer Culture (New York: McGrawHill, 1976). 28. For further discussion of
this issue, see Jane Busch, “Cooking Competition: Technology on the Domestic
Market in the 1930s,” Technology and Culture 24 (April 1983): 222–45. 29.
Skelgas advertisement, Wallaces' Farmer, 12 April 1929, 36. 30. Perfection range
advertisement, Wallaces' Farmer, 25 May 1929, 13; Skelgas advertisement,
Wallaces' Farmer, ...

Open Country Iowa

Author: Deborah Fink
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9781438402802
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War Jobs at Home 1945 Wallaces' Farmer 70:232. Westphal, David 1985 Riches
to Rags: Iowa's Economic Upheaval, Part 3. Des Moines Register, June 18. What
Education Do Farmers Need? 1948 Wallaces' Farmer 73:134. What'll You Buy?
1945 Wallaces' Farmer 70:785, 821. What Price for Eggs? 1945 Wallaces'
Farmer 70 (April 7):1, 30. When Frank Gets Back 1945 Wallaces' Farmer 70:611.
Wherry, Elizabeth 1943A Country Air. Wallaces' Farmer 68:19. 1943B Country Air

American Dreamer A Life Of Henry A Wallace

Author: John C. Culver
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393292045
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Letters from readers were an important element of all farm journals, and Wallaces
' Farmer contained dozens of them on every conceivable farm-related subject,
from "How to Burn Dead Hogs" to "Baking Bread in Cold Weather." Page two was
Uncle Henry's domain. There he editorialized on the evil of monopolies, urged
better farm tenancy laws, counseled farmers to refinance their debts, and
preached the virtues of grass. During 1897 ne wrote a series of gentle, eloquent "
letters to ...

Miscellaneous Publication

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See The V. P. I. agricultural journal. Virginia poultry and live stock journal. See
Virginia live stock and poultry journal. Virginia real estate and farm journal.
Lynchburg, Va. m. v. 1- 1867 (1873) -1873. Virginia ruralist. Woodstock, Va. m. v.
1-2? 1872-1873. The Virginia state agricultural society. See Monthly journal of
the Virginia state agricultural society. Vitagraph. El Verano, Calif, w. v. 1-2? 1889-
1890. Walla Walla farmer. Walla Walla, Wash. w. v. 1- July 1870- Wallace's farm
and dairy.

A Bountiful Harvest

Author: Leslie A. Loveless
Publisher: University of Iowa Press
ISBN: 9780877458135
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The third boy is unidentified. Taken on the Everett Young farm, Mount Pleasant,
Iowa. Page 72: Background information from an interview with Patricia Bryant
Doak. Page 75: The children's names and ages at the time of the photo are, from
left to right, Chris, 7; Kathy, 6; and Tom, 4. Background information from an
interview with their mother, Mary Nau. Page 78: This photo appeared on the front
page of Wallaces' Farmer with the caption, "Bright, healthy children are big assets
on many ...

Hearts And Home

Author: Rae Katherine Eighmey
Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society
ISBN: 9780972055215
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Pieces on soil conservation, hybridization of corn, soybeans as a cash crop,
mechanization, women on the farm, the role of the farm in national policy and
much, much more still catch my eye. There is scarcely an issue of importance to
the farm or the nation that was not carefully studied and written about in the
pages of Wallaces ' Farmer. Through the first half of the 20th Century, Wallaces '
Farmer was the singular product of three generations of dedicated, progressive
agricultural ...

The Agricultural Outlook For 1930

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25: 101–105. August, 1911. (3456) WALLACE, HENRY. APPRECIATION of LIFE
AND work; SYMPoslu M. Wallaces' Farmer 41 (9): 351–356, March 3, 1916. (
3457) CUMMINs, A. B. A REAL FRIEND. To MAN. Wallaces' Farmer 42 (8) : 343.
February 23, 1917. - (3458) HENRY WALLAck. HoARD's DAIRYMAN 51: 277,
296. March 10, - (3459) QUICK, HERBERT, HENRY wall ACE. Country Gent. 81:
737. April 1, 1916. Also in Wallaces' Farmer 42 (8): 344–345. February 23, 1916.

List Of The Agricultural Periodicals Of The United States And Canada Published During The Century July 1810 To July 1910

Author: Stephen Conrad Stuntz
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w. v. 1- July 1870- Wallace's farm and dairy. See Wallace's farmer. Wallace's
farmer. Established as (a) Farm and dairy. Ames, Iowa. s-m. v. 1-20, no. 3. 1874-
Feb. 11, 1895. Continued as {h) Wallace's farm and dairy. Ames, Iowa. s-m. v. 20,
no. 4-19. Feb. 15- Aug. 15, 1895. Continued as (c) Wallace's farmer and
dairyman. Ames, Iowa, and Des Moines (1895- Jan. 3, 1896), Des Moines (Jan.
10, 1896-1899). w. v. 20, no. 20- v. 23, no. 48. Sept. 6, 1895-Dec. 2, 1898.
Continued as (d) ...

The Inspirationists 1714 1932

Author: Peter Hoehnle
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351543490
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'Visiting the Amana Society', Wallaces' Farmer, 18 December 1914; 'Visiting the
Amana Society', Wallaces' Farmer, 25 December 1914; 'Visiting the Amana
Society', Wallaces' Farmer, 1 January 1915; 'The Amana Society as an Economic
Farm Unit', Wallaces' Farmer, 8 January 1915. In late September 1914 Henry A.
Wallace (1888–1965), his wife, Ilo Browne (1888–1981), and their friends Frank
and Mary Fallonson visited the Amana villages. Wallace wrote about his visit,
with ...