Scientific American

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Paris. Responsible Agents may also be found in all the principal citles and towns
in the United States. Terms—~82 a-yesr—Sl in advance and the remainThe
nature of the invention consists in generating, in large quantifies and with great
rapidity, carbonic and other gases, resulting from combustion, and discharging
such gases, while -- —|- '——_l ' ' "' V v; , l , dermflmomhs. i Z intermixed with
steam, upon or about any , ' 7 i if 7 7 V ' '10/ burning mass and difi'using the same
into the .

The Parish Of St Margaret Westminster The Parish Of St Margaret Westminster V 10

Author: George Topham Forrest
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The latter dimension is clearly incorrect, there being no room for such a depth,*
but the two short dimensions at the east end, viz. 1 8 feet 9 inches north to south
and 17 feet 6 inches east to west, closely approximate to those of the present
buildings as shown on the Ordnance sheet. According to Kip's view (Plate 77),
the chapel had a tiled roof hipped at the west end, and a gable at the east end,
with a small, square structure at the ridge level, which probably contained a bell.f
Large ...

Survey Of London Early London V 2 3 Mediaeval London V 4 London In The Time Of The Tudors V 5 London In The Time Of The Stuarts V 6 London In The Eighteenth Century V 7 London In The Nineteenth Century V 8 Londin City V 9 London North Of The Thames V 10 London South Of The Thames

Author: Walter Besant
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... at the upper end, five feet deep, with wharves on both sides. Four bridges were
built over the canal—viz. at Bridewell, at Fleet Street, at Fleet Lane, and at
Holborn. But the canal proved unsuccessful, the stream became choked again
and resumed its old function as a sewer. Everybody remembers the Fleet in
connection with the Damian'— To where Fleet Ditch with disemboguing streams
Rolls its large tribute of dead dogs to Thames. In the year 1737 the canal
between Holborn and ...

The Economist

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Charles Bell, Esq. Geo. Garden Nlcol, Esq. Robert Benaoit, Kvj. Sir James P.
Lacaita, Julius Bordier, Era K.C.M.O. Chas. H. Gcs'-hcn. Esq. 8. Leonino, Esq. L
Leonino, Esq. Com. Devincenzi. Gen. Maxaoer. — John Alexander Jackson, Esq.
... ending the £ s d 31st December last, amount to £;0,866 12s, out of whichit is
proposed to pay the usual dividend of one guinea per shore (free of income tax),
amounting to 15,2^4 9 0 To add to the new share fund 13,727 10 0 Or equal to £2
10s ...

The Engineer

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Fothergill, Wrigley, and Smith has been deduced from experiments made on a
weir of 10ft. broad, and the weir on which the trials with Schiele's turbine were
made was 10ft. 8in. broad, which must .... Secondly, the author's next statement,
viz., “The first attempt to sink the cradles was a failure, yet the work afterwards
progressed so far that at low water there was a considerable fall over the site of
the dam. ... Besides, soundings made the next day proved that there was a large
piece left.

The Jurist

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Fleet~street. MARCH 4, 1865? * ' ' i '— "oonfiiiaisi" _. 'P Now ready, price 10s. 6d.,
MARKIIAM', Esq., M.A., Barrister at Law, Inncr Temple. London : Stannard 8:
Smith, 30, Chancery-lane. BAKER'S LAWS RELATING TO PUBLIC HEALTH. Just
published, in l vol. royal 12mn.. price 18s. cloth, HE LAWS relating to PUBLIC
HEALTH, SANITARY. MEDICAL, PROTECTIVE; including the Legislation to the
end of ...

Journal Of Scientific And Industrial Research

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The other method, viz. a unified theory from thermodynamical standpoint, was
given by Fiirth in 194878. ... The Transitor — The year 1948 is of special
importance to radio and electronics research, for it was during this year that
germanium crystal triode, or the transitor, was developed by Shockley, Bardeen
and Brattain of Bell Telephone ... Now, the collector being at a negative potential,
a large number of holes flowing from the other are collected by the ve vc SIGNAL
EMITTER. 05 ...

The Spectator

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Crossword 645 Masses by Mass Prize: £10 — or a copy of Chambers Dictionary,
1983 edition (write 'Dictionary' under name and address) — for the first correct
solution opened on 5 March. Entries to: ... (7) 21 Old anarchic trick takes in the
French (7) 24 Whip, cruel whip (7) 25 Partially blue veins backed old fist (5) 26
Massive bell decked with copper minutiae (5) 31 Constellation probed by Tycho's
initial instruments (8) 37 Cross into Kansas for spoils (5) 38 An angel? Sounds ...