Variety S Complete Home Video Directory

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Printed and bound in the United States of America International Standard Book
Number: 0-8352-2503-8 International Standard Serial Number: 0000-1015
October 1988 Q This registered service mark identifies programs closed-
captioned by the National * Captioning Institute. Used with permission. R. R.
Bowker has used its best efforts in collecting and preparing material for inclusion
in this update to Variety 's Complete Home Video Directory, but does not warrant
that the information ...

Fundamental Reference Sources

Author: James H. Sweetland
Publisher: American Library Association
ISBN: 9780838907801
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Bowker's complete video directory. New Providence, NJ: Bowker/Reed
Reference, 1990- . 4v. Annual. Also on CD-ROM; updated quarterly. Began life
as Variety's Complete Home Video Directory Covers about 50,000 entertainment
and more than 80,000 educational and information videos in various formats,
with more than 6,000 having reviews from Variety. Entries include full citation,
MPAA and similar ratings, running time, format(s) in which the title is available.
Classified by ...

Writing The Research Paper A Handbook

Author: Anthony Winkler
Publisher: Cengage Learning
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Halliwell's Film & Video Guide. New York: HarperPerennial, 1997. Halliwell's Film
Guide. 11th ed. New York: Scribner's, 1995. International Film Guide. 26 vols.
London: Tantivy Press; New York: Barnes, 1964–1988. International Motion ...
Variety International Film Guide. London: Andre Deutsch; Hollywood: Samuel
French, 1989–present. Variety's Video Directory Plus. New York: Bowker, 1986–
1998. CD-ROM. Includes Variety's complete home video directory and reviews
from the ...

Managing Performing Arts Collections In Academic And Public Libraries

Author: Carolyn A. Sheehy
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
ISBN: 9780313279768
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Although it lists educational titles, Videolog is most useful for feature films and
other home-use titles, giving full videographic information and a price. While the
... Variety's Video Directory Plus (Bowker Electronic Publishing) on CD-ROM
contains full videographic information, including price, and summaries for more
than 70,000 videocassettes and laserdiscs in active distribution. ... This source is
a CD-ROM version of the print reference work Bowker' s Complete Video

Pc Mag

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Movie Home Companion is the place to find in-depth reviews and the finer points
of film watching. Ebert is a master at calling attention to things that are easily
missed in a film. While Companion obviously covers films available on cassettes,
there is nothing to help the user identify those in video release. The credits
include the cast of characters, but the retrieval software is frustrating. Variety 's
Video Directory is the comprehensive guide to what's available in which format (
beta, VHS, ...

Pc Mag

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A Fish Called Wanda, and C asaAfter Hours blanca, but we can't show them Sr-ni
-i:Ii m Filri-nil RI I iiiii "|l|. ... On Variety VIUGO aVGA monitor,the display quality
CONTINUED begins to approach that of televiThere are dozens of ways to sion.
search the directory, including by title, performer/director, award, keyword,
subject, and year released. In less than a jiffy ... Variety's Video Directory allows
you to bring your PC into your home entertainment system in a particularly
painless way.

Selecting Materials For Library Collections

Author: Linda S Katz
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136398880
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Video Directory Bowker's Complete Video Directory is one of the more complete
video directories on the market. Bowker's is published annually in four volumes,
and has been in existence since 1990 in its current format. Two of the volumes
are dedicated to entertainment videos currently available for home distribution,
and two of the volumes are dedicated to educational/special interest titles. The
volumes ...

Pc Mag

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COMPLETE -No additional lntertace Kit charge High Performance NEC CD-ROM
Drive Kits Miflrgdlq capable - [Q51 access times NEC CDR-73 kit (external drive)
$799 NEC CDR-83 kit (internal drive) $749 NEC CDR-36 kit (portable, battery ...
5.000 articles Call Variety Video Directory home video reference lB9 Zip++ ; .i ry ll
.S. Address I95 McGraw-Hill Rel. Set 100.000 terms; 7.300 articles 245 Microsott
Programmers Library sample code + 345 NEC DTP GISCS photos. fonts. t...,.

Pc Mag

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Sherlock HoimesorShakespeare on Disc corripteot <1: CIA World F001 BOOK
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perverse W CD Guide Oft CD-ROM complete nuic doc database W Variety Home
Video Directory Over 30LIIJ firm I89 M05197 Search Bible dozens or ... s
research department met with PC Maga:ine's editor-in-chief Bill Machrone and
group research director Neil Karlin to devise the PC Magazine Equipment
Satisfaction Poll.

Timber Home Living

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See Producers Directory for more information. 4 DREAMING CREEK TIMBER
FRAME HOMES, INC. 2487 Judes Ferry Rd. Powhatan, VA23139 (804) 598-
4328; fax (804) 598-3748 Custom full service timber framing. Residential,
commercial and restoration. In-house designer. Nationwide. Brochures $4. Video
$10. EUCLID TIMBER FRAMES L.C. R.R. 3, Box D- 12 Sundance, UT 84604 (
801)225-9847 A full service company specializing in traditional and
contemporary timber frame ...