Turner S Big Radio Record Adventure

Author: Dale Turner
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Imagine playing Ronnie Milsap records on the radio and then working with Mr. Milsap at his Record Label representing his music to stations all over the Midwest.


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Home Video Billboard FOR WEEK ENDING APRIL 27, 1996 ERCHANTS
A R K E I VID SALES BOOSTED (Continued from page 73) Bumblebee garnered
a big response for a "Free Willy 2" activity coloring book and minipack of four
Crayola crayons ... In March, Pillsbury returned with a Green Giant/ "Johnny
Quest" cross-promotion, offering $2 and $3 rebates on four different titles. ... $50
S.f^^The Power Book March 1996 Edition: The ultimate guide to radio and record

50 Year Adventure

Author: Rick Evans
Publisher: Rick Evans
ISBN: 0557127327
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vintage RCA Stereophonic console record player. It looked like a big piece of
wooden furniture and had two large speakers on both sides and the record
player was hidden in the middle. It provided the family with endless hours of
entertainment. I eventually ... I started out with Johnny Cash, moved to Neil
Diamond, then to Bachman Turner Overdrive and then it got strange as I was a
faithful follower of Alice Cooper. For me it was the ultimate in being counter
cultural. I remember one ...

Adventures In South America

Author: Jeanette Windle
Publisher: Multnomah
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of big sacks right there against the window. Jenny and I saw some little bags of
white powder sitting on top— just like the stuff you showed us. They said they
were going to 'haul' it all somewhere." Major Turner turned to Mike. "Did you see
actually see Dr. Latour in pursuit of Justin?" "Well, no," Mike admitted. "I just saw
the man my men hauled in. The kid says he's been following them. But I did see
the camp jeep take off out of the gate mighty fast." Major Turner's usually smiling
eyes ...

All Shook Up

Author: Glenn C. Altschuler
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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II2 teen music groups, Io8 teen spending, IOO, 123–26 television The Adventures
of Ozzie and Harriet (television), II8–21 African Americans and, Io American
Bandstand, 40, 82-86, 98, I52–59, 165, I76–77, 202n. ... Top Forty Format, I44,
16o Toppers, 12–13 Tosches, Nick, 33 traditionalism, 67, Io2–4 Transference in
Psychoanalytic Therapy (Walstein), 61 “treacle” period, III–I2 Triangle
Publications, 153–54 Truman, Harry, 15 Tudor, Terry, Io9-10 Turner, “Big Joe” 13,
31, 75, 118 “Tutti ...


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Turner Bros. (CORENE CORENA) . Radio Artist Records 203 BLIND BARNABUS
Jordan River Boys (CLIMBING UP) Super Disc 1017 CLIMBING UP THE
Joe E. Brown (Porter W. Heaps) <4-12") Victor Y-351 IT'S FUN TO BE NEAT
ALBUM Renee Terry-Jack Mercer-Eugen Lowenthal (2-10") Winant Productions
G-3 PETER ...

Business Review Weekly

Author: Gale Group
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We arrange dollars this big. Edited by JOHN KAVANAQH MAN OF AUSTRALIA
Paul Turner wanted to be a radio announcer when he was at school in Adelaide.
But a holiday job at EMI quickly steered him into making, rather than playing,
records. This year Turner, 53, celebrates 20 years as ... of radio air-play devoted
to new artists. He blames advertisers who convince stations to ignore young
audiences, claiming that they lack the buying power of older, less adventurous


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Radio. Programming. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY- Veteran rock air personality Mary
Turner is presented with a cake, champagne and a "Fish" trophy commemorating
her ninth year at KMET FM Los Angeles during her nightly show. In addition to ""
Tier KMET gig, Turner hosts "Off The Record," "Off The Record Specials" and
produces "In Concert" all syndicated by Westwood One. She also hosts "The
Mary Turner Show" ... of those kinds of songs. But we do offer a wide variety **-sf
music." ...

Radio My Love My Passion

Author: Marlin R. Taylor
Publisher: Mascot Books
ISBN: 9781684015924
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Marlin R. Taylor first discovered musical recordings when he was elementary school-age, when they came from phonograph records that played at 78 revolutions-per-minute.

Catalog Of Copyright Entries Third Series

Publisher: Copyright Office, Library of Congress
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SEE Good Time Jazz Record Company, inc. TURK MURPHY's JAzz BAND. A952
|17. SEE Koenig, Lester. ... AFO-9973. Bamboula fait des farces, par Mat Epseud.
a l v. illus. , (Les Adventures de Bamboula) ... TURNER, ROY. Thirty years of
berries; raspberriés and strawberries. 81, p. illus. (C) Roy Turner; llMay 53;
A9028l. TURNER-MALEY, FLORENCE. Florence Turner-Maley album of songs •
New York, R. L. Huntzinger. 35 p. music. Appl. authors: Florence Turner-Maley &
R. L. ...