Throwing Rocks At The Google Bus How Growth Became The Enemy Of Prosperity

Author: Douglas Rushkoff
Publisher: Portfolio
ISBN: 014313129X
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Why doesn’t the explosive growth of companies like Facebook and Uber deliver more prosperity for everyone?
What is the systemic problem that sets the rich against the poor and the technologists against everybody else?

When protesters shattered the windows of a bus carrying Google employees to work, their anger may have been justifiable, but it was misdirected. The true conflict of our age isn’t between the unem­ployed and the digital elite, or even the 99 percent and the 1 percent. Rather, a tornado of technological improvements has spun our economic program out of control, and humanity as a whole—the protesters and the Google employees as well as the shareholders and the executives—are all trapped by the consequences. It’s time to optimize our economy for the human beings it’s supposed to be serving.
In this groundbreaking book, acclaimed media scholar and author Douglas Rushkoff tells us how to combine the best of human nature with the best of modern technology. Tying together disparate threads—big data, the rise of robots and AI, the increasing participation of algorithms in stock market trading, the gig economy, the collapse of the eurozone—Rushkoff provides a critical vocabulary for our economic moment and a nuanced portrait of humans and commerce at a critical crossroads.

Throwing Rocks At The Google Bus

Author: Douglas Rushkoff
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698153669
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In this groundbreaking book, acclaimed media scholar and author Douglas Rushkoff tells us how to combine the best of human nature with the best of modern technology.


Author: Glenda Barnes Bozeman
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Continuing growth in the 1900s and expansion of the city's commercial interests
from cotton production and other types of ... leather wares, and iron and brass
manufacturing, ensured Macon's prosperity into the first half of the 20th century. ...
In the early 1950s, "Little Richard" Penniman was washing dishes at the Macon
Greyhound bus station cafeteria by day and ... Macon became the home of
Southern rock, the soul of the South, producing other greats such as Wet Willie
and the ...

The New Statesman And Nation

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To be precise, in a country like contemporary Australia, bulging with full
employment and time-payment prosperity, where the ... much of which has been
pumped in from abroad, is swelling land prices and distorting the whole pattern of
urban growth. ... ancient aboriginal rock carvings, was rescued from bulldozers,
jack-hammers and the blight of high-rise dwellings. ... Sydney Miranda Basner
Bad Temper on Buses A few days ago I came very close to throwing a brick at a
London bus, ...

Niles Weekly Register

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i T.iat with his extended view it became necessary to admit to a full and fair inves
igation whatever plans wer- presented .... tie. throws an additional charm; and
often, by optical illusion, disposes them in shapes of exquisite and startling
beauty. ... or whether the water more teadily wears away some vein, as of trap-
rock, softer than ihe hill of stubborn grjvel and argil; ... the Yellow Stone I bus, and
in other instances, science has not even named Ihe most remarkable objects in
our territory.