Three Stones Make A Wall

Author: Eric H. Cline
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400884616
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Who gets to keep what is found? Taking readers from the pioneering digs of the eighteenth century to the exciting new discoveries being made today, Three Stones Make a Wall is a lively and essential introduction to the story of archaeology.

Author: Jared M. Diamond
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Studies In The Archaeology And History Of Caesarea Maritima

Author: Joseph Patrich
Publisher: BRILL
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The four objects described below—a eulogia bread stamp, a St. Menas ampulla,
an ampulla depicting a stylite saint, and a silver spoon—were found in the course
of the University of Haifa archaeological excavations of a complex of warehouses
and granaries adjacent to the palace of the Byzantine governor, located to the
south of the Crusader wall of Caesarea.1 The objects were found in a layer of ...

A History Of Indian Archaeology From The Beginning To 1947

Author: Dilip K. Chakrabarti
Publisher: South Asia Books
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he called "the remains of the Celtic-Scythians as yet discovered in the Dekhan
and Carnatic" into twelve classes: (1) cromlechs (three stone slabs for walls, one
slab for roof, one side open) without circular enclosures, (2) cromlechs with
circular enclosures, (3) ... There was also a note on the collection of Gandharan
sculptures by G.W. Leitner in Indian Antiquary of the same year.150 South India
The story of work at the Amaravati stupa makes a long reading: Colin
Mackenzie's visits to ...

Annual Report Archaeological Institute Of America

Author: Archaeological Institute of America
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The Pueblo of Hungo Pavie is one of the smallest of the series, the main building
being three hundred feet long, according to Lieutenant Simpson, and the wings
each one hundred and forty-four feet in length ; and yet it is larger than the largest
structure in Yucatan or Central America yet discovered. Hungo Pavie was three
stones high, built in the terraced form, and the walls were of stone. There were
seventy-two apartments in the first story, some of which are thirteen by eighteen
feet ...


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These houses are on the same level as the West Gate of the enclosure, which
was cleared by Griffith. c) The building with the stone wall and window. Together
with the ... The walls of this building — part of which was discovered in March
1961 (25 on the plan) are of sandstone blocks, some re-used from buildings
erected by Thutmose III and Ramses II. ... story of the three Hebrews in the fiery
furnace (Daniel iii.25) but it clearly alludes to the three bishops buried beneath
the church.

A Story In Stones

Author: John Jeremy Hespeler-Boultbee
Publisher: CCB Publishing
ISBN: 1926585992
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No satisfactory archaeological work has ever been undertaken at the site, so it is
impossible to confirm here whether or not a much older structure rests under
what may be seen today. One legend ... Yet another explained how a very slim
stone mounted within the compound, standing perhaps three metres high and
topped by an ancient Jesuit stone cross, actually grows millimetre by millimetre
each year. I was much ... Several “experts” have pronounced conflicting opinions.
If, indeed ...

Annual Report Of The Archaeological Survey Of India Eastern Circle For

Author: Archaeological Survey of India. Eastern Circle
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Archaeological Survey of India. Eastern Circle. walls enclosing them rise
sufficiently above them for a second story in these areas. The mosque thus
appears never to have been completely finished, and only the bays along the
outer edge and above ... occurs on the short north wall. Here there were
originally three openings or entrances, through arched passages, now closed by
ramshackle wooden doors. The arches here are formed by three separate stones
, one for each of the two ...

Archaeological News

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Khirbet el-Quseir Mordechai Aviam In October 1997 a limited sounding
excavation was conducted 15m west of the large building from the Byzantine
period which had been exposed previously at Kliirbet el-Quseir, and identified as
a monastery (map ref. 1735/2604; £57 5:88-91 ... The eastern wall (Wl) was
preserved two courses high; only three stones of the northern wall (W6) were
found in situ; the remaining walls were preserved to the height of one course. It
appears that W2 and ...