The Telomere Effect

Author: Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The revolutionary book coauthored by the Nobel Prize winner who discovered telomerase and telomeres' role in the aging process and the health psychologist who has done original research into how specific lifestyle ...

Evolutionary Interpretations Of Aging Disease Phenomenon And Sex

Author: Giacinto Libertini
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In either case, the result is an alteration of transcription from portions of the
chromosome immediately adjacent to the telomeric complex, usually causing
transcriptional silencing, although the control is doubtless more complex than
merely telomere effect through propinquity (Aparicio and Gottschling, 1994;
Singer et al., 1998; Stevenson and Gottschling, 1999). These silenced genes
may in turn modulate other, more distant genes (or set of genes). There is some
direct evidence for ...


Author: Mehmet C. Öz
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The Molecular Biology Of Schizosaccharomyces Pombe

Author: Richard Egel
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The Rifl homologue in S. pombe, however, does not bind to Rapl, but binds to
Tazl instead, so that telomere binding of S. pombe Rifl is dependent on Tazl (
Kanoh and Ishikawa 2001). Thus, in S. pombe, both Rifl and Rapl bind to the
telomere through interaction with Taz1. Disruption of the tazl or rapl gene does
not affect vegetative growth, but results in significant elongation (-4-6 kb) of the
telomere in S. pombe (Cooper et al. 1998; Chikashige and Hiraoka 2001; Kanoh
and Ishikawa ...

Medical Biochemistry E Book

Author: John Baynes
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Their body weights are decreased as young adults by about 35% and their
maximum lifespan increased by about 45% compared to littermates, but oddly
they become obese with age. Similar effects on weight and lifespan are
Telomeres are the repetitive sequences at the ends of chromosomal DNA,
typically thousands of copies of short, highly redundant, repetitive DNA, TTAGGG
in humans (Chapter 32). DNA polymerase requires a double-stranded template
for replication; RNA ...

Medicinal Chemistry Of Nucleic Acids

Author: Li-He Zhang
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Telomestatin treatment also provoked a complete dissociation of POT1 and TRF2
from telomere, suggesting that the ligand triggered the uncapping of the telomere
ends. The effect of the ligand was associated with an increase of the v-H2AX foci,
one part of them colocalizing at telomeres, thus indicating the occurrence of a
DNA damage response at the telomere (97, 98, 223). Another study on the DNA
damage pathway also demonstrated that such telomere dysfunction induced by ...