How Inventions Really Happen

Author: Paul C. Wilson
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 145754671X
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That is what this book is about. The story of the sewing machine, an invention that dramatically transformed the lives of women, shows that it was brought into existence by individuals with very different aims and talents.

Brighton And Hove

Author: Janet Cameron
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
ISBN: 1848681674
Size: 18.60 MB
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It seemed that some time previously, Jones was persecuted, almost to death, by a
sewing machine agent who wouldn't give up trying to sell him a machine. In
desperation, Jones built himself a diving bell and went out to sea for 400 miles,
then descended 200 miles into the ocean to try to get some peace. He had no
such luck. The moment his feet hit the ocean floor, he saw the sewing machine
man coming down in his diver's equipment and carrying with him a sewing
machine shuttle ...

The Australian Journal

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THE SEWING-MACHINE MAN. " There ! " said Mrs. Hall, as the sewing machine
came down with a thump and stopped; "I've broken my needle. Do go and get me
one, Carrie, and hurry back." " Well," said the young girl addressed, " I will
consent to make myself useful to that extent for once; " and putting on her hat she
made her way to the machine agency. The proprietor came forward to meet her,
and, after exchanging the courtesies of the day, he said, "Miss Moffat, won't you
come ...

American Dreams

Author: Williams College. Museum of Art
Publisher: Hudson Hills
ISBN: 9781555952105
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Museum of Art Nancy Mowll Mathews. Theodore Roszak, Man at Machine (Man
Sewing), 1937, oil on canvas (24 x 4o'/» in.). Regis Collection, Courtesy of the
Estate of Theodore Roszak. 2 Robert M. Coates, "The Art Galleries." The Nen'
Yorker (November 23. 1940): 53. 3 See Dreishpoon, Theodore Roszak:
Consmutivist Works, p. 58, no. 8. 4 Stephen Fenichell, Plastic: The Making of a
Synthetic Century (New York: HarperBusiness, 1996). PP. 145. -17. 5 See
Douglas Dreishpoon.

The Washing Machine Man S Travels

Author: Andrew Lindsay
Publisher: Greenworldbooks
ISBN: 9780955008306
Size: 44.20 MB
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Around mid morning Tom and Ann Carnellis, the campsite owners, gave my
slashed tent to their handyman, a little old man with an ancient pedal powered
Singer sewing machine in a ramshackle hut and he began the repairs straight
away. From their comfortable bungalow I called American Express, the local CID
and the British Consulate, while Ann made some tea. They hadn't had a robbery
for over ten years and assured me I had just been incredibly unlucky. As we
waited for the ...

Brighton And Hove Murders And Misdemeanours

Author: Janet Cameron
Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited
ISBN: 1445627124
Size: 59.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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As he began to descend, he again encountered the sewing machine man, this
time ina balloon, with “six bucketsful of samples of the lockstitchand a model of
the reversible hammer.” Eventually Jones sailedhome butas he approachedthe
dock,he again saw thesewingmachine man onthe landingstage. Jones
persuaded the captain totelltheman he'd died of yellow fever onthe voyage. This
news so saddenedtheagent thathe seizeda pistol and threatened to blow out his
own brains.

The Phase

Author: Michael Raduga
ISBN: 130055066X
Size: 35.36 MB
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Then, a man about 60 years old who was dressed somewhat like a sailor (at least
that was what I thought) approached another guy who was playing some
unknown instrument, resting the thing on his left shoulder like a violin. I think it
was not an actual instrument, but rather something like a sewing machine or
something oneiric in nature like that. The sailor stopped by the side of the sewing
machine man and from inside of a worn out black, cheap looking plastic bag for
which most ...

The Atlantic Monthly

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man never is, but always to be, blest. lf with one part of his brain he inven's a
labor-saving apparatus, the o:h r lobes immediately create as much rew abor as
the apparatus saves. But it is this chase of Desire after Ability which keeps the
world moving, and tends always to equalize the lot of men. The sewing-machine
is one of the means by which the industrious laborer is as well clad as any
millionnaire need be, and by which working-girls are enabled safely to gratify,
their woman's ...