The Pattern Welded Blade

Author: Jim Hrisoulas
ISBN: 9780873647731
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This book reveals the secrets of this ancient craft, from the welding of the starting billet to final assembly of the completed blade. Learn basic patterns and stunning, complex designs.

Stage Combat Resource Materials

Author: J. Michael Kirkland
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313307102
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... 18: Damascus Patterns Chapter 19: Cable Blades Chapter 20: The Japanese
Blade Chapter 21 : Japanese Heat-Treating and Polishing Appendix A:
Compounds Appendix B: Weights and Measures Bibliography Those who wish to
construct and maintain knives and daggers for the stage and screen will find a
great deal of useful material in this information packed publication. Mr. Hrisoulas
is a prolific writer in his field. His newest offering is The Pattern-Welded Blade:
Artistry in Iron.

The Chesopiean

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Remarkably the pattern-welded blade has endured for well over fifteen hundred
years. The demand for ... Bibliography and Notes For further reading on bronze
and iron development and on the Bronze and Iron Ages see: Knauth, Percy 1974
The Metalsmiths. New York ... For further reading on the technical aspects of
pattern-welded blades and for anyone wishing to attempt making a pattern-
welded blade see: Hrisoulas, Jim 1994 The Pattern-Welded Blade: Artistry In Iron
. Boulder.

The Anvil S Ring

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Do not expect to see any beautiful pictures of finely crafted blades as that would
draw away from the subject at hand. But expect to find the basic information that
is needed. For a catalog of what this craftsman offers, please write the author at
the above address. THE PATTERN-WELDED BLADE: Artistry in Iron By Jim
Hrisoulas Boulder, CO: Paladin Press (P.O. Box 1307, 80306. (800) 835-2246,
ext. 21. Hardbound, 113 pp. ISBN #0-87364- 773-4. $35.00, plus $4.00 book rate

Old English Enigmatic Poems And The Play Of The Texts

Author: John D. Niles
Publisher: Brepols Pub
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The phrase on bende (29b— 30a) may have reference to either of two things: first
, in general, to the state of 'servitude' that binds the sword to its owner, and
second to the literal clamps that are used in the process by which a pattern-
welded blade is forged.88 Pursuing the theme of sexual restraint (for the word
bend can also refer to the regulations of the Benedictine Rule),89 the speaker
then refers to its life on hagostealde 'in a lord's service'. While this phrase is
normally used of a ...

American Book Publishing Record

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HR1SOULAS, Jim. 739T2 The pattern-welded blade : artistry in iron / Jim
Hrisoulas. Boulder, Colo. : Paladin Press, cl994 vi, 113 p. : ill. ; 29 cm. Includes
bibliographical references (p. 113). (TT220.H865 1994] 20 94- 214145 ISBN 0-
87364-773-4 : 35.00. /. Blacksmithing. 2. Forge welding. 3. Knives. 4. Swords. 1.
Title. FROHARDT, Darcie Clark. 741.6 Books, books, books : a treasury of clip art
/ Darcie Clark Frohardt. Englewood, Colo. Libraries Unlimited, 1995. p. cm.
Includes index.

Spirit Of The Sword

Author: Steve Shackleford
Publisher: Krause Publications
ISBN: 1440216398
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A Celebration of Artistry and Craftsmanship Steve Shackleford. quench the blade
from 1500°F into heated canola oil and do a triple temper at between 475°F and
500°F, depending on the length and dimensions of the blade.” • Handles/Hilts: “I
use a variety of woods, ... I use cast bronze and silver, forged and ground pattern-
welded steel and iron, and a variety of hardwoods, especially figured sugar
maple, yellow birch and ancient bog oak. My scabbards are lined with close-
sheared ...

The English Warrior From Earliest Times To 1066

Author: Stephen Pollington
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Making the Sword A term one meets frequently in discussions of Anglo-Saxon
sword blades is -pattern- welding', a technique for their manufacture which dates
back to the 3rd century AD at least. In essence, the idea is to twist together iron
rods, and then to weld these rods together into a blade-shaped blank which is
then further treated to produce the finished piece. Its derivation is from an earlier
process whereby alternating qualities of iron sheet or strip were forge-welded
together ...

Forged In Blood

Author: Michael Z. Williamson
Publisher: Baen Books
ISBN: 1625796072
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blades had grains and patterns like burled wood. She'd heard of pattern-welded
and Damascus steel, but had only seen one small piece of Rob's. This was
incredible. Looking to Marta for assent, she lifted one from the rack. It was a
standard kataghan pattern, chisel pointed, slightly S-curved, with a grip of
nuggetwood set with silver pins. One nearby she didn't recognize by shape had a
handle of malachite. She whistled in respect. Cardiff returned with clean hands,
wiping them on a ...

The Celtic World

Author: Miranda Green
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113563243X
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Early Celtic craftsmen were remarkably skilful in manipulating very thin sheet (or
strip) iron (Jope 1961). They made innumerable sword blades of varied quality,
the best (about half of them) with cutting edges of carbon steel, sometimes
welded on to a softer blade (an operation needing the very highest skill), the
finest of all being pattern-welded even in the fourth century BC (Pleiner 1993:
117~18, 167, 183—4). Figure 21.10 Evolution of the La Tene chape design from
399 — The ...