The Outrun A Memoir

Author: Amy Liptrot
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393609006
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Helen Macdonald’s H Is for Hawk—the sheer sensuality of Liptrot’s prose and her steely resolve immediately put her right up there with the best of the best.”—New Statesman When Amy Liptrot returns to Orkney after more than a ...

Working With A Stockdog

Author: Anna M. Guthrie
Publisher: Outrun Press
ISBN: 0979469066
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So a Level I dog will be able to do a small gather or outrun. The distance that the
dog can reliably travel to go gather the stock, or the length of the outrun or gather,
can vary greatly. The length of the gather might be as short as 30- 50 yards or
perhaps as much as 200+ yards. In an open field with livestock, a Level I dog
should know to go wide enough to gather all the stock, and should be looking as
he travels on the outrun to see if there are any head who might not be
encompassed in ...

Australian Shepherds

Author: D. Caroline Coile
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
ISBN: 9780764105586
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As the dog seems to catch on, gradually back up from the sheep so that the
outrun is longer. Eventually, your Aussie should be able to do outruns of 200 to
400 yards (183 to 366 m). Drive: The drive is essentially the opposite of the fetch,
and many dogs have difficulty with it at first because it involves pushing stock
away from the handler rather than toward the handler. The best place to teach the
drive is on a dirt road with fences on both sides, but you can improvise a lane
with portable ...

Parliamentary Papers

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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... because there is often common pasture attached, which enhances the value
very much. 8291. What is the average rent? — From 20/. to 50 I. 8292. Can you
give any indication of the size of the holding ; I suppose it depends upon the
quality of the land ? — It depends upon the land and upon the pasture. These
holdings are let in this way : so much arable land, and so much outrun. Sir
George Campbell. 8293. Those would be cases quite in the Highlands ? — Yes.
Chairman. 8294.

Transactions Of The Highland And Agricultural Society Of Scotland

Author: Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland
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of outrun or hill pasture allotted to each farm being shown alongside : — Totals, ...
. 1829 9120 The farms of Achadaphris, Lubvrec, and Shiness, are still held by the
Duke, and are entered in the Valuation Eoll for 1878-79 at £400, £300, and £500
respectively. The greater part of . the outrun originally belonging to Shiness farm (
the farm on which the reclamations took place.) is still attached to that farm, which
carries a stock of over 2000 sheep. The Master of Blantyre, the Duke's nephew ...

Transactions Of The Highland And Agricultural Society Of Scotland

Author: Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland
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The greater part of the outrun originally belonging to Shiness farm (the farm on
which the reclamations took place) is still attached to that farm, which carries a
stock of over 2000 sheep The Master of Blantyre, the Duke's nephew, holds the
other two farms, Colaboll and Achnanearain, at a rent of £526, 12s. The small lots
are let, along with a common outrun, to seven tenants, whose arable areas range
from 6 to 20 acres in extent They have good slated houses and suitable
steadings, ...

Long Skis

Author: Kurt Larson
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595236189
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Groups would sometimes come to race each other and there would be lots of
shouting and drinking by the crowds that gathered at the outrun. Lars used to
stop and watch on his way over to the hill on Saturdays before he started working
and driving and was amazed how fast they went and how it would be over in a
few seconds. Advertisements in the Bay City Times said you could go as fast as
125 miles per hour. Nobody living locally thought it was that fast and Lars thought
the $2.00 ...

Mr And Mrs Dog

Author: Donald McCaig
Publisher: University of Virginia Press
ISBN: 0813934508
Size: 64.88 MB
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In Australia's “three sheep” trial, the handler walks with the dog, and its “yard” trial
tests working chutes and pens. There's a “South Wales” variant (more on that
later). But the national trial is the gold standard in the UK, North America, New
Zealand, South Africa, and Europe. At a national trial, the dog runs out to the
sheep and comes around behind them without upsetting them (OUTRUN: 20
points). The moment of dog/sheep first acquaintance is the LIFT (10 points). The
sheep come ...

Yessis Review Of Soviet Physical Education And Sports

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In frame l we see only the concluding moment of the single support "outrun". The
movements prior to this position can be judged according to the section of the
outrun trajectory up to the point noted by the number l (see drawing 1) . In the
initial position the shot is at a height of approximately l.65m. After this the
throwers, by leaning in the preparatory movements, lift the left leg (otherwise the
shot could not go through such a great path within the limits of the circle) lowering
the missle up ...

Two Planks And A Passion

Author: Roland Huntford
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1441118535
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The outrun ended on a convenient frozen tarn–Besserudtjern–for competitors
more or less gracefully to stop. One journalist appropriately waxed lyrical: 'The
new ski-jump' he wrote, 'stretched like a giant web on a field of bleach up through
the dark pine forest ... and ... to the south there were a few glimpses of the
Christiania Fjord.'2 And more in the same vein. Nature of course intervened with
yet another mordant joke. Despite the altitude, when that first Holmenkollen event
opened on ...