The Mongolian Conspiracy

Author: Rafael Bernal
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
ISBN: 0811220664
Size: 48.70 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Days before a visit to Mexico City by the American President, Filiberto Garcâia is assigned to investigate a Chinese-Mongolian assassination plot, leading him into the underbelly of the city's Chinatown and a deepening conspiracy.

The Interior Circuit

Author: Francisco Goldman
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 0802192637
Size: 47.22 MB
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Reading The Mongolian Conspiracy, Rafael Bernal's classic novel about the
veteran Mexico City police pistolero Filiberto García, I kept picturing Fernando. It
was always kind of touching to see the surlylooking Fernando out front in the park
mornings or evenings, walking the Ebrards' prim little schnauzer. Some of the
other security men looked like college professors or lawyers. Fernando told me
that one of the tests given to applicants trying to qualify for the security corps is to
have ...

China And The Mongols

Author: Hok-lam Chan
Publisher: Variorum
Size: 63.80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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regime went to Liu Chi and not to Chu Yuan-chang, even though the latter was
historically acknowledged as a ringleader in the anti-Mongol movement. This
eclipse of Chu Yuan-chang is certainly ironic when compared with the Mongolian
version of the legend, where Chu looms large as the principal instigator of the
conspiracy against the Mongol rulers. This latest version of the Chinese legend
clearly reflects the popular notions that elite support was vital to the anti-Mongol
cause; ...

Variety International Film Guide

Author: Peter Cowie
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... El/The Small One 335 Chess Players, The/Shatranj ke khilari 187 Children of
Pain/Smertens btfrn 106 Clog Tree, The/L'albero degli zoccoli 212 Comedia rota/
Broken Comedy 57 Coming Home 323 Complot mongol, El/The Mongolian
Conspiracy 225 Cztowiek z marmaru/Man of Marble 271 Death of the President/
Smierc prezydenta 274 Despair/Die Reise ins Licht 161 Dog Who Liked Trains,
The/Pas koji je voleo vozove 342 Donkey in a Brahmin Village/Agraharathil
kazhuthai 189 ...

Detective Fiction From Latin America

Author: Amelia S. Simpson
Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Pr
Size: 31.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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the development of the detective genre in Mexico: Vicente Lehero's Los albaniles
[The bricklayers] (1964), Jose Emilio Pacheco's Morirds lejos [A distant death] (
1967), and El complot mongol [The Mongolian conspiracy] (1969) by Rafael
Bernal (1915-72). Lehero's Los albaniles and Pacheco's Morirds lejos are
thematically complex novels that elaborate on the investigative, crime-to-solution
drama of the detective model. Pacheco revised and republished his work in 1977
, and it is the ...

The Progress And Poetry Of The Movies

Author: Vachel Lindsay
Publisher: Scarecrow Pr
Size: 76.37 MB
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This notable entrance of the grand villain, with a glittering Mongolian retinue, and
his whispered word to his counselor that he intends to seize violently both
Bagdad and the princess, prepare us for the central conflict of the story, between
Mongolian conspiracy and the aspirations of the converted thief and adventurer,
the incarnation of the soul of Aladdin. The counselor of the Mongol Prince is
acted by K. Nambu. With folded arms and what small boys would call the look of
being ...

History Of The Mongolian People S Republic

Author: Akademii︠a︡ nauk SSSR.
Size: 49.66 MB
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As the Party and government widened the front of their anti-feudal measures, the
counter-revolutionary forces of feudal reaction became more and more active.
Opposition began to be shown by the class that had been overthrown — secret
activities of the Bogdo-gegen, an overt conspiracy by Bodo, the Prime Minister of
the people's government, the da-lama Puntsagdorzh, the Minister of the Interior,
Chagdarzhav, the spokesman of the budding middle-class elements and others.

The Mongolian Horde

Author: Roland Strasser
Size: 56.89 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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... morning he was dead, though no trace of poison could be found in his body,
even under the careful investigation of medical science at Moscow. The Ochrana,
however, did not fail to mete out punishment for thwarting this intrigue of the
Soviet. Several lamas were arrested and executed, but without divulging the
secret of their conspiracy, for the Mongol Church was prepared to defend its
conservative ideas in the teeth of the Soviet, while the people remained passive
and indifferent.

The A Z Of Conspiracy Theories

Author: Robert Bircher
Publisher: Summerdale Pub Limited
ISBN: 9781840240696
Size: 49.79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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i. & The origins of the supermodel have always been kept under cover, and
understandably so when one discovers the web □Jp of intrigue behind the sexy
clothing. But back in the 30s, a q man came over to the States from Mongolia and
set up a tj shop in New York selling African clothing for modern women in an
attempt to make his fortune. At the time, women just didn't see the need for ethnic-
type clothing and so the dejected Mongolian headed back home again.

Criminal Code Of The Mongolian People S Republic

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A person who gives advice and prepares the instru-, ments of a crime, removes
the obstacles in the way of its commission which obstacles might otherwise
jeopardize the realization of the crime, who pursuant to a previous conspiracy
hides the offenders, the instruments used for a crime, instruments or property
obtained by committing a crime, or who destroys the traces of a crime or
otherwise helps or assists in committing a crime is called an accessOry. - Each co
-conspirator is tried ...