89199 98384 L Nder Au Erhalb Des Deutschen Sprachraums Afrika Amerika Asien Australien Europa

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Berlin 1918, Bl. 4: Übersetzung aus: „The London and China Telegraph“. 1918,
14. Okt. 900 ZZ Die chinesische Presse. In: Straubinger Tagblatt. Jg. 67.
Straubing 1927, Nr 7 v. 11. Jan., S. 1 (Die panasiat. Bewegung). 900 Z4 Die
chinesische Zeitung. <Aus „Welt u. Zeit“> In: Summarium der Journalistik für die
unterhaltenden Wissenschaften. Bd. 1. Berlin 1834, H. 4, S. ZZ 7-Z ZZ. 900 Z5
Chinesische Zeitungen. (Von] Ed. St. In: V-s. Jg. 43. 1926, Nr 101 MA v. 2. März,
Bl. 6" (Unterhaltung ...

The I G In Peking

Author: Robert Hart
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The London and China Telegraph and the London and China Express were both
published in London, beginning in 1859. The Telegraph at first was published on
the day the overland mail from China arrived, and covered the news of China as
reported by the English-language press there. The Express was published on the
day of the outgoing overland mail and contained European news of interest to
subscribers in China. "Overland" mail went across Suez before the canal was ...

The Hybrid Tsinoys

Author: Juliet Lee Uytanlet
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... France and Great Britain refused to approve the reiteration of the emigration
law because of its added provision for the death penalty for illegal recruitment
and kidnapping of Coolies. Both countries acknowledged their dependence on
illegal recruitment of laborers. China, nevertheless, promulgated the decree.11
These laws did not stop the trafficking of Chinese as contract laborers or slaves.
The London and China Telegraph dated January 4, 1869, chronicled the
condemnation of ...

United States Consular Reports

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The London and China Telegraph, London, June 21, 1897, says: It is interesting
to note that Japan is importing cheap laborers from Korea to work in her coal
mines. Five years ago, the wages of carpenters were 33 cents a day. Now they
advertise that their wages have risen to 80 cents a day — say is. 8d. (40 cents in
United States currency). The cost of living has nearly doubled in five years and
the cost of labor has risen in proportion. Rice, in 1890, was $4.90 a koku; to-day,
it is $8.90 ...

Empires Of Panic

Author: Robert Peckham
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In June, Sir John Pender's China Submarine Telegraph Company linked Hong
Kong to Singapore via Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and from thence to India and
London. On the completion of the link, Pender (whose daughter was married to
George William Des Voeux, appointed governor of Hong Kong in 1887), sent a
telegram from London to Hong Kong, which took 53 minutes: “Completion of the
submarine telegraphic system between Singapore, Saigon, and Hong Kong,
brings the ...

One Golden Summer The Telegraph At The London Games Ebook

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Without the huge margin of victory and the powerhouse final lap, she would have
been just another young winner from China's factory. Here at the Aquatics Centre
she madeit harder for herself in the200 metres individual medley, setting only an
Olympic record instead of a worldbest. For threelapsshe was in afight, but
thendrew away withamighty freestyle finish. There was, though, a certain
diffidence in her celebration and muted acclaim from the crowd. Already we see
what casting ...

Chinese Mine Labour In The Transvaal

Author: Peter Richardson
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The Correspondence of G. E. Morrison, Vol. 1: 1895– 1912 (London, 1976). (h)
Mitchell, B. R., and Deane P., Abstract of British Historical Statistics (London,
1962). (i) Peill, J. (ed.), The Beloved Physician of Tsang Chou: Life-work and
Letters of Dr. Arthur D. Peill, F.R.C.S.E. (London, n.d.). C NEWSPAPERS 1. China
(a) English Language (i) Hong Kong Daily Press, 1903–5. (ii) Hong Kong
Telegraph, 1903–6. (iii) London and China Telegraph, 1903–8. (iv) North China
Herald, 1903–8.