The Knowledge

Author: Lewis Dartnell
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How would you go about rebuilding a technological society from scratch? If our technological society collapsed tomorrow what would be the one book you would want to press into the hands of the postapocalyptic survivors?


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Our civilization was born out of a series ct open-e- w subssauent curses in
rssponse SEATTLE, WA — When city banks closed to stop a. I didn't use to pay
much ... I was floored when I realized the Genesis story is in part a tale of Western
civilization's transition from a hunter-gatherer society to an agricultural one. The
primordial hunters' world is ... and science also rest on. myth. We convinced
ourselves that science was the basis of truth, a rock-solid foundation for all

Anthropology News

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Every effort toward ending suffering and rebuilding the Gulf Coast region should
be undertaken as rapidly and thoughtfully as possible. The manner in which this
is ... Resilience Phenomenon Although the demise of every civilization is in
certain respects unique, there are striking similarities in causal processes and
human response. ... The history of New Orleans, the cataclysm that is Katrina, the
impact of Rita, and the aftermath are prime examples of the resilience

Congressional Record

Author: United States. Congress
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However, that is the situation that confronts you and those like you who step forth
from institutions of learning where your minds have been stored with knowledge
to prepare you for active participation and eventual leadership in the afiairs' of
mankind. You will ... There must be some way to protect civilization from the
distorted use of the very ingenuities which have sprung as illegitimate offshoots
from the parent stem, intent on destroying the very system which gave them birth.
There is ...

Best Sellers

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It is a spectacular tale of Doomsday —and its aftermath. ... civilization as we know
it by immeasurable earthquakes, enormous tidal waves and vast flooding, with
hints of a new Ice Age yet to come. ... The events leading up to the cataclysm, the
comet strike itself, and the subsequent attempts of the survivors to remain alive
and eventually rebuild are seen through the eyes of a Brunneresque plethora of
colorful, inter-related characters reminiscent of Stand on Zanzibar and The
Sheep ...