The Golden Bait Vol 1 Of 3

Author: Henry Holl
Publisher: Forgotten Books
ISBN: 9781333429614
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American Literary Gazette And Publishers Circular

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Holmes' 8 (0. W.) Mechanism in Thought and Morals, 12mo. Is. 6d. Soil's (H.) The
Golden Bait, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. :t I •.. 6d. el. Hood's Whims and Oddities, in 1 vol.
12mo. It. swd. Household Treasury of English Song, or. 8vo. 3». 6d. cl. House's
Missionary in Many Lands, new edit. 12mo. 3*. 6rf. el. Hunter's Life Studies of
Character, cr. Svo. 6*. ol. Hunter's Suit in Bquity, 5th edit., by Lawrence, cr. 8vo.
10*. 6rf. Indian Army and Civil Service List, Jan. 1871, 12mo. C». ol. Jones's
Organization of ...

The American Bibliopolist

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Debrett's Peerage, Baronetage, and Knightage, 1 vol., post 8vo, half bd - 0 I7 6
DH"! ... 8vo, - o 15 o Macmillan Grilfith (G.) Going to Markets and Grammar
Schools, 2 vols., Bvo, - O 15 O FHHMR Hake (T. G.) Madeline, with other Poems
and Parables, post 8vo, - 0 7 6 Chapman C9' Hall Hare (A. C.) Walks in Rome, 2
vols., post 8vo, - - - I I 0 511-11111" , Hart (H. G.) Annual Army List, Bvo, - - - - 1 1
0 Murray Hull (H.) The Golden Bait: A Novel, 3 vols., post 8vo, - - 1 11 6 Timle_y

The Athen Um

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3 vols. FAIR PASSIONS: a Novel. By the Hon. Mrs. PIGoTT-CARLETON. 3 vols. A
LIFE'S ASSIZE : a Novel. By Mrs. J. H. RIDDELL, Author of “George Geith,' &c. 3
vols. The GOLDEN BAIT: a Novel. King's Mail,' &c. 3 vols. ONLY A COMMONER:
a Novel. By HENRY MoRFoRD. TINSLEY BROTHERS, 18, Catherine-street,
Strand. of a Love Chase. By By H. HoLL, Author of 'The 3 vols. 1. Waverley, Vol. I.

The History Of Hindostan Translated From The Persian To Which Are Prefixed Two Dissertations The First Concerning The Hindoos And The Second On The Origin And Nature Of Despotism In India By Alexander Dow Esq In Three Volumes Vol 1 3

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The old man at last took the golden bait, and embarked, with a thousand horse
and a small retinue, on the Ganges, ordering Ahmed Chip to follow with the army
by land. Alla, hearing of the departure of Ferose from Delhi, crossed the Ganges
with his army, and encamped near Mannickpoor, upon the opposite bank. When,
upon the seventeenth of Ramzan, the imperial umbrella appeared in sight, Alla
drew out his army, on pretence of doing honour to the Emperor, and sent his
brother ...

Curiosities Of Literature In Three Volumes Vol 1 3

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How hosts distrest, her smock for banner wore, Which vanquished foes? how fish
in conventicles met, And mackerel were with bait of doctrine caught: How cattle
have judicious hearers been — * How consecrated hives with bells were hung,
And bees kept mass, and holy anthems sung! How pigs to th' rosary kneel'd and
sheep were taught To bleat Te Deum and Magnificat; How fly-flap, of church-
censure houses rid Of insects, which at curse offryar died. How.ferrying cowls
religious ...

The Athenaeum

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OF o 3 - o MR. DARWIN'S DESCENT OF M AN,' Sir Walter Scott's Collected
Works, ... Author of “In Silk Attire,' &c. 3 vols. FAIR PASSIONS: a Novel. 3 vols. A
LIFE'S ASSIZE : a Novel. By Mrs. J. H. Rippou, Author of *George Geith,' &c. 3
vols. The CANON'S DAUGHTERS: the Story of a Love Chase. Rob ERT ST.
JOHN CORBET. In 2 vols. The GoLDEN BAIT, a Novel. By H. Hou, Author of 'The
King's Mail,' &c.

The Athenaeum

Author: James Silk Buckingham
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2/0 cl. Beeton's Dictionary of Practical Recipes, «tc, cr. 8vo. 8/6 cL Corbet's The
Canon's Daughters, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 21/ cl. Edgeworth's The Parent's Assistant,
new edit. fcap. 3/6 cL Educational Calendar, 1&71, cr. 8vo. 1/ bds. Fenton's (
Gertrude) Revenge, cr. 8vo. 10 6 cL Griffith's Going to Markets and Grammar
Schools, 2 >ols. 15/ . Holl's (H.) The Golden Bait. 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 316 cl. Hood's
Whims and Oddities, in 1 vol. 12mo. 1/ swd. Joyce's How to Prepare for Civil
Service Competition, ...

Publishers Circular And Booksellers Record

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3 — Feb. 1, 1871 The Publishers' Circular 71 nople, &c. new edition; House's
Missionary in mon Prayer, edited with tunes; Hathe's MadeMany Lands, new
edition; Mrs. Tollemache's line, and other Poems; Birch's Reveries of Spanish
Towns and ... Christian Church, Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Poetry; Milton's Poetry, Vol. 2 (re5th
edition; Contanseau's Abrégé de l'Histoire issue of Aldine Poets); Heywood's
Explanatory de France, new edition; Yonge's Parallel His- Book of Standard
Poetry; Upstarts ...

Preaching In Eighteenth Century London

Author: Jennifer Farooq
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd
ISBN: 1843838710
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334. 52 See for example, USPG Archives, Minutes of the Society for the
Propagation of the Gospel, vol. 1, 29 January 1705; USPG, Journals, vol. 1, pp.
128, 272, 311; vol. 2, pp. 164, 261, 355–6; vol. 3, pp. 34, 108, 212, 337; vol. 4, pp.
23, 84, 129. 53 Account of the SPRK, p. 24. 54 UCLHA Middlesex Hospital
Minute Book. Collections at sermons were also important for Magdalen House.
Lloyd, 'Pleasure's Golden Bait', p. 56. 55 Perceval, Journal, pp. 43, 106. 56
Whitehall Evening Post, ...