The Genius Of Birds

Author: Jennifer Ackerman
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101980842
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As she travels around the world to the most cutting-edge frontiers of research, Ackerman not only tells the story of the recently uncovered genius of birds but also delves deeply into the latest findings about the bird brain itself that are ...

The Genius Of Christianity

Author: François-René vicomte de Chateaubriand
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HUSBANDMAN. THE goose and the duck, being domestic animals, are capable
of living wherever man can exist. Navigators have found innumerable battalions
of these birds under the antarctic pole itself, and on the coasts of New Zealand.
We have ourselves met with thousands, from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the
extremity of Florida.

The Genius Of Homeopathy

Publisher: Nanopathy
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We shall be more successful in our search for anything if we know what we are
looking for. The story is told of John Burroughs, the late venerable dean of
American naturalists, that on one occasion he was visiting the home of an
admirer, who lived in the suburbs of one of our large cities. His hostess,
professing her great love of birds, bewailed their disappearance from her
neighbourhood. She had not seen a bird for such a long, long time. The wicked
boys and the marauding cats had ...

The Genius Of The Gospel A Homiletical Commentary On The Gospel Of St Matthew Ed By W Webster

Author: William Webster
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and becomes a tree so great that the birds of the air come and lodge in the
branches thereof."* " The idea," says Olshausen, " which this parable is obviously
designed to set forth is simply this — That in the manifestation of what is Divine,
the beginning and the end of its development stand related to each other in an
inverse ratio. Springing from invisible beginnings it spreads itself abroad over an
all-embracing field of operations." The little seed which Jesus and His disciples
sowed ...

The Genius And Character Of Emerson

Author: Concord School of Philosophy
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Lectures at the Concord School of Philosophy Concord School of Philosophy
Franklin Benjamin Sanborn. n. " When the young die," the Grecian mourner said,
" The spring-time from the year hath vanished," The gray-haired poet, in unfading
youth, Sits hy the shrine of Truth, Her oracles to spell, And their deep meaning tell
; Or else he chants a bird -like note From that thick-bearded throat Which warbled
forth the songs of smooth-cheeked May Beside Youth's sunny fountain all the day

An Essay On The Genius And Writings Of Pope

Author: Joseph Warton
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These observations on Thomson, which, however, would not have been so large,
if there had been already any considerable criticism on his character, might be
still augmented by an examination and developement of the beauties in the loves
of the Birds, in Spring, verse 580 ; a view of the torrid zone in Summer, verse 630;
the rise of fountains and rivers in Autumn, verse 781; a man perishing in the
snows, in Winter, verse 277; the wolves descending from the Alps, and a view of

The Genius

Author: Theodore Dreiser
Publisher: Hyweb Technology Co. Ltd.
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(我們希望新機器能操作快點,如此就可降低成本.) animal adj.動物的、獸性的、肉體
的、肉慾的 n.動物、獸類、牲畜、動物性、獸性、殘暴的人 Snakes, fish, and birds are
all animals. (蛇,魚,鳥都是動物) musician n.音樂家、作曲、指揮者 The musicians at
this hotel are wonderful. (這家旅館的樂師很棒) n.音樂家,樂師 The band is made
up of five musicians. (這支樂隊是由5名樂手組成。) garbage n.垃圾、廢物 The
street is covered with old tins and other forms of garbage. (街道上置滿舊錫罐和
其它垃圾。) ...

The Genius Of Spenser

Author: William John Courthope
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A May morning with balm in the air, dew upon all the flowers, and birds upon
every branch, a solitude of human silence, but vibrating with the voices of nature,
are generally the time and place when the bright visions come dancing out,
sometimes 'a world of ladies,' with knights in velvet, gold, and precious stones;
sometimes Love and his Court playing in gardens, like those of the ' Decameron.'
A passage in the translation of the 'Romaunt of the Rose' will throw light on these

The Genius Of Galilee

Author: Anson Uriel Hancock
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The swimming birds began to scud. The sun passed the meridian and began to
be glaring hot. Old Jonas wiped the perspiration from his furrowed brow and cast
an uneasy look about, but said nothing. The women were tired of the hazzan' s
story, and getting into the boat, were eager to be in motion. The men took up their
positions, the sail was spread to the breeze and the craft went dancing over the
lake. The old fisherman at the helm, without being observed, turned the boat's
head ...