The Methodist Magazine And Quarterly Review

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... the field of blood along the extended range of mutual conflict. But after all this
fearful havoc of the aborigines, they remained exceedingly numerous at the time
of the conquest In the Brazilian empire alone there were found not less than four
hundred ... Buenos Ayres, January 20, 1838. For the Methodist Magazine and
Quarterly Review. Akt. II.— ON PASTORAL VISITING. The following remarks are
more particularly applicable to junior preachers, and as such respectfully
addressed to ...

The Quarterly Musical Magazine And Review Vol Vii

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celebrated foreign masters, left the field open for them ; and except Tulou, Baillot,
Lafont, and Beriot (a young violinist of great talent), no French artist was heard
who attracted attention. For several years the Parisian public may be said not
only to have treated Mr. Moscheles as their particular favorite, but even as their
adopted son. The several visits made t) Paris by this admirable artist had given
ample opportunity to all the amateurs and connoisseurs of music to appreciate
the ...

The Freemasons Quarterly Magazine And Review Afterw The Freemasons Monthly Magazine

Author: Freemasons' magazine
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Freemasons' magazine. Captain of the Archers then shot an arrow far and high
over the church roof, in token that his turn of office was expired, and the archers
once more proceeded to parade the streets of Old Mother Kilwinning, till they
arrived at the Cross : where, according to ancient use and wont, a ring was
formed, and dancing ... And it is an incident worthy of remark to the toxophilite,
that Jonathan carried three arrows to the field — the same number that is still in
use in shooting.

The Quarterly Oriental Magazine Review And Register

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Having heard these words Jalandhara proceeded to the battle-field. CHAP. XVT.
The battle between Shiva and Jalandhara. Narada continued — On arriving at
the battle field Jalandhara beheld a fearful scene of carnage, over which
progress was impeded by headless corses, dissevered heads, mangled flesh,
and scattered brains — 'grieved at the sight and lamenting the death of many
Danavas dear to him, Jalandhara looked around the field for Shiva, and saw bim
seated on a bull, ...

The Quarterly Musical Magazine And Review

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... the promoters of sacred song, how are the statutes enforced which require a
knowledge of music in all those who shall take upon them the office of ministering
in the sanctuary 2 What rewards are held out, what honours are conferred on
those who labour in the untilled field True, the degrees of bachelor and of doctor
in music are still known, at least in name; but how rarely are they sought and
obtained, and why Is it that our church musicians are too poor to raise the
necessary funds ...

The Quarterly Oriental Magazine

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review and register. - of Britain should ever be removed from the plains of India,
the benefits of her rule, and the estimation of her character, may remain to
console both for the loss of her empire. The Appendir contains a very valuable
paper, in regard to the construction of a map of Malwa, and the contiguous
province of Oudypoor, by Capt. DANGERFIELD. This paper is drawn up with
great modesty and diffidence of his own knowledge of the subjects, of which it
treats; but is, perhaps, ...