Representing Scotland In Literature Popular Culture And Iconography

Author: A. Riach
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Donny O'Rourke (Edinburgh: Polygon, 2002). The Alasdair Gray motto can be
found ... The Broons and Oor Wullie, 1936–1996 (60 Years in The Sunday Post) (
London: DC Thomson & Co. Ltd, 1996). The Broons and Oor Wullie, At War, 1939
–1945 (The Lighter Side of World War Two) (1997); The Broons and Oor Wullie,
The Fabulous Fifties (1998); The Broons and Oor Wullie, The Swinging Sixties (
1999); The Broons and Oor Wullie, The Nation's Favourites (2000). See also The
D.C. ...

Mcluhan S Global Village Today

Author: Angela Krewani
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Oor Wullie has been an integral part of popular Scottish culture for seventy-five
years and offers memories as well as a continuing tradition, not only in the form of
a weekly strip in the newspaper, but also as a biennial book and in special issues
. With the topics it addresses and with its language, Oor Wullie strengthens
Scottish identity. This has always been one of the secrets of the success of the
series which can be estimated when one considers the following facts: in 2002
the ...

Confusion To Our Enemies

Author: Arnold Kemp
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Selected Journalism of Arnold Kemp (1939-2002) Arnold Kemp. celebrated the ...
Iforone would not wish toreturn to the dreary Scottish Sundays of myyouth, when
theonlybright moment in themorning was 20 minutes with'Oor Wullie' and the'
Broons' beforeKirk, when the highspotofthe afternoon was thedreary and
maddeningly repetitive radio programme Down Your Way, and when bona fide
travellers drankfurtively in suburban hotels soas notto scandalise the lieges. The
paceof ...

Working Class Lesbian Life

Author: Y. Taylor
Publisher: Springer
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The women labelled the expected, and received negative evaluations of their
communities as 'pretentious' and 'middle-class', which is suggestive of a
superficial and false understanding of the area, in contrast to the 'real'
understandings of working-class inhabitants (Howarth, 2002). 2. Hebden Bridge
is a small town in West Yorkshire, UK, ... 'The Broons' are a cartoon family who
appear in a comic strip in the UK tabloid the 'Sunday Post'. 8. The areas also
contain within them other ...

The New Sociology Of Scotland

Author: David McCrone
Publisher: SAGE
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Magazines like Punch made a good living out of them since the mid-nineteenth
century until it shut up shop in 2002. There is something quite intimate about
jokes. Think of trying to understand a joke in a foreign language. You may
understand all the words but not get the joke, because you do not comprehend
the allusions, the implied intimacies. He who laughs last fails to get the joke. How
much insider knowledge do you need to understand The Broons: jings, crivvens,
help ma boab ...

Tourism And Service Management

Author: David Solnet
Publisher: Goodfellow Publishers Ltd
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Because of the closeness between employees and customers in services, further
interest in better understanding these links has become known as linkage
research (Pugh, Dietz, Wiley, BrooNs, 2002). LinNage research is similar to the
service proût chain, in that it suggests a relationship between employees,
customers and ûrm performance. However, linkage research focuses explicitly on
employee perceptions of various intraorganisational practices and the
corresponding ...

Comics As A Nexus Of Cultures

Author: Mark Berninger,
Publisher: McFarland
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This has always been one of the secrets of the success of the series, which can
be estimated when one considers the following facts: “Reading the Broons and
Oor Wullie” was among the “100 Things to Do in Scotland before You Die” by the
Glasgow Herald. Old annuals are sold at top prices rising up to £4,000. Oor
Wullie's and Watkins' iconic status was also underlined when a family moved into
Watkins' former home in Dundee in 2002 and discovered murals on the walls,
which the ...

Spirits Of The Age

Author: Paul Henderson Scott
Publisher: The Saltire Society
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Janice. Galloway. Born. Saltcoats,. 2nd. December. 1956. WRITER Saltire Book
of the Year, Clara, 2002 ... WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? she'd roar,
SOMEBODY SPECIAL? Dulling enthusiasm, or at least not showing it, became
an intrinsic part of my education. This did not trouble me. I was a biddable child.
Most are. At home, I read OOR WULLIE and THE BROONS, the BEANO and
BUNTY. BUNTY was best because it had girls in it. There was Wee Slavey (the
maid with the heart ...

Scottish Newspapers Language And Identity

Author: Fiona Douglas
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748630430
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... colloquialisms (formulaic 'turns of phrase' which are fairly fixed in form, well-
known and hence institutionalised, and colloquial in register) for example Help
ma boab in The Record, a well-known phrase from The Broons and Oor Wullie. ...
Interestingly Backus (1999) argues that code-switching transitions occur 'at the
boundaries of formulaic sequences' (cited in Wray 2002: 41), so people are often
switching from thin — 112— Scottish Newspapers, Language and Identity 6.6
Other ...