The Quarterly Journal Of Prophecy

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where praises of every kind, and probably proceeding from various singers, close
the Book. The theme is the promise made to David (Ps. lxxxix. 26, and. 2 Sam. vii.
28, which is in effect the same as Isa. lv. 3), "The sure mercies of David." It is the
... Let one read over the seventh chapter of 2 Samuel, as it came from David's full
heart, and he has found the keynote of the psalm ; and let us only recall the
promise of a Saviour in its fulness, and we will join in every clause of the psalm.

The Books Of Samuel Volume 2

Author: Cyril J. Barber
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Chapter 23 10. 11. 12. 13. 15. 16. 17. 18. C. Burnett, One More Time (New York:
Random, 1986), 74, 91. Used by permission. Kirkpatrick, Second Samuel, 448-49
. Cf. McCarter, 2 Samuel, 509. Blaikie, Second Samuel, 377. Cf. Evangelical
Dictionary ... Macmillan Bible Atlas, 106. Cf. Baldwin, 1 & 2 Samuel, 295-96; W.
Fuss, Zeitschrift fur die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft 74 (1962), 156; G. E.
Mendenhall, Journal of Biblical Literature 77 (1958), 52-66. Cf. 1 Samuel 22:5.
See H. Haag ...

The Burling Books

Author: Jane Thompson-Stahr
Publisher: Jane k thompson
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By 1803, Walter had apparently swindled his sister Elizabeth, Samuel's mother,
out of some property and become somewhat of a drunkard.1 After he reached
adulthood, Samuel's mother ... In the first chapter of his journal,2 Samuel
described with great clarity and flair being sent from Baltimore to school in
Carlisle, Pennsylvania, with his cousin William Van Wyck, being told that his
Uncle Walter had killed his father "on your ... All day I railed on the deck ... to
return to my mother .

The Classical Journal

Author: Abraham John Valpy
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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Many, very many examples could be adduced; but two shall suffice. The first
arises from a comparison of a song of David, preserved in the '22d chapter of the
second book of Samuel, and in the 18th Psalm. There can be no doubt of their
once being alike, but now, as Dr. Gerard says, in his Elements of Biblical
Criticism, there are near 130 variations, many of them plain corruptions, and
many removed by the authority of M58. one of them may serve as a specimen of
the rest. » In 2 Sam.

God Justice And Society

Author: Jonathan Burnside
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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93 The killing of the lamb is not explicitly stated, but it is implicit in the fact that the
lamb is being served as “the dish of the day.” First, there is a parallel between the
lamb which “used to eat of his morsel, and drink from his cup, and lie in his
bosom” (2 Samuel 12:3) and Uriah who protests to David: “shall I then go to my
house, to eat and to drink, and to lie with my wife?” (2 Samuel 11:11).94 Second,
in my view, there is also a parallel between the characteristics of the lamb and

Praying Through 1 And 2 Samuel

Author: Troy Schmidt
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This volume of PRAYING THROUGH THE BIBLE SERIES uses scripture reading, prayer, meditation and journaling to ensure that God will communicate to you during your time with Him as you pray through the Bible.

Journal Of Biblical Literature

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In an opening chapter on etymology (7 pages), Day argues that the nun in s"tn
should be read as the third radical of the triliteral consonantal stem Qn, rather
than as a suffix (-an) to a geminate or hollow stem (contra Baur & Leander). In
chap. 2, attention is directed to the meaning of the term sdtdn in five contexts
which speak s relatively clearly of terrestrial accusers (1 Samuel 29; 2 Samuel 19
; 1 Kings 5, 11; Psalm 109). Day houses this discussion within the parameters of
a rather ...

The Oxford Dictionary Of The Christian Church

Author: Frank Leslie Cross
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
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Feast day, 28 July. Samuel Life, first pr. by J. *Mabillon, also in AASS, Jul. 7 (
1729), pp. 573—93; and ed. by R. Fawtier (Bibliotheque de l'Ecole des Hautes
Etudes, 197; 1912); Eng. tr. of text by T. Taylor ('Translations of Christian
Literature'; 1925). ... Samuel, Books of. The two Books of Samuel were originally
a single Book, which was divided for convenience by the compilers ofthe *
Septuagint, who also grouped the Books of Samuel with those of *Kings under
the one single title of the ...

The Christian Journal And Literary Register

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There appears to be some confirmation of this opinion in 2 Samuel xx. ... For the
Christian Journal. THE translation of the scriptures now in general use, is
undoubtedly a good one, taken as a whole; so much so, that it may well be
questioned whether it would be possible to procure a translation in the present
day with fewer faults. ... In the eight verse of the sixth chapter of the same book,
hades follows death, and both these are to be involved in destruction at the day
of judgment. Hence ...