The Art And Science Of Sails

Author: Tom Whidden
Publisher: Seapoint Books
ISBN: 9780997392005
Size: 21.60 MB
Format: PDF
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The bible on selecting, using and maintaining yacht sails by Tom Whidden, the president of North Sails and Michael Levitt, experienced sailor and nautical writer.

The Art And Science Of Sailmaking

Author: Samuel B. Sadler
Size: 67.92 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The best sails, also, add to the sailing qualities of a vessel, and being fair they
bear a proportionate strain throughout, therefore lasting much longer than
uneven ones, and costing no more in their manufacture. There are many sails of
various shapes the names of which are not mentioned in this work. The reason is
that if all sails had been treated upon, much unnecessary matter — so far as the
art and science of the trade is concerned — would have been given. To give
satisfaction, all ...

The Art Of Science

Author: Barbara Hume
Publisher: Folens Limited
ISBN: 9780947882112
Size: 33.26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Activities and Creative Ideas for the Teaching of Science to Children Aged Five to
Nine Barbara Hume, Christine Galton. On. a. Windy. Day. Starting Points/
Discussion: Vocabulary: Collections: Science Activities: Ask 'Can you see the
wind'? This leads to a consideration of the ... draught, squall, waft, howl, flurry,
tornado, cyclone, windmill, sails, windproof, Beaufort Scale, anemometer,
weather vane, wind-sock, fresh, strong, light, moderate, calm, gale force. Toy
windmills, balloons ...

The Death And Life Of Charlie St Cloud

Author: Ben Sherwood
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553898744
Size: 65.89 MB
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... and Kristen Heissenbuttel at Doyle Sailmakers for revealing the art and
science of sail design. Appreciation also goes to Harbormaster Warner Hazell
and his deputies; Bette Hunt and the Marblehead Historical Society; Commodore
B. B. Crowninshield of the CBYC and Lynn Marine Supply; the firefighters of
Engine 2 on Franklin Street; Ed Cataldo of Engine 5 in Revere; Todd Basch and
Carol Wales of Doyle Sails; Marjorie Slattery-Sumner; Sheila Duncan (the
original Woman Who ...

The Art And Science Of Homeopathic Medicine

Author: James Tyler Kent
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486424187
Size: 38.69 MB
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480pp. 5% x 8%. 25967-6 AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BATTLES: Accounts of Over
1,560 Battles from 1479 Bc to the Present, David Eggenberger. Essential details
of every major battle in recorded history from the first battle of Megiddo in 1479
BC to Grenada in 1984. List of Battle Maps. New Appendix covering the years
1967-1984. Index. 99 illustrations. 544pp.6%x 9%. 24913-1 SAILING ALONE
AROUND THE WORLD, Captain Joshua Slocum. First man to sail around the
world, alone, ...

The Art And Science Of Interface And Interaction Design

Author: Christa Sommerer
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540798692
Size: 37.16 MB
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In it each player takes on the role of commander of a pirate ship, sailing from
island to island in search of treasure. Output is presented to the player by a
handheld computer, which is also used for input when exploring an island. To
sail between islands the players have to move in a real physical space, risking
confrontation with other players in the form of open sea battles. To handle the
question of positioning, radio-frequency beacons were used as proximity sensors
, mounted on the ...

The Art And Science Of Digital Compositing

Author: Ron Brinkmann
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN: 0080879268
Size: 78.15 MB
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And the Titanic, submerged for decades, sails once more. Usually the credit for
these fantastic visuals is given to “CGI” (computer-generated imagery) or “
computer graphics,” an attribution that not only broadly simplifies the technology
used but also ignores the sizeable crew of talented artists who actually created
the work. Computer graphics techniques, in conjunction with a myriad of other
disciplines, are commonly used for the creation of visual effects in feature films.
But the term ...

The Art Of Science

Author: John Kean
Publisher: Museum Victoria
ISBN: 1921833254
Size: 79.69 MB
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In contrast to the tawdry aims of penal settlement, the expeditions led by Baudin,
Fréycinet and Dumont d'Urville were high—minded and systematic. Scientific
exploration was the official pretext for the voyages, and French artists and
scientists created some ofthe most exquisite images of the European
Enlightenment. Sailing with the blessing of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Naturaliste
and the Ge'ographe left Le Havre in 1800, led by Nicolas Baudin. With 24.
scientists on board, including ...

Surviving Survival The Art And Science Of Resilience

Author: Laurence Gonzales
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393089908
Size: 45.36 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Jonas, eight years old,ran throwing a ball upinto the air and catching it.Outon the
waterthe million points of light trembled and the wind blew and waves shot
upthrough the rocks piled upon the shore. Highcolored sails streaked across the
horizon. Gulls tilted andcried across the hazy distance and we watchedthe clouds
mass out overthelake. Debbie isone of the people from whom I learned muchthat
is in this book. Seeing her now, robust and strong, striding along the lake, it's
difficult to ...

The Art And Science Of Project Management

Author: Roger Warburton
ISBN: 0983178844
Size: 22.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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American author and winner of the first Grand Master Award from the Science
Fiction Writers of America From Heinlein, R. (1980). The Number of the Beast.
New York: Fawcett Publications (p. 6). Don't live down to expectations. Go out
there and do something remarkable. Wendy ... German theoretical physicist. We
cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. Unknown. The comment is
attributed a number of people. However, all online sites that have investigated
this in detail ...