The Archaeology And History Of Colonial Mexico

Author: Enrique Rodríguez-Alegría
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107111641
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An archaeological and historical study of Mexico City and Xaltocan, focusing on the years after the 1521 Spanish conquest of the Aztecs.

Ethnohistory And Archaeology

Author: J. Daniel Rogers
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780306441769
Size: 40.38 MB
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Incorporating both archaeological and ethnohistorical evidence, this volume reexamines the role played by native peoples in structuring interaction with Europeans.

Hemispheric American Studies

Author: Caroline F. Levander
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 0813543878
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17. 18. 19. “Indian” or “mixed” bloods (“castas”). He is not interested in the
hemispheric diffusions of this new rhetoric of identity and difference. See
Cañizares Esguerra, “New Worlds, New Stars: Patriotic Astrology and the
Investion of Indian and Creole Bodies in Colonial Spanish America, 1600–1650,”
The American Historical Review 10 (1999): 33–68. 8. Jorge Juan, Noticias
secretas (Madrid: Historia 16, 1991), 27; my emphasis. Further citations appear
parenthetically in the text.

American Archeology

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Natural History 86:50-57. Walker, I. C. 1972 Binford, science, and history: The
probabilistic variability of explicated epistemology and nomothetic paradigms.
The Conference on Historic Sites Archaeology Papers, 1971 7:159-201. Yentsch,
A. 1983 Expressions of cultural variation in seventeenth century Maine and
Massachusetts. Forgotten Places and Things: Archaeological Perspectives on
American History, edited by A. E. Ward. University of Neu' Mexico, Center for
Anthropological ...

Sociological Abstracts

Author: Leo P. Chall
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... Hidalgo, Mexico; Otomi/Spanish linguistic conflict; SI 3897 children of marginal
families, connectives, textuality, conversational communication, Mexico City,
Mexico; middle-class/working-class groups comparison; SI 4658 children's
linguistic ... M5S96 Foucault, Michel, The Archaeology of Knowledge, discourse,
historical/linguistic/epistemological modes criticism, discursive formation concept;
M5248 Franche-Comte speakers, linguistic consciousness; fundamental
characteristics; ...


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38-2278 Medoff, Rafael. Baksheesh diplomacy. 38-6367 Medoff, Rafael.
Historical dictionary of Zionism. 38- 3668 Medvedev, Roy. Post-Soviet Russia. 38
-6438 Medwid, Linda M. The makers of classical archaeology. 38-3102 Meech,
Julia. ... Buddhist epistemology. 38-2672 Meier, Daniel R. Scribble scrabble—
learning to read and write. 38-1685 Meier, Gerald M., ed. Leading issues in
economic development. 38-2269 Meier, Matt S. Encyclopedia of the Mexican
American civil rights ...

America History And Life

Author: American Bibliographical Center
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Kentucky. Recruitment. 1863-65. 5143b Camp Shenandoah. Archaeology (
historical). Civil War. Confederate Army. Construction. Fort Edward Johnson.
Johnson, Edward. Landscape. Military Camps and Forts. Virginia (Shenandoah
Valley). 1862 ... Colonial Government. 1 724- 1 808. 4234b . Birth Control.
Cardinals. Leger, Paul-Emile. Marriage (mixed). Roy. Maurice. Vatican CouncilII.
1962-65. 4296a . Blockades. Icebreakers. Military supplies. Russia. World War 1.
1914-17. 4237a .

Historical Abstracts

Author: Eric H. Boehm
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2572a Stuurman. Shepherd. Colonial Government (resistance to). Khoisan.
Nama. Namibia. Prophets. South Africa. 1904-07. 842a Style. Authors. Great
Britain. Literary Criticism. 1830-1900. 6452d — . Beethoven, Ludwig van.
Concertos. Germany. Performance. I790's-I820's. 11080b — . England.
Politeness. Prose. Social Change. 1 8c. 2515b — . England. Prose. 1 4c- 18c.
2407b Styluses (bone). Archaeology. Literacy. Lithuania. 14c-17c. 3813a
Subaltern studies. Latin America.

Abstracts Of The Annual Meeting

Author: American Anthropological Association
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Participants: Ronald Frankenberg; Allison Clarkin; Jonathan Church; Guro Huby;
Fred Bloom; Joy-ann Juvelis; Stephanie Kane; John Kreniske; Ralph Bolton;
Janet McGrath; Katherine Fritz; Tony Bamett; Gilbert Herdt 3-099 ISLANDS IN
APPROACHES T0 ISLAND LANDSCAPES Islands have a special place in
anthropologists' imaginations. They have been seen as cultural laboratories,
perfect colonies, bounded ...