The Federalist And Anti Federalist Papers

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The Federalist Papers include all 85 articles that advocated to have the United States constitution ratified. The driving forces of the constitution (and authors of the papers) were James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay.

The Federalist Anti Federalist Debate Over States Rights

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Looks at the debate which lasted over six months, arguing the type of government which would best serve the new nation, covering the historical background, the people who were debating, and the impact on the United States.

The Second Amendment

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Henry's speech would be flagrantly misquoted in later debates over gun rights.
See Part Two of this book. “Slavery is ... 41 “The Letters of Brutus”: Robert Yates,
a state judge who had walked out in alarm from the Constitutional Convention,
presumably wrote as Brutus, though some scholars now favor the merchant
Melancton Smith. 41 Two mighty nations: Brutus's reply is in Ketchum, The Anti-
Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates, 303. 41 “Let a
regular army”: ...

Why Lawsuits Are Good For America

Author: Carl T. Bogus
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The Federalist No. 83 (Hamilton). 35. For example, the Massachusetts
Convention, which ratified the Constitution in February 1788, recommended the
following constitutional amendment: “In civil actions between Citizens of different
States every issue of fact arising in Actions at common law shall be tried by a Jury
if the parties or either of them request it.” See The Anti-Federalist Papers and the
Constitutional Convention Debates 219 (ed. Ralph Ketcham, Mentor, 1986). The
Virginia ...

The 21st Century Constitution

Author: Barry Krusch
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The following bibliography contains the books that were the most helpful in
writing THE 21ST CENTURY CONSTITUTION. For historical background, the
most essential reading is Madison's Notes on the Debates of the Federal
Convention, which is also found in Max Farrand's Records of the Federal
Convention. Another essential read is Ralph Ketcham's The Anti-Federalist
Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates, an extremely concise and
well-edited discussion of the ...

Grand Theft And Petit Larceny

Author: Mark L. Pollot
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I, October 8, 1787, Observations Leading to a Fair Examination of the System of
Government Proposed by the Later Convention; and to Several Essential and
Necessary Alterations to It In a Number of Letters from the Federal Farmer to the
Republican (hereinafter, Letters From the Federal Farmer), The Antifederalist
Papers and Constitutional Convention Debates (Ralph Ketcham, ed., 1986) at
259-260. Originally published in the Poughkeepsie Country Journal, November
1787 ...

Cincinnatus And The Citizen Servant Ideal

Author: Michael J. Hillyard
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