The Anatomical Venus

Author: Joanna Ebenstein
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"A disquieting volume of deftly crafted dissectable wax Venuses and slashed beauties conceived in the 18th and 19th centuries that demonstrated female anatomy in the world's museums and fairgrounds.

Body In Medical Culture The

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If the catalogue is to be believed, the interior contained at least fourteen separate
removable parts.6 The parts of the body revealed during the lecture were also on
display in glass cases to the self-guided visitor; and in both cases, the reclining “
anatomical Venus,” with the interior exposed, was surrounded by supplementary
models and specimens. At every stage, in advertisement and in lecture, two
points were emphasized: the aesthetic skill of the artist in the creation of the
model, his ...

Space Gender And The Gaze In Literature And Art

Author: Ágnes Zsófia Kovács
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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Venus, a wax anatomical model bearing all physical markers of an ideal feminine
beauty, initially used as a visual aid, a demonstrative tool for the instruction of
male medical students, and later as a popular attraction of Victorian science
museums. The Anatomical Venus's double purpose of education and
entertainment thus perfectly illustrates how the pathologizing medical and the
aestheticizing museal male gaze overlap only to find pleasure at the sight of the
passive female body, ...

Aphrodite And Venus In Myth And Mimesis

Author: Nora Clark
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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multi-dimensional attraction was the anatomical cutaway view of the waxwork. Dr
Kahan's anatomical museum in Oxford Street featured the most popular “Venus”
and attracted public crowds as well as prosecutions for obscenities. Sarti's
Florentine anatomical Venus was the best known, touring internationally. In the
twentieth century, the French philosopher and art historian Georges Didi-
Huberman took up the anatomical theme of the inner recesses of the goddess in
Ouvrir Venus ...


Author: Michelle E. Bloom
Publisher: U of Minnesota Press
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At the turn of the eighteenth century, the Frenchman Jean-Francois Bertrand-
Rival considered the "pregnant female" and the "nude male" to be normative
human bodies (Matlock 37). The Florentine wax modeler Clemente Susini's
Anatomical Venus is an exemplary female in Bertrand-Rival's terms because it
carries a fetus, which can be exposed by removing the front of the statue's wax
torso.8 The star figure of the Specola, the renowned Florentine anatomical wax
museum founded ...

The Anatomy Museum

Author: Elizabeth Hallam
Publisher: Reaktion Books
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58 Wax anatomical model, 1818, by Francesco Calenzuoli. eyed facial
expression, for instance, are restricted because most of this wax body's interior
has been revealed – this interior is much more pronounced than that, for example
, of the anatomical Venus (see illus. 57), whose openable torso could be re-
covered to maintain its almost seamless pale wax skin (prior, that is, to the
damage on the upper left torso). By contrast, the three-dimensional internal
organs in Calenzuoli's model ...

Dickens And The Business Of Death

Author: Claire Wood
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107098637
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Many of those exhibited in England were imitations of the celebrated Venuses
made in late-eighteenth-century Florence: nude, full-size female figures – with
beautiful faces and real human hair – that could be anatomically disassembled in
dozens of parts. Joanna Ebenstein argues that it is the juxtaposition between 'her
classic, serene beauty and the abjectness of her innards' that makes the
Anatomical Venus so potent.153 Elisabeth Bronfen notes that such models '
contain' death ...

The Color Of Life

Author: Roberta Panzanelli
Publisher: Getty Publications
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Felice Fontana, a noted scientist whose interests spanned from physiology and
anatomy to chemistry and experimental pathology, had studied in Bologna,
where the first anatomical waxes were produced and where he probably got the
inspiration for the anatomical collection (see cat. no. 28). In Florence, he
supervised the production of wax specimens and the highly specialized ceraioli,
including Clemente Susini, the author of the Anatomical Venus. Susini had
already been a ...

Erotic Utopia

Author: Olga Matich
Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press
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The mannequin has “a spring set inside the lower body . . . connected to the
mouth,” which the heroine presses every night so that the lips come to life. The
novel's final statement speaks of the mannequin as “an anatomical masterpiece,”
evoking the image of an anatomical Venus.28 Rachilde's anatomical metaphor
harks back to the prototypical decadent novel Mademoiselle deMaupin(1835) by
Théophile Gautier, in which dissection is linked directly to sexual knowledge. “I
wanted to ...

Malleable Anatomies

Author: Lucia Dacome
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198736185
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Considering the anatomical collections of Florence and Vienna, Anna Maerker's
rich and insightful Model Experts sheds light on how the politics that underpinned
changing notions of expertise in state service affected views of public education
... 43.3 (2012), 730–40; Rebecca Messbarger, The Re-Birth of Venus in
Florence's Royal Museum of Physics and Natural History', Journal of the History
of Collections, 25:2 (2013), 195–215; Joanna Ebenstein, “Ode to an Anatomical
Venus', ...