People Of India In North America

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board' again, and there was a big crowd watching at the wharf.8 Out of those 39
men in custody, one escaped and he was still at large. The remaining 38 men
were marched to the court of law in response to writs habeas corpus, The chief
justice declared that 'that the order-in-council exceed the authority conferred by
the statute' and, in addition to this, he also held that orders of deportation were
bad in that they did not specify the reason for which several men held to be

East India Question Debates At The General Court Of Proprietors Of East India Stock On The 17th And 23d Febuary 1813 On A Petition To Parliament For A Renewal Of The Company S Charter As Far As It Regards Their Exclusive Privileges With An Appendix Etc

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The cargoes of three-fourths of Americans homeward consisted either of crates of
ware, salt, or coals, which are well known to yield but a very small freight indeed,
taking the whole difference betwixt the purchase and sale as freight. - . . The
provisioning a ship in ... 95 0 i vessel valued at £4000 8 men, 5 months, at £5200
6 at 9 per cent. - - - 360° 0' 0 Captain and ... 3513 14 0 || months - - - - 83, 6 8 :
rope and from North America, its consequent great decline, and. - £1,083 8 8
These are ...

The Parliamentary Register

Author: Great Britain. Parliament
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On this head, the Committee observe, that the number of British ships which
seized the opportunity of going from North America to the West-India islands, with
lumber and provisions on the first notice of the order in council (as already stated)
is ... with the produce of North America, was 1610, containing 1 15,634 tons, and
navigated by 9,7 1 8 men : but, as the vessels employed in'Umtradt were
generally able to make three trips in the year, the abov« numbers must be
divided by three, ...

Echoes Of Mutiny

Author: Seema Sohi
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Race, Surveillance, and Indian Anticolonialism in North America Seema Sohi. 10.
11. 12. 13. 14. 15. ... 6. Ibid. 7. Resolution of Khalsa Diwan Society, Vancouver,
April 24, 1910, file 536999, vol. 384, Records of the Immigration Central Registry
File Series; Jensen, Passage from India, 129. 8. Sundar Singh, “Hindus' Appeal
to Imperialists” The ... Act in 1914, which stated that “any person born within his
Majesty's dominions and allegiance” was considered a naturalborn British

The North American And The West Indian Gazetteer

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... E. by Qffi'þbcaspnþ the-8. by, New Grenaddgffldffith'clw. by' Bid' 'do 'a
Hachalrflndlspfl Xht Nubyfthe North Sea-e OR Wounds ale/"drwild>®bcassi hrfflu
and.- producing pl'c'icY'de Mnffl . Old yon-'shirlririt; fugsr, 'and (sphecog and 'he
hest hcshodbþshd'ativflfl in And-cries. 'Here are'WtY gdod Ymdadows so' came:
Tfisp'tjeddhound a ganh of 'kid sadly lffiumg' Whh mequ pha-wileagnxs 'wish-
manne;- unars tffie mme (U -sh1t-1tomsz is Man-r: ivy-a We adxacrguefl kfflfl? '
Mix Solffifkia' ...

Debates At The East India House During The Negociation For A Renewal Of The East India Company S Charter

Author: East India Company
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The cargoes of three-fourths of Americans o Consisted either of crates of ware,
salt, or coals, which are wel known to yield but a very small freight indeed, taking
the whole difference betwixt the purchase and sale as freight. i so r. ... 0 ——|
Interest of £4,000 5, ...,' ; : #513 14 0 || months - - - - 83, 6, 8 * - * - o r £1,083 8 8 **
These are not to be understobd as the total charges on the : which shew the
advantages which America rope and from North America, its consequent great
decline, and.

Catalogue Of The Library And Reading Room Of The Young Men S Institute Hartford

Author: Young Men's Institute (HARTFORD, Connecticut)
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India, Tour in, by Capt. Mundy B 1604,5 India, Missionary Tour in, by Ramsey (2
copies) E 683 968 India, Overland Journey to, by Major Skinner Indian Sketches,
by J. T. Irving I 596,7 Indians, Manners, Customs, and Conditions of, by Catlin B
... B 1277,8 London, Every-day Life in, by Grant London, Residence at the Court
B 901,2 Lyon's Journal of a Voyage of Discovery Mackenzie's Voyages in North
America (2 copies) B 1592 1674,5 B 1195 Madagascar and the E. Indies, Voyage
to, ...

Year Book Of The Young Men S Christian Associations Of North America

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STATEMENTS: War Work at Home 39 War Work Overseas 47 Young Men's
Christian Associations of North America -Dr. Mott 8 Statistical Review— Annual
472 Student Associations, Table VIII— General 390 Table IX— Indian 416 Table
X— Theological 418 Table XI— Colored 422 Summary 1 210 Student World—
Magazine 495 Student Edition of Association Men 495 STUDIES — SPECIAL
TABULAR DATA OP 1920: Association Educational Work and Table 463
Association ...

World Music Latin And North America Caribbean India Asia And Pacific

Author: Simon Broughton
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Anthology of American Folk Music 532, 534 Anthony B 447 Anthony, Marc 494,
495, 502, 616 Antigua 521 Antilles, Dutch 298, 303 Antilles, French 289-302 Anu,
Christine 15 Anzala 290 Apache fiddle 594 Aparima 222 Apaza, Leandro 279 ...
32 Ashley, Clarence 532, 539, 548 Asian Fantasy Orchestra 145 Asin215, 217
Ash 175 Aswad458, 461 Ataklan 520, 523 Atardecer 468 AtillatheHunSll Atkins,
Mark 11, 17 Atlantik 523 Aufwind 586 Australian Aboriginal music 8-19 Autoharp
537 ...

Indians In The Americas

Author: William Marder
Publisher: Book Tree
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Encyclopedia of North American Indians, p. 386. M?Ake Hultkrantz, trans, by
Monica Setterwall. The Religions of the American Indians. Los Angeles: Univ. of
California Press. 1979. p. 168. ^Francis Densmore. The American Indians and
Their Music. New York: The Woman's Press, 1926. See also Francis Densmore, "
The Songs of the American Indian", American Mercury. VIII, Jan., 1926. pp. 65-68.
John C. Fillmore, The Harmonic Structure of Indian Music. New York: G. P.
Putman's ...