The Tryal And Condemnation Of Sir William Parkyns Kt

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What you know of the Prisoner relating to that,and what Discours: you had about
the late King james's landing. - - . . . . . . . . . . Mr. Sweet. He told me he did expect
the late King Å. landing this Summer; and Sir w Parkins did say his own Troop
was composed of old Soldiers. . . . . Mr. Attorn. Gen. Let me ask you a little: How
long have you known Sir W.Pariño Mr. Sweet. About three years. - - - -- - - Mr.
Attorn. Gen. What time was this Discourse 3 . . . . . . . . Mr. Sweet. About Christmas

Sweet Mace A Sussex Legend Of The Iron Times

Author: George Fenn
Publisher: Litres
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said Sir Mark, yawning, for it was a peculiarity of Sir Thomas Beckley that he
made everyone with whom he came into contact yawn. “Yes,” continued Sir
Thomas. “It was during a very hot summer, and the moat was nearly dry. I
remember it well.” “You seem to have an excellent recollection, Sir Thomas.” “I
have, Sir Mark, I have,” said the baronet pompously. “The great carp had
somehow been left in a tiny pool whence he could not escape, so my father
caught him.” “But not with a hook, ...

Sir Martin Mar All

Author: John Dryden
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s: !! o Sir john. Dear Warner, step into the next Room, and inveigle her out this
way, that I may speak to her, Warn. Remember above all things, you keep this
Wooing secret; if it takes the least wind, old Moody will be sure to hinder it. - Sir
john. Dost thou think I shall get her Aunt's 'Consent? Warn. Leave that to me. [Exit
Warn. Sir john. How happy a Man shall I be, if I can but compass this! and what a
Precipice have I avoided ? then the Revenge too is so sweet to steal a Wife
under her ...

Yak C S R

Author: Stefan Zweig
Publisher: Evrensel Basım Yayın
ISBN: 6053312924
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Üçüncü akşam gücüm kalmamıştı. Gözlerim kapanıyordu. Sert sandalyede üçdört
saat uyuyakaldığım sırada ölüm onu benden ayırdı. Tatlı ve küçücük oğlum,
daracık çocuk karyolasında yatıyor, öldüğü andaki gibi. Sadece gözlerini
kapadılar. O akıllı kara gözlerini. Ellerini beyaz gömleğin üstünde kavuşturdular.
Yatağın dört yanında uzun dört mum yanıyor. Oraya bakamıyorum, kımıldamayı
göze alamıyorum. Mumlar titreşince yüzünde ve kapalı ağzında gölgeler
uçuşuyor, yüz çizgileri ...

The Poem And Life Of Sir William Jones

Author: William Jones
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How sweet is the odour of jasmine and roses, » That Zephyr around us so
lavishly dings! Perhaps for Bleanpant * fresh perfume he composes Or tidings
from Bronwith t auspiciously brings ,' Yet weak is our vaunt, while something we
want, More sweet than the pleasure which odours can give: ' Come, smile,
damsels of Cardigan, Love can alone make it blissful to live. How sweet was the
strain that enliven'd the spirit, And cheer'd us with numbers so frolic and free! The
poet is absent; ...

Sweet And Bitter Island

Author: Tabitha Morgan
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 1848853297
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1913) 23 Jun 1879–9 Mar 1886 Sir Robert Biddulph (b. 1835–d. 1918) 09 Mar
1886–5 Apr 1892 Sir Henry Ernest Gascoyne Bulwer (b. 1836–d. 1914) 05 Apr
1892–23 Apr 1898 Sir Walter Joseph Sendall (b. 1832–d. 1904) 23 Apr 1898–17
Oct 1904 Sir William Frederick Haynes Smith (b. 1839–d. 1928) 17 Oct 1904–12
Oct 1911 Sir Charles Anthony King-Harman (b. 1851–d. 1939) 12 Oct 1911–8
Jan 1915 Hamilton John Goold-Adams (b. 1858–d. 1920) 08 Jan 1915–31 Dec
1918 ...

Being Sweet

Author: C. H. Nipper
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595364446
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Sweet started rushing to him and shouted, “Mr. Richards, it's me, Sweet!” When
Sweet reached him, Mr. Richards smiled and offered his hand for Sweet to shake.
“Why indeed it is! How are you, young man?” Sweet grabbed the proffered hand
and began moving it up and down, as if he were pumping water. Mr. Richards
petted Prince's head with his free hand. The dog enthusiastically whipped his tail
back and forth, obviously happy to see Mr. Richards, too. “I'm good, real good, sir.

Cinderella S Sweet Talking Marine

Author: Cathie Linz
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460354389
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“So what about Sir Badlord?” Amy asked. “What did he do? Blow up the world?
Joshua in the reading group at the library is always blowing up the world and
making explosion noises. Does Sir Badlord do that?” “Sometimes. But tonight, he
and his gang of dark knights rode out into the night and captured Lady Blush, the
daughter of...Guy of Nice. Now, Sir Guy was a nice guy.” “Was he a good daddy?”
“Yes.” “Did he love Lady Blush?” “Absolutely.” “Mommy says my daddy loves me,
but ...

Sir Martin Mar All The Tempest An Evening S Love Tyrannic Love

Author: John Dryden
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Sir John. Dost thou think I shall get her aunt's consent: - /Warn. Leave that to me. [
Earit WARN. Sir John. How happy a man shall I be, if I can but compass this! and
what a precipice have I avoided! then the revenge, too, is so sweet, to steal a wife
under her father's nose, and leave 'em in the lurch, who have abused me; well,
such a servant as this Warner is a jewel. Enter WARNER and Mrs CHRISTIAN to
him. Warn. There she is, sir; now I'll go to prepare her aunt. [Evit. Sir John. Sweet