Taking Pity

Author: David Mark
Publisher: Hachette UK
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When McAvoy confronts the worst of killers and sinners, not everyone will escape unscathed. Hooked on Hull? Then check out the fifth instalment in the DS McAvoy series, Dead Pretty.

Discourses Fragments Handbook

Author: Epictetus
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191641979
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What will come of it, then?'—'As God wills.' And at the same time, I'm secretly
laughing at those who are taking pity on me. [22] So what is to prevent me from
acting in the same way in the present case? I'm poor, but I have a correct
judgement about poverty. What does it matter to me, then, if others take pity on
me because of my poverty? I hold no power, and others do. But I think as I ought
to think about exercising power or not exercising it. [23] Let those who pity me
look to that, but for ...

Aeschylus Playwright Educator

Author: Robert Holmes Beck
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Achilles might return to battling the Trojans on the basis of the rhetoric of
Odysseus, Phoenix, and Aias or not. The response in every case was immediate:
it was either yes or no. Persuasion made all the difference between one and the
other. There is only one thing left to be said on the importance of persuasion.
Persuasion took many forms: Courtship was one; prayer was another;
supplication was a third. The Greeks were urged to listen. Listening was called
taking pity. He who did ...

The Gunpowder Plot

Author: Alan Brouder
Publisher: Langenscheidt
ISBN: 3468692153
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Asshe slowly readout the threewords with just the slightest hintof →
condescension in hervoice, hertone suggested that she was both taking pity on
his poor eyesight and challenging him totranslate the Latin text at the same time.
“Veritas temporis filia, Professor.” “Ah! Truth is the daughter of Time.” “She is,
indeed; and so we find ourselves in the role of parents, withhopes and dreamsfor
our child, but also with profound responsibilities. Todate,we have
beensuccessfulbeyond imagining; ...

Taking The Leap

Author: Suzanne Weyn
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0545230926
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Mercedes discovered him again when Taylor started taking lessons at Ross
River. When Mrs. Ross saw how wonderful Mercedes was with Monty, she asked
the girl to work with him more over here at Wildwood. It was too good to be true,
and Taylor sometimes wondered if it was true. Had Devon Ross taken pity on
Mercedes? Had she noticed how much Mercedes loved and missed Monty? Mrs.
Ross didn't come across as the softhearted type, but still . . . Mercedes smiled and
jerked ...

Thesaurus Linguae Latinae Compendiarius

Author: Robert Ainsworth
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J To take pity upon, Misereor, rtus, 2. miseratione vel misericordiâ erga aliquem
commovēri. Take pity upon my great affiieiions, miferere laborum tantorum.
Taking pity upon his barā hap, # fortem miseratus iniquam. . To think upon,
Cogito, I. meditor. Upper, Superior. - he upper leather of a /oe, Calcei
obstragulum. . - To get the upper hand, Supero, 1. vinco, vici, 3. superior evaděre,
primas ferre. - - aggredior, greffus ; ab vel ex aliquo penTo give a the upper hand,
Alicui loco ceděre.

The Portable Dante

Author: Dante Alighieri
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101573821
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87 young and exceedingly beautiful, who was looking down at me so
compassionately, to judge from her appearance, that all pity seemed to be
concentrated in her. And because whenever an unhappy person sees someone
take pity on him, he is all the more easily moved to tears, as if taking pity on
himself, so I immediately felt the tears start to come. Fearing that I was revealing
all the wretchedness in my life, I turned away from her eyes and left that place.
And later I said to myself: “It ...

The Book Of The Elders

Publisher: Liturgical Press
ISBN: 0879077700
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When he did open at dawn, he found [the brother] pleading; taking pity on him, he
brought him in. Then he said to the elder, 'I beg of you, father—I saw a black bumt
-faced one on my sleeping mat when I went to get some sleep.' The elder said to
him, 'This happened to you because you did not keep my commandment,' then,
forming him according to his ability in the procedure of the solitary life, he
dismissed him, and, little by little, he became an excellent monk. 31. A domestic
slave ...

The Summa Theologica

Author: Saint Thomas (Aquinas)
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Hence the signs of evil move us to pity, in so far as they represent as present the
evil that excites our pity. Article 2. Whether the Reason for Taking Pity Is a Defect
in the Person Who Pities? We proceed thus to the Second Article: It seems that
the reason for taking pity is not a defect in the person who takes pity. Objection 1.
For it is proper to God to be merciful, wherefore it is written (Ps. 144. 9) : His
tender mercies are over all His works. But there is no defect in God. Therefore a
defect ...

A Mayfly Assassinated

Author: Eluthur Kamalakkannan Ramasamy
Publisher: Booktango
ISBN: 1468931512
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You think that man loving woman or man or women taking pity on others is
human. Not ! it is selfish. Between man and women knife — case relationship
makes them love one another. When taking pity , they lose their guilty
consciousness and free their mind from the pain of others and the loss.” Fatally
the chief lost his temper and became the embodiment of super being and
bombed the people first and the land next into the uranium mine. So biologically
the super beings cannot be ...