Author: David Barrie
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 006227936X
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Barrie takes readers straight to the helm of some of history's most important expeditions, interweaving these heroic tales with the account of his own transatlantic passage as a young man.

Popular Science

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Sextant. shows. Wow. ohips. rind. Iheir. Ws. BY. THE. SUN. AND. STARS.
UMBRELLA SOLVES LATITUDE PROBLEM. In the picture below, the earth's
orbit around the sun is indicated by the cardboard hoop. The plane of the earth's
equator and its prolongation among the stars is indicated by the black line on the
ball and chalk line on umbrella, which is tilted in line with earth's axis NEW SAFE
LOOK. This is ...

Rowland S Double Sextant And Circle

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AND CIRCLE. Row LAN D's Double Sextant, or Circle, consists in رM R. DAwrr
the simple application of a second index and horizon glass, with a graduated arc,
to the common sextant or circle, that enables the observer to measure another
angle at the same time that he measures one with the original arc of either of
these instruments. By the addition of these two angles, he obtains the
measurement of one, however great it may be. It is well known to those who are
familiar with the use ...

Wilderness Navigation Handbook

Author: Fred Touche
Publisher: Touche Publishing
ISBN: 9780973252705
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Aside from being tedious, sextant calculations are riddled with jargon and
acronyms, so it's easy to get confused. Develop a consistent routine to reduce the
chance of error. The following procedure is an outline of how to compute a
position fix the hard way by using an almanac and sight reduction tables. Each
step is followed by an example. The best way to comprehend what is going on is
to go through the calculations with an almanac and sight reduction tables at hand
. Take sextant ...

The Sextant And Its Applications Including The Correction Of Observations For Instrumental Errors And The Determination Of Latitude Time And Longitude By Various Methods

Author: William H. SIMMS
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PART I. GENERAL THEORY OF THE SEXTANT. As the instrument employed by
the navigator and the traveller in the determination of geographical position, the
Sextant may perhaps be considered the most important of the many constructions
adapted to the measurement of angles ; and if the results of observations made
with it have not fully satisfied the expectations of those to whose purposes it is
peculiarly adapted, this appears to have arisen from a disposition to substitute
larger ...