Seneca And Celestina

Author: Louise Fothergill-Payne
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 052132212X
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This book examines the reason and intent behind the many Senecan and pseudo-Senecan quotations in Fernando de Rojas' masterpiece Celestina (1499), which enjoyed enormous popularity in sixteenth-century Europe.

A Companion To Celestina

Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004349324
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It is not just spiritual wisdom that Rojas subjects to parody in Celestina, but also
other philosophical, ethical learning. Critics have shown how the first Act,
famously attributed by Rojas to an unspecified earlier author, introduces a pattern
in which references to classical auctoritas, such as Aristotle, Virgil, and Seneca,
are humorously undermined in favor of insights gained from worldly experience
and skepticism.25 This undermining of authority tragically culminates in the final
pages of ...


Author: Charles F. Fraker
Publisher: Tamesis
ISBN: 9780729302968
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There plainly must have been some prior disposition on the part of Celestina's
authors that would attract them to texts organized like those of the great Stoic
sage. These served handily both as source and as models because their
rhetorical characteristics were the ones Ro- jas and his predecessor thought
elegant and appropriate. Then too, one could raise the question of why these
texts of Seneca best known to Rojas and his contemporaries should become
models for speeches in a ...

Fernando De Rojas And Celestina

Author: Ivy A. Corfis
Publisher: Hispanic Seminary of
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Seneca's alleged anti-feminism is partly a figment of Sempronio's imagination,
partly due to contemporary anthologies and sentence collections based on
pseudo-Senecan texts, and mostly the result of dubious quotemanship. 4 But this,
as I say more at leisure in Seneca and "Celestina," is precisely what the art of
quotation amounts to in Celestina: with the misquotations, altered quotations and
partial quotations proffered by the characters, the authors may well have been
making fun ...

Atoms Pneuma And Tranquillity

Author: Margaret J. Osler
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521018463
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1 See Karl Alfred Bliiher, Séneca en Espafia: Investigaciones sobre la recepcion
de Séneca en Esparia desde el siglo x111 hasta el siglo XVII (Madrid: Gredos,
1983), pp. 113-55. Mario Schiff, La bibliotheque du Marquis de Santillane,
Bibliotheque de l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes, no. 153 (Paris: Ecole des Hautes
Etudes, 1905), is still of value, esp. pp. 124-31. 2 Bliiher, Seneca en Espaiia, pp.
153-4; also Louise Fothergill-Payne, Seneca and Celestina (Cambridge:
Cambridge ...

Celestina And Castilian Humanism At The End Of The Fifteenth Century

Author: Ciriaco Moron Arroyo
Publisher: Bernardo Lecture Series
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Louise Fothergill-Payne notes the presence of Seneca in this dialogue, but she
does not prove it with parallel ideas or words. Seneca is present in isolated
sentences of act I, not in the type of discourse. See Seneca and Celestina (
Cambridge: University Press, 1988), 47. 26 Summa Theologica, Transl. (
Encyclopedia Britannica [Chicago, 1955] 1:641). "Ad visionem divinae essentiae
omnes immediate illuminantur a Deo" (Thomas, ibid., reply to the third objection) [
In order to ...

La Celestina

Author: Diane Hartunian
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'El Libro de Buen Amor' y 'La Celestina '(Buenos Aires: Editorial Universitaria de
Buenos Aires, 1966) 14, 106-7; Amancio Fernández Labandeira, "En torno a
Fernando de Rojas y su biblioteca," in Homenaje a Luis Morales Oliver, (Madrid:
Fundación Universitaria Española, 1986) 189-220; for the influence of Seneca on
Celestina see Louise Fothergrill-Payne, Seneca and 'La Celestina, (Cambridge:
Cambridge UP, 1988). literary works are to be considered not as autonomous ...

Celestina Or The Tragicke Comedy Of Calisto And Melibea

Author: Fernando de Rojas
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He eliminates, but in such frugal measure that there is warrant for Moratin's
remark : that you might remove every fault from the Celestina without adding a
syllable to the text. At times the writer in him is His Pedantry mastered by the
pedant: as when Parmeno talks of 'Apuleius ' and the Asse,' or when his fellow-
varlet, Sempronio, babbles on end of Alexander, Minerva, Virgil, and Seneca. But
this ostentation of learning is a darling vice with writers, great and little ; and
Rojas was no ...

The Witchcraft Sourcebook

Author: Brian P. Levack
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0415195063
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The main protagonist in the play, the witch Celestina, is modelled upon that of
Medea and Canidia, the witch figures in the work of Ovid, Horace, and Seneca.
Celestina is a woman of ill repute and a professional who traffics in love magic
and charms. As a sorcerer she has a clientele among prostitutes and other
denizens of the urban Renaissance underworld. Many of the spells she uses are
those described in classical texts, and she conjures up the classical gods, in
imitation of ...


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perspective to guide one through an increasingly maze-like subject Michael and
Elizabeth Jeffreys Department of Modern Greek University of Sydney Fothergill-
Payne, L., Seneca and Celestina, Cambridge, C. U. P., 1988; cloth; pp. xvii, 172;
5 figures; R. R. P. AUS$85.00 and Severin, D., Tragicomedy and novelistic
discourse in Celestina, Cambridge, C. U. P., 1989; cloth; pp. ix, 143; 9 figures;
R. R. P. AUS$93.50. Cambridge University Press has recently brought out two
very different ...