Secret Underground London

Author: Nick Catford
Publisher: Folly Books
ISBN: 9780956440570
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This is one of the two factors that make this book so different from all the others that have come before it.

Secret London

Author: Andrew Duncan
Publisher: New Holland Publishers
ISBN: 9781845373054
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With its extreme depth - at 200 feet (60 metres) it's London's deepest
Underground station - North End was given a new lease of life during the Cold
War of the 1950s, when London Transport converted it into a control centre for
activating the London Underground's floodgates in the event of a nuclear attack.
That danger is long since perceived to have disappeared. Today the station is
abandoned and the platforms are gone, but the site is visible from passing trains.
Disused tunnels ...

Salem Secret Underground

Author: Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin
Publisher: Salem House Press
ISBN: 0986261033
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... 52, 144 Douglass, Charles Lenox xlviii Douglass, Frederick xlviii Downing
Block 20, 32, 140, 166,239 Downing, Emmanuel 125, 140 Downing, George 238
Downing, John 166 Downing Street in London 238 Downing Street London 238
Downing, Thomas W. 166 Downtown 121 ...

Hellgate London Exodus

Author: Mel Odom
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781416546146
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They were in one of the hidden checkpoints leading to the London Underground
— the secret Underground that no one but Templar knew about. When the city
planners had first begun building the Underground as a means of travel under
the city after so many of the people moved from the farms and the rural lands,
Templar had been inside their organizations. The Templar had sworn to always
protect the land and the city because their prophecies had shown that London
would one ...

Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers

Author: Nick McCamley
Publisher: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1844155080
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BUNKERS. Throughout the Second World War most of the development in
telecommunications technology in the United Kingdom had been undertaken by
the GPO, ... Important components of this new-works programme were two trunk
cable routes, the first from Glasgow to London via Manchester and Birmingham,
and the second from London to Bristol that later incorporated the transatlantic
telephone ...

London Under

Author: Peter Ackroyd
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 0385531516
Size: 53.11 MB
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To go under London is to penetrate history, and Ackroyd's book is filled with the stories unique to this underworld: the hydraulic device used to lower bodies into the catacombs in Kensal Green cemetery; the door in the plinth of the statue ...

A Secret London

Author: Kristine Valenzuela
Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing
ISBN: 0992555388
Size: 16.32 MB
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Every page uncovers a secret as each illustration and poetry beautifully paints the hidden world of fairies that lies within everyday London. See the UK’s largest city in a whole new perspective. Welcome to A Secret London.

Destination London

Publisher: Gyldendal Uddannelse
ISBN: 8702041413
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there is a secret Underground world, too. Over the years, 87 stations have closed.
Some of them were used as air-raid shelters and for storing works of art during
World War 2. Sir Winston Churchill held secret meetings in the abandoned Down
Street Station. Some stations may still be used for secret purposes.

London Underground At War

Author: Nick Cooper
Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited
ISBN: 1445622173
Size: 43.16 MB
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Ogley, Bob, Doodlebugs and Rockets (Westerham: Froglets, 1992). Oughton,
J. H. (art), Illustration of public air raid shelter under Hyde Park (unknown
publication, 1938). Ovendon,Mark, Metro Mapsofthe World (2ndedn, Harrow:
Capital Transport). Ramsey, Winston G., 'The Secret Underground Railway
Executive H.Q.' After theBattle 12(1976), pp.36–41. Rose, Douglas, TheLondon
Underground –A Diagrammatic History (8th edn,London: Douglas Rose, 2007).
Unpublished Sources ...

Underground London

Author: Stephen Smith
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0748123946
Size: 61.26 MB
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Stephen Smith uncovers the secrets of the city by walking through sewers, tunnels under such places as Hampton Court, ghost tube stations, and long lost rivers such as the Fleet and the Tyburn. This is 'alternative' history at its best.