Reinhold Niebuhr And His Circle Of Influence

Author: Daniel F. Rice
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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This book presents Niebuhr in dialogue with seven individuals who each had a major influence on American life: the theologian Paul Tillich, philosopher/educator John Dewey, socialist Norman Thomas, historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr, ...

Professor Reinhold Niebuhr

Author: Ronald H. Stone
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
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REINHOLD NIEBUHR (1 892-1 971) is regarded by many as the dominant North
American theologian and political philosopher of the twentieth century. In the
decades of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s his thought was paramount in informing
the American learned-Protestant establishment. His influence continued to grow
... In the late 1960s increasing radicalness in religious circles diminished his
influence in the circles of reforming religious leadership. The influence of his
thought in ...

Reinhold Niebuhr Today

Author: Richard Wightman Fox
Publisher: Eerdmans Pub Co
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Brown also noted the many articles that Niebuhr wrote on issues that endure —
articles on the Third World, on toning down American anti-Soviet polemics, on
ecological problems, and on the inability of economics to solve social problems.
To this ... What could it conceivably mean to say that the people represented in
this room — including their institutions and circles of influence and stature — are
superfluous to the formation of religious and cultural thought in American life?
Could it ...

Reinhold Niebuhr And Paul Ramsey

Author: Kevin Carnahan
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Christian theology was reclaiming its own language, its own topics of debate, and
its own forms of argument. When treating issues such as truth, sociology, politics,
and morality the theologian first had to address the Christian grounding of her or
his position. The terms of American theological argument thus had to change.
Pragmatism and idealism could no longer provide the categories of theological
debate. In neo-orthodox theological circles the influence of these philosophical ...

God S Sacred Tongue

Author: Shalom Goldman
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 9780807828359
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much influence as a preacher in his generation; no preacher has had as much
influence in the secular world. Arthur Schlesinger Jr. on Reinhold Niebuhr The
Jewish people have long ago found their authentic way to ... Three of their
offspring— Hulda, the eldest daughter, and the two youngest sons, Reinhold and
Helmut Richard— became household names in American Protestant circles,
dominating the ...

Reinhold Niebuhr

Author: Harold R. Landon
Publisher: Arno Pr
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His many writings on this subject, except for one book written a few years ago,
have been articles and editorials. One subject of interest to the academic
specialists in international relations is the influence of Reinhold Niebuhr on the
thought in their field. There is another ... He has convinced many of our
contemporaries that the Christian diagnosis of the human situation is essentially
true and he has drawn some of these into the circle of those who feel claimed by
the Christian Gospel.

The Catholic Moral Tradition Today

Author: Charles E. Curran
Publisher: Georgetown University Press
ISBN: 9781589014275
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Thus the presence of sin in the world can at times influence the proper moral
response. ... Martin Luther King claimed that Walter Rauschenbusch left an
indelible imprint on his thinking, despite Rauschenbusch's over- optimism.42 In
Protestant circles in the United States, Reinhold Niebuhr's Christian realism
followed in the wake of the Social Gospel, and criticized the latter for its easy
optimism.43 It is interesting to note that the Social Gospel flourished especially in
the optimistic ...

The Emergence Of Jewish Theology In America

Author: Robert G. Goldy
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253326010
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3 THE CALL FOR THEOLOGY Like many important contributors to Jewish
religious thinking in the twentieth century, Will Herberg had first to traverse the
way of secular modernism before he could turn to a life devoted to Jewish
thought and practice. ... Herberg wrote: My first encounter with the thought of
Reinhold Niebuhr came in the late 1930s. ... According to Bob Patterson, "no
other book in the first third of the twentieth century had a greater impact in
American theological circles.

The Whole Gospel For The Whole World

Author: Rick Nutt
Publisher: Mercer University Press
ISBN: 9780865545663
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He deepened the faith of many, influenced untold numbers to undertake mission
work, and affected the lives of key Protestant figures of the twentieth century —
perhaps most notably Reinhold Niebuhr. On his seventieth birthday, in 1941,
Eddy ... This testified to his influence on the lives of their writers. Letters came
from such people as Roger ... In YMCA and Student Volunteer Movement (SVM)
circles, Eddy was a prominent and popular speaker. He was among the first wave
of young ...

Christian Realism And Liberation Teology

Author: Dennis McCann
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It is a mistake to identify Niebuhr's theology too closely with the "dialectical
theology" then making headway in Europe, as Paul Merkley does in Reinhold
Niebuhr: A Political Account. While Niebuhr's thinking was enriched by his
reading of theologians like Karl Earth and Emil Brunner, the major developments
in his thought occurred independent of their influence. In fact , he is consistently
critical of the political thinking of these theologians (cf. his remarks on Brunner in
Niebuhr, ...