Mediterranean Archaeological Landscapes

Author: Effie F. Athanassopoulos
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
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Importantly, in settlement archaeology, individual sites no longer are viewed as
representative of a culture. ... represent a powerful abstraction of reality that
allows for the integration of complex detailed information (Fish 1999), thus
allowing the application of demo- graphic, cultural ecological, political, and
economic geographic principles to archaeological data (Trigger 1989). ...
Regional survey is the primary vehicle for obtaining a portrait of regional
settlement patterns (Fish 1999).

James River Chiefdoms

Author: Martin D. Gallivan
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
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Village. Settlement. Understanding the cultural dynamics of James River
societies may begin with a consideration of settlement mobility and demography.
The following draws principles from archaeological methods that link evidence of
feature ... Characterizations of prehistoric mobility and settlement size in the
James River Valley, as in many other regions, currendy rely on typological or
qualitative distinctions that fall short of the precision needed to evaluate
competing models of the ...

Darwin And Archaeology

Author: John P. Hart
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"It is people, not 'nature,' who do most of the selecting in cultural evolution, and it
is communication, not reproduction, that is the principle mechanism of
transmission" (Durham 1991: 458). CONTEMPORARY USES For ... The ebb and
flow of archaeological cultures, the evolution of regional settlement systems, and
the success or failure of adaptations are all subjects that if not entirely
demographic in character, at least have important demographic dimensions. If
one considers together ...

The Prehistoric Pueblo World A D 1150 1350

Author: Michael A. Adler
Publisher: University of Arizona Press
ISBN: 9780816520480
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Fowler, Andrew P., John R. Stein, and Roger Anyon 1987 An Archaeological
Reconnaissance of West-Central New Mexico, The Anasazi Monuments Project.
Ms. on file, Zuni ... National Monument. Gorenflo, L. J., and Nathan Gale 1990
Mapping Regional Settlement in Information Space. ... Smithsonian Institution
Press, Washington, D.C. Haas, Jonathan, and Winifred Creamer 1992
Demography of the Protohistoric Pueblos of the Northern Rio Grande, a.d. 1450-
1680. In Current ...

The Demography Of Roman Italy

Author: Saskia Hin
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107003938
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In principle, survey archaeology has great potential to help evaluate the extent to
which the often generalized demographic observations in the historical sources
discussed in previous chapters are applicable, since archaeological evidence is
sensitive to regional variability. But the interpretation of survey evidence is not
without challenges. To establish a chronology of the remains, survey
archaeology depends largely on ceramic material, which tends to be fragmentary
. Po tsherds ...

Handbook Of South American Archaeology

Author: Helaine Silverman
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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DEMOGRAPHY. In a regional sector bounded by the modern towns of Laguna,
Tubarão, and Jaguaruna, early reconnaissance by Rohr (1984) and more recent
systematic inventory have outlined a settlement system encompassing 420 km2,
over 60 sambaquis, and 96 radiocarbon dates between 4500 and 1500 BP (
DeBlasis et al. 2004; Eastoe et al. 2002; Fish et al. 2000) (Figure 18.2). An
innovative related study by A. Kneip (2004) shows that sambaqui locations as
much as 10km ...

The Complete Archaeology Of Greece

Author: John Bintliff
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Archaeology. of. Classical. Greece. Demography,. Settlement. Patterns,. and.
Everyday. Life. entrance ramp is the Propylaea gate-complex, to its far right. The
Complete Archaeology ofGreece: From Hunter-Gatherers to the 20th Century AD,
First ... The foundations ofits reputation are: the development of democratic
principles; major achievements in drama and poetry; the birth of the discipline of
history; great advances in philosophy and speculative science (although
significant work ...

The Agricultural Revolution In Prehistory

Author: Graeme Barker
Publisher: OUP Oxford
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The origins of agriculture became one of the principal theatres of engagement of
the New Archaeology. The Tehuacán, Jarmo, and Deh Luran projects were
typical in their integration of survey with excavation, of settlement archaeology
with environmental archaeology, and their focus on the reconstruction of long-
term demographic trends, settlement systems, and subsistence practices, to
produce regional accounts of sequences of subsistence change, or 'pathways to
agriculture' (Fig.

Alaska Ocs Outer Continental Shelf Socioeconomic Studies Program Prudhoe Bay Case Study Technical Report B1 Beaufort Sea Region Petroleum Development Scenarios Technical Report Executive Summary B1 6a Beaufort Sea Region Man Made Environment Technical Report B1 Beaufort Sea Region Sociocultural Systems Technical Report B1 Beaufort Sea Region Natural Physical Environment Technical Report B1 Beaufort Sea Region Socioeconomic Baseline Technical Report B1 Beaufort Sea Region Socioeconomic Baseline Technical Report B1 11a Anchorage Socioeconomic And Physical Baseline Technical Report B1 Beaufort Sea Petroleum Development Scenarios Impacts On Anchorage Technical Report B1 Alyeska Fairbanks Case Study Technical Report B1 Beaufort Sea Region Governance Study Technical Report B1 Beaufort Sea Petroleum Development Scenarios Economic And Demographic Impacts Technical Report B1 Beaufort Sea Petroleum Development Scenarios Man Made Environmental Impacts Technical Report B1 Beaufort Sea Petroleum Development Scenarios Transportation Impacts Technical Report B1 Beaufort Sea Petroleum Development Scenarios Natural Physical Environment Impacts Technical Report B1 Beaufort Sea Petroleum Development Scenarios Sociocultural Impacts Technical Report B1 Beaufort Sea Petroleum Development Scenarios Summary Of Socioeconomic Impacts Technical Report B1 Second Program Summary Report Technical Report B1 Developing Predictors Of Community And Population Change Technical Report B1 Socioeconomic Impacts Of Selected Foreign Ocs Outer Continental Shelf Development Technical Report B1 Lower Cook Inlet Petroleum Development Scenarios Commercial Fishing Industry Analysis Technical Report B1 Bering Norton Petroleum Development Scenarios Economic And Demographic Analysis Technical Report B12 Bering Norton Petroleum Development Scenarios Sociocultural Systems Analysis Technical Report B1 54 V 1 Monitoring Oil Exploration Activities In The Lower Cook Inlet Technical Report B17 Small Community Population Impact Model Special Report B2 Blm Studies Reference Papers B3 Physical Characteristics Reference Papers B3 Biotic Resources Reference Papers B3 Economic Development Reference Papers B3 Sociological Resources Reference Papers B3 Marine Food Web Reference Papers B3 Oil And Gas Operations Reference Papers B3 Policy Requirements And Controls Reference Papers B3 Energy Alernatives Reference Papers B3 Bering Sea Norton Sound Petroleum Development Scenarios Forecast Of Conditions Without The Planned Lease Sale Impact Analysis B4 Bering Sea Cultural Resources Technical Paper

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INTRODUCTION This technical paper deals briefly with Cultural Resources
Management in the Bering Sea and the Bering Sea shore area of Alaska and
briefly describes human settlement and development through reference to
archaeological discoveries in the area. SECTION I BERING SEA CULTURAL
RESOURCE MANAGEMNT Managing cultural resources on the Alaska outer
continental shelf requires that for efficient and smooth operations, BLM must
consult with directives ...