Author: Kai Goebel
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This book presents the latest developments and research findings on the topic of prognostics by the Prognostics Center of Excellence at NASA Ames Research Center.


Author: Frederik Lodewijk Polak
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Analysis Of Water Resource Systems

Author: L. Votruba
Publisher: Elsevier
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forces the water resource planners to deal with the distant future, which is not
possible without long-term, mediumterm and also short-term predictions. Systems
science, therefore, includes prognostics as a scientific field that investigates the
general principles of development, methods of prediction for arbitrary objects and
the laws involved in process of making predictions (Gvishiani and Lishichkin,
1968). The causal dependence between social development and water demands
, with ...

The Postmodern Turn In The Social Sciences

Author: Simon Susen
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From a positivist point of view, the ambition to make predictions about future
developments is central to both the natural sciences and the social sciences. It is
common to make calculations about forthcoming occurrences in the natural
sciences – notably in astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics.
In a similar manner, it is not unusual to make prognostications about the
yettocome in the social sciences, especially in its key disciplines – that is,
anthropology, economics, ...

Scientific Procedures

Author: L. Tondl
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If we make the quality of our decision-making, which means the quality of an
activity performed and controlled by man, a criterion for the admissibility of this or
that reduction of the elements with which we operate in a given procedure, or a
criterion ... EXPLANATION AND PREDICTION (a) The Scientific Basis of
Prognostic Statements and the Thesis of the Structural Identity of Explanation and
Prediction The prognostic statements which we work with in the empirical
sciences are usually ...

Menschheit 2 0

Author: Ray Kurzweil
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Googles Chefingenieur Ray Kurzweil, dessen wahnwitzigen Visionen in den vergangenen Jahrzehnten immer wieder genau ins Schwarze trafen, zeichnet in diesem Klassiker des Transhumanismus mit beispielloser Detailwut eine bunt schillernde ...

Prognostic Variables In Node Negative And Node Positive Breast Cancer

Author: Giampietro Gasparini
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Underlying this complexity, there are probably a small number of "rules" or
parameters that govern the initiation of the transformation process, though
progression of this process is marked by randomness and chaos, making specific
outcomes difficult to predict from an original set of conditions. In many respects,
assessing clinical outcome using present biomarkers is analogous to planetary
weather forecasting using only barometric pressure and wind direction. The
complexity and ...

Diagnostics And Prognostics Of Engineering Systems Methods And Techniques

Author: Kadry, Seifedine
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Jamie Coble Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA J. Wesley Hines The
University of Tennessee, USA ABSTRACT The ultimate goal of most prognostic
systems is accurate prediction of the remaining useful life of individual systems or
components based on their use and performance. Traditionally, individual-based
prognostic methods form a measure of degradation which is used to make
lifetime estimates. Degradation measures may include sensed measurements,
such as ...

Opening The Dragon Gate

Author: Chen Kaiguo
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Prognostication requires understanding of the natural laws by which events and
phenomena operate. To give a small example, everyone knows that some hours
after the sun sets it will again rise in the east; so everyone can make
arrangements to do daytime tasks in daylight and nighttime tasks at night. When it
comes to the timing of solar and lunar eclipses, however, people cannot calculate
them without scientific instrumentation, based on which predictions can be made.

Use Of The Ocean For Man S Wastes

Author: National Research Council (U.S.). Marine Board
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My question is related to this business of prediction and to make slightly more
distinct a definition of prediction between prognostic and what I would call
diagnostic type prediction. That is, if one hoped to predict these kinds of motions
in a really prognostic way, things look rather dim, it seems to me, except for
maybe on the shelf. But you made the link rather clear, it seemed to me, between
trying to make predictions in the engineering and science mode. There may be
partially a way ...