A History Of The Book In America

Author: David Paul Nord
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Volume 5: the Enduring Book: Print Culture in Postwar America David Paul Nord,
Joan Shelley Rubin, David D. Hall, Michael Schudson. Sales of paperback books
grew phenomenally. In 1947 approximately 95 million mass-market paperbacks
were sold for slightly more than $14 million. Five years later, 270 million copies
were sold for $40 million; in 1959 nearly 286 million copies sold for $67 million.
At that point, dollar sales of paperbacks exceeded those of hardcover trade
books ...

Books And Other Print Materials

Author: Cathleen C. Flanagan
Publisher: Educational Technology
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Paperback books are a phenomenon of the twentieth century publishing industry.
Since the first ones appeared in 1939, the number of paperbacks produced and
sold annually has grown steadily. In 1975, for example, there were 39,372 book
titles produced in the United States; of this number, 11,777 were paperbacks.
Paperbacks represented almost one-third of the industry's total output of new
titles and editions for that year. Sales figures from a dollar point of view for
paperbacks ...

Census Of Manufactures 1972

Author: United States. Bureau of the Census
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and product description o * 273 BOOKS-Continued 2732 Book pri NT ING 27321
Books, PRINTING ONLY, LITHOGRAPHIC 27321 11 6 Elementary and high
school textbooks (hardbound and paperbound textbooks for grades K through 12
, ... 27321 15 7 General consumer and trade books (including adult and juvenile
trade books, book club and direct mail books, and wholesaled paperbound
books) .

Translation Spectrum

Author: Marilyn Gaddis Rose
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Current American Book Publishing Record. I960-. (Monthly, with annual and five-
year cumulations). Books in Print. 1948-. (Annual). Cumulative Book Index, 1928/
32-. (Monthly, except August, with semi-annual, annual and multiyear
cumulations). Paperbound Books in Print. 1955-. (Monthly). Publishers' Trade List
Annual. 1873 — . Publishers' Weekly. 1872-. (Cumulated monthly to form
American Book Publishing Record). B. British 1. General Lowndes, W.T.
Bibliographer's Manual of ...

Numerical List Of Manufactured And Mineral Products

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and high school textbooks (grades K-12): Hardbound, including teachers'
editions . - Paperbound, including teachers' editions College (grades 13 and over
, including private business and secretarial schools, and post high school
vocational schools, institutes and training courses of college grade): Hardbound -
- Paperbound Workbooks and standardized tests TECHNICAL, SCIENTIFIC,
AND ...

A Reference Guide For English Studies

Author: Michael J. Marcuse
Publisher: Univ of California Press
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American Catalogue of Books (Original and Reprints) Published in the United
States from January 1861 to January 1866 [vol. 2, 1866-1870 ... Z1215.A52 The
two base volumes of this current national bibliography, which extends the record
of United States publications from Kelly's American Catalogue of Books (C-26),
present an author-title and a subject index to books in print as of 1 July 1876. ...
see A-39; and in Paperbound Books in Print (New York: Bowker, 1955-) [Z1033.
P3 P32] ...

Seasoned Authors For A New Season

Author: Louis Filler
Publisher: Popular Press
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The 1977-78 edition of Books in Print reveals that only one of his novels, You
Could Live If They Let you, is still in print. The Winter 1978 Paperbound Books in
Print offers the unsettling information that nothing of his is available in paperback.
(The British Penguin Books issued a paperback of To an Early Grave in 1968 but
that edition, alas, has been out of print for several years.) Markfield has fared no
better with critics or literary historians. Not that he has been roundly castigated or