Pan American Clippers

Author: James Trautman
ISBN: 9781554078943
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Illustrated with rare period photographs, vintage travel posters, magazine ads and colorful company brochures, this book covers every aspect of that fabulous era.--From publisher description.

Corporate Disasters

Author: Gale, Cengage Learning
Publisher: Gale, Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1535816317
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Schwartz, John. “Pan American World Airways: 1927–1991.” Newsweek, July 21,
1991. Stern, Richard L. “The End of an Empire.” Forbes, February 4, 1991. Torre-
Kitamura, Maria. “50 Hawaii Icons: Pan Am Airlines.” Hawaii Business, June 1,
2005. Trautman, James. Pan American Clippers: The Golden Age of Flying Boats
. Erin, Ontario, Canada: Boston Mills Press, November 2007. U.S. Centennial of
Flight Commission. “The Airline Bankruptcies of the 1980s.” Washington, DC,

Rendezvous With Destiny

Author: Michael Fullilove
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0857970445
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Clipper information enclosed with Juan Trippe to Averell Harriman, 17 December
1973, box 865, Averell Harriman Papers, LC; Meiklejohn MS Diary, 10–11 March
1941, LC; James Trautman, Pan American Clippers: The GoldenAge of Flying
Boats (Erin,ON: BostonMills,2007), 52–54; Life, 3 November 1941. 54. York
Times,15 and 21July1940, and 4 June 1961; Christian Science Monitor, 5 July
and 1 August 1940; John G. Winant to Bunse and “List of letters of introduction,”
both ...

Laguardia Airport

Author: Joshua Stoff
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1439620539
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1940. The golden age of the commercial flying boat was fairly brief at LaGuardia
Airport. The Pan American Airways flying boats operated from here between
March 1940 and June 1945. (CAM.) FLIGHT DECK OF A BOEING B314, C. 1939.
The spacious.

In The Event Of A Water Landing

Author: Michael G. Walling
Publisher: Cutter Publishing
ISBN: 0982855303
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Just over a month later the Dixie Clipper, under the command of Captain R.O.D.
Sullivan, inaugurated Pan Am's first regular passenger service from New York to
Southampton, England, via Gander, Newfoundland. The golden age of the
commercial flying-boats was abruptly interrupted by the outbreak of World War II
on September 1, 1939. The war curtailed Pan Am's opportunity to build on its
success. The northern transatlantic route was abandoned after only three months
, ...

The Golden Age Of Aviation

Author: Katherine S. Williamson
Publisher: Smithmark Publishers
ISBN: 9780765197757
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Aero Club of America, 26 Aero Club of New York, 16 Aeromarine Airways, 49
Aeropostale, 44-45 ailerons, 24 aircraft carriers, 40, 68 Aircraft Transport and
Travel, 40 air disasters, 44, 63-65 Air France, 45, 59, 77 airlines, 39, 4(V47, 49,
51, 64, ... 27 Boeing aircraft 247, 75-77 314 Clippers, 68-71 bombers, 29-31, 40,
71, 79 Vickers Vimy, 35, 37, 37-39 Boston Harvard Air Meet (1912), 27 box-kite
plane, 19, 19 Brazil, flights to, 5, 61, 65 Breuguet flying boat, 77 BTW Transport
seaplane, ...

Aviation Firsts

Author: Joshua Stoff
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486149358
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The first commercial flight of a pressurized airliner was on July 8, 1940. On that
day a TWA Boeing 307 “Stratoliner,” carrying 33 passengers, flew from Burbank,
California to LaGuardia Airport, New York, in 12 ... On November 22, a Pan
American Martin M-130 flying boat China Clipper, departed San Francisco for
Manila. After overnight stops at Midway, Wake, and Guam islands, the flight
arrived in the Philippines. Total flying time was 60 hours at an ... 31 The Golden
Age 1919–1939.

China S Wings

Author: Gregory Crouch
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 034553235X
Size: 70.15 MB
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War, Intrigue, Romance, and Adventure in the Middle Kingdom During the
GoldenAge of Flight Gregory Crouch. They found each other attractive, but they
had trouble communicating because Moon couldn't ... Pan Am's spanking-new,
four-engine Martin M-130 China Clipper took off from the waters beside Alameda
Island on the eastern side of San Francisco Bay on November 22, 1935. The San
Francisco—Oakland Bay Bridge was under construction, its towers complete, but
only ...


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[W PAN AMERICAN CLIPPERS: The Golden Age of Flying Boats [ames
Trautman The Boston Mills Press 272pp; 200 color and 100 b&w photos;
hardbound with dust jacket ($49.95) The degree of fascination with the era of Pan
American's ocean-spanning 'Clipper' flying boats far outweighs the number (less
than 30) that saw service between 1931 and 1946. This very readable narrative
distills the contents of many books written specifically about the aircraft, the
airline, and the air ...

Seaplanes Of The World

Author: Bill Yenne
ISBN: 9781885440075
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This magnificent album charts the course of seaplane history by providing concise overviews of its most important aircraft, from the early floatplanes through the great Supermarine and Macci racers of the Schneider Cup era, to the great Pan ...