Paleopathology In Perspective

Author: Elizabeth Weiss
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0759124043
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Elizabeth Weiss introduces readers to how lifestyle—in complex interaction with biology, genes, and environment—affects health in this distinctive tour of human osteology, past and present.

Reading The Bones

Author: Elizabeth Weiss
ISBN: 9780813054988
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While activity markers sometimes show aspects of lifestyle, social change, and daily prehistoric life, this text will help future researchers to be more critical of their social reconstructions by using the same comparisons of biology ...


Author: Clark Spencer Larsen
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521658348
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Anthropologists, paleopathologists, and others have documented and described
the dental and skeletal evidence for some of these diseases (see Buikstra &
Cook, 1980; Ortner & Putschar, 1985; Steinbock, 1976). Although largely
confined to ... the study of bone lesions documenting disease provides an
important perspective on health in earlier societies. The frequency of ... Incidence
is denned as the number of new cases in a population in a given time period.
Because the number ...

Health And Disease In The Prehistoric Southwest

Author: C. F. Merbs
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APPROACH Debra L. Martin School of Natural Science Hampshire College
Carol Piacentini and George J. Armelagos Department of Anthropology
University of Massachusetts ... The occurrence of enamel defects, growth arrest
lines, porotic hyperostosis, trace element deficiencies, and increased rates of
bone turnover suggest that stressors were chronic, and that these stressors
amplified through time, with the ...

Symposium On New Perspectives In Canadian Archaeology 22 23 October 1976 Theatre Auditorium Royal Ontario Museum Toronto

Author: Alexander Gordon McKay
Publisher: Royal Society of Canada : National Museum of Man ; Toronto : Royal Ontario Museum
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For example, among early Ontario inhabitants, James Anderson (l968) has
shown a change in the morphological features of local populations through time
coincident with the transition from a hunting and gathering to an agriculturally
based economy. This finding deserves ... (e.g., Beattie l976). Although we are still
more or less at a descriptive stage in this type of research, paleopathology can
provide information on the health and disease patterns in earlier groups, which in
turn may ...

The Oxford Handbook Of The Archaeology Of Death And Burial

Author: Sarah Tarlow
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191650390
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The study of human remains (bioarchaeology), and palaeopathology in particular
, will always be central to archaeology, but the research landscape in the UK is
changing. It is time for bioarchaeologists to engage more with the wider public
who feel they are also stakeholders when it comes to human remains from
archaeological sites. ... This is a good multidisciplinary overview of the metabolic
bone diseases in bioarchaeology, for example rickets, scurvy, and osteoporosis.
Buikstra ...

Palaeopathology Of Danish Skeletons

Author: Pia Bennike
Publisher: Coronet Books
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Studies of this kind may yield valuable information on the history of disease, if this
is considered in its chronological and geographical context. Through systematic
registration and analysis of the results obtained, it will also be possible to set
information on health and disease in demographic perspective, in contrast to
earlier palaeopathological studies of a more descriptive kind, which were largely
concerned with particularly interesting bone finds. It is mainly skeleton finds from

Archaeology Of The Moundville Chiefdom

Author: Vernon J. Knight
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 0817354212
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5. Of. Time. and. the. River: Perspectives. on. Health. during. the. Moundville.
Chiefdom. MARY LUCAS POWELL A previous synchronic study of elite and
nonelite burials from Moundville indicated that minor variations in adult stature,
childhood stress, dental health, trauma, and infectious disease owed more to age
and sex than to differences in ranked status. A diachronic reevaluation of these
dimensions of health suggests several trends from Moundville I through
Moundville III: small ...

21st Century Anthropology A Reference Handbook

Author: H. James Birx
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1452266301
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CZAPLICKI. Canisius College pology, offers us an interesting perspective into the
lives of the ancients. ... Combining scientific inquiry with educated reasoning can
give anthropologists an idea of the daily activities of individuals; their diet, health,
and environment; and even more, specifically, the cause of death of each
individual. ... His book Bones, Bodies and Disease (Wells, 1964) was a landmark
publication in the field and advanced the field of paleopathology to the level it is

Medical Anthropology In Ecological Perspective

Author: Ann McElroy
Publisher: Westview Pr
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This supports the premise that a large percentage of cancer is related to
industrial development, either directly due to occupational exposure or through
industry-promoted changes in lifestyle. Nutrition in Prehistory Episodes of
nutritional stress ... By studying changes in the frequency of these lesions in
bones and teeth at different levels of an archaeological site, paleopathologists
can suggest changes in nutritional health over time. Collagen, which is the main
protein found in bone, ...