Mycorrhizal Planet

Author: Michael Phillips
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 160358658X
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In Mycorrhizal Planet, Michael Phillips offers new insights into the invisible world beneath our feet, explaining the crucial, symbiotic role that fungi play in everything from healthy plants to healthy soils to a healthy planet.--COVER.


Author: Ajit Varma
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540788263
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In mid-2005, 6.5 billion people shared the planet and, according to 2004
estimates by the population division of the UN Secretariat, world population is
expected to rise in the next 45 years by 2.6 billion, to reach a total of 9.1 billion in
2050 (www. Consequently, one of the main challenges of the twenty-
first century will be to produce sufficient food. As illustrated by Morrissey et al. (
2004), microbes are important since “Applying knowledge about beneficial plant-
microbe ...

Defensive Mutualism In Microbial Symbiosis

Author: James F. White Jr.
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420069327
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Mycorrhizal associations now occur in some 85% of all the plant species on this
planet. Recent estimates suggest that some 3617 plant species of 263 families
have a mycorrhizal association (Wang and Qiu, 2006). Thus, it is regarded that
the mycorrhizal condition is the most prevalent symbiotic condition on earth.
Excellent discussions of mycorrhizae and mycorrhizal ecology can be found in
Smith and Read (1997), Van der Heijden and Sanders (2002), and Peterson et al
. (2004) ...

Mycorrhizas Novel Dimensions In The Changing World

Author: Manzoor Ahmad Shah
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 8132218655
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Extreme cold environments, hydrothermal vents, sulphuric springs, extremely
acidic or alkaline environments and highly saline aquatic and terrestrial systems
exemplify major extreme environments on the planet Earth. ... 1997). Since
mycorrhizal plants are better nourished, well adapted to environmental
conditions and more vigorous and healthy, such plants tend to have relatively
fewer incidences of root diseases and reduced association with other pathogenic
agents (Dehne 1982; ...

The Ancestor S Tale

Author: Richard Dawkins
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0297865412
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These are the mycorrhizae, and close examination reveals that there are several
independently evolved ways in which the mycorrhizal principle has been
implemented. Much of plant life on our planet is utterly dependent on
mycorrhizae. In an even more impressive feat of symbiotic cooperation,
basidiomycetes and – independently evolved again – ascomycetes form
associations with algae or cyanobacteria to create lichens, those remarkable
confederacies which can achieve so ...

Ecophysiology Of Va Mycorrhizal Plants

Author: Gene R. Safir
Publisher: CRC
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Experimental work on mycorrhizae gained appropriate ascendency in the
postwar period, partly at the expense of the field surveys and ecological studies
that are still badly needed to expand and sharpen our knowledge of the place of
mycotrophy in our planet's ecosystems. In any event, no one has hitherto brought
together the extensive but scattered information already available on the
mycorrhizal status of plant species to test the contention that "...mycorrhizae have
evolved as the ...

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi And Understory Plant Communities In Wisconsin Oak Savannas

Author: Frank C. Landis
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Introduction Arbuscular mycorrhizae (AM) are the most common mycorrhizae in
the plant kingdom, and the glomalean fungi thai produce them (AMF, phylum
Glomeromycota) are among the most abundant fungi on the planet (Smith and
Read 1997; Brundrett 2002). These fungi have been shown to alTect plant
competition (see review in Wardle 2002), and this has been theorized to cause
observed AMF effects on plant community diversity, depending on how AMF
enhance the growth ...

Mycorrhiza Manual

Author: Ajit Varma
Publisher: Springer
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and maintaining the biodiversity of all ecosystems, making them a key element in
maintaining healthy plants on the planet Earth. The science of mycorrhizology is
expanding rapidly and will soon mak mycorrhiza connections with other sciences
of plant systematics, ecology and physiology, horticulture; agronomy; soil science
; climatology; mo, lecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, and certainly plant
pathology. Mycorrhizal research is entering a challenging and exciting period
when ...