Miwok Means People

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Imagine you live in a self-contained village where your parents and their parents and all your forebears from the beginning of time have lived.


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The Miwok (MEE-wahk) are one Native American tribe . They are known for
basket weaving and stone hunting tools . Let's learn more about these Native
Americans . Did You Know? The name Miwok meanspeople.” faces and wear
feathers ...

Encyclopedia Of Native American Tribes

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The Coast Miwok lived to their west along the Pacific coast north of San
Francisco Bay. And the Lake Miwok lived near Clear Lake north of San Francisco
Bay. Miwok, pronounced MEE-wuk, meanspeople” in the Penutian language of
the ...

The People A History Of Native America

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These people can be more specifically identified as the Capoques (Coaques,
Cocos), Kohanis, Kopanes (Copanes), Kronks, and Karankawa bands. Apache: '
Apache' isan ... Theword Miwok means people in their native language. In 2008 ...

A Native American Encyclopedia

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See Cahuilla; Luiseño; Serrano; Tipai-Ipai Miwok Miwok CM e wok) is a word
meaning "People" in Miwokan. Location The Miwok were originally composed of
three divisions: Eastern (Sierra), Lake, and Coast. The Miwok lived in over 100 ...

Rohnert Park

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The word Miwok meanspeople” in their language. A few miles north of the future
Rohnert Park lived another Native American nation of people: the Pomo, who
were known for their exquisite and unique basketry. It is quite possible that the ...

Native Nations Cultures And Histories Of Native North America

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Miwok can refer to any one of four linguistically related groups of Native
Americans, native to Northern California, who spoke one of the Miwokan
languages in the Utian family. The word Miwok means people in their native
language. In 2008 ...

Dreams Of Tamalpais

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They said there had been First People before them who were transformed into
animals, trees, rocks and stars. ... Miwok means "little grizzly bear;" there are
inland Miwok whose home territory is the Yosemite Valley area of eastern
California ...

Proto Utian Grammar And Dictionary

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páka-k would mean 'flowered' in both Lake and Bodega Miwok, a possible
etymology for the first part of the Patwin ... Consequently, we have what appears
to be an inflected Miwok stem with the meaning “Deep Water People” which is an