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Lebenden: nicht mehr unter den Lebenden/( Lebendigen) weilen a/the land
flowing with milk and honey Land: das Land, wo Milch und Honig fließt a/the land
of milk and honey Land: das Land, wo Milch und Honig fließt to live in the land of
milk and honey Leben: ein Leben führen wie im Schlaraffenland •
Schlaraffenland: leben wie im Schlaraffenland s.o. ts (already/...) in the land of
Nod Augen - schondienst: Augenschondienst haben the land of unlimited
opportunitfes Land: das ...


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... crescite et multiplicamini et replete terram Seid fruchtbar und mehret euch... be
fruitful and multiply Genesis 1:28 in terram quae fluit lacte et melle ein Land, wo
Milch und Honig fließt a land flowing with milk and honey Exodus 3:8 oculum pro
oculo dentem pro dente Auge um Auge, Zahn um Zahn an eye for an eye, a tooth
for a tooth Exodus 21:24 non in solo pane vivat homo der Mensch lebt nicht vom
man doth not live by bread only Deuteronomy 8:03 Brot allein his own translation

The Sacred Bee In Ancient Times And Folklore

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not only with the Golden Age, but also with the Isles of the Blest and the Land of
the Gods, which are furnished with wells of milk and honey. This conception of
the heavenly country is also found among the Hebrews; their idea of the Land of
Promise was one of milk and honey, and in the heavenly Jerusalem there are
said to have been twelve fountains flowing with milk and honey.' These wells or
rivers appear later in Christian apocryphal writings. In the Apocalypse of Paul,1
which ...

Three Aeginetan Odes Of Pindar

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Kori Ecrat rt iév0e0v év rfit cfit Kap5i0tt.3'7 'Literature: \V.H. Roscher, Nektar und
Ambrosia, Leipzig 1883; Usener, 'Milch und Honig', Rhfil. N.F. 57, 1902, 177 ff.; K.
\Vyss, Die Mileh im ... West on Hes.Th.83 183); and esp. _].H. Waszink, Biene
and Honig a1; Symbol des Diehters und der Dichting in der griechiteh-romisehen
Antike, Opladen 1974. On the miraculous milk and honey making in the cult of
Dionysus, see also C. Bonner, 'Dionysiac Magic', TAP/1A 41, 1911, 175 ff.; Dodds
on ...


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Thus, for reasons independent of structure, the phrase Milch und Honig, which in
4b lacks BB status according to 3, does in fact count in the Biblical phrase das
Land, wo Milch und Honig flieBt 'the land flowing with milk and honey', in which
Milch and Honig have generic meanings and are furthermore irreversible. The
definition in 3 should therefore be taken with a grain of salt, and its provisional
character kept in mind. Insufficient though it may be, 3 provides in most cases a
fairly ...

A Land Flowing With Milk And Honey

Author: E. Moltmann-Wendel
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... the United States of America Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication
Data Moltmann-Wendel, Elisabeth. A land flowing with milk and honey.
Translation of: Das Land, wo Milch und Honig fliesst. Bibliography: p. 1. Woman (
Christian theology) 2. Feminism— Religious aspects— Christianity. I. Title BT704.
M65313 1986 261.8'344 86-8996 ISBN 0-8245-0791-6 ISBN 0-8245-0863-7 (
pbk) For Marjorie Casebier McCoy Susanne Kahl-Passoth Evi Krobath
Rosemarie Stappenbeck.

Psychology And Myth

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proper food lor newborn beings both human and divine.10 The nymph Makris
applies honey to the lips of the new-born Dionysos. It must have been a custom
to feed newborn children with honey as Pindar relates that Samos was fed honey
by a serpent;11 On the other hand this story reminds us of the well-known folklore
motive: a new-born child and a serpent drink milk of the same bowl. According to
a story told by the German peasants in the Riesen- gebirge a child was sitting on


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16:3), milk and honey were favourite foods for children, also contains an allusion
to the covenant relationship: 'Das Volk Gottes soll unter dem fursorglichen Walten
seines Bundesgottes so ruhig und sorglos in der neuen Heimat weilen, wie
unmiindige Kinder, die, ohne Harm und Kummer in den Armen einer zartlich
liebenden Mutter ruhend, Milch und Honig schliirfen.'61 The above is an
indication that the expression has been the subject of much discussion. I wish to
say something ...

The Excavations In The Mithraeum Of The Church Of Santa Pricsa In Rome

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When this particular supper fell into disuse, the blessing itself was slightly
modified to serve for milk and honey as victuals: benedic, domine, has creaturas
lactis et mellis, et pota famulos tuos fonte perenni. By the water of baptism Man is
... Dessen zum Zeichen wird der Taufling mit Milch und Honig gespeist nicht nur
symbolisch sondern auch sakramental, indem die gottliche Speise unmittelbar
das gottliche Wesen des Neugeboren bekraftigen hilft". * M. Eliade, Traiti d'
histoire des ...