Let S Be Reasonable

Author: Joel Sartore
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
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Assignments from the Amazon to Alaska, from wildlife refuges to state fairs have given Sartore a remarkable breadth of experience that is captured for the first time in this irresistible book.

The Poset Of K Shapes And Branching Rules For K Schur Functions

Author: Thomas Lam
Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 082187294X
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Reasonableness We say that the pair (S, m) is reasonable if for every string s ⊂
m, either s ∩ S = ∅, or s ⊂ S. If s ⊂ m is contained inside S, we say that S
matches s above if rs,u is a modified row of S. Otherwise we say that S continues
above s. Lemma 6.1. Let (S, m) be any initial pair. If a modified row of S contains
a cell of m, then that row intersects the initial string of m. If a modified row of S is a
negatively modified row of m, then S intersects the initial string s ⊂ m. In
particular, if (S, ...


Author: Anna Wierzbicka
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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addition to something like an absence of good thinking) the opposite of “wanting
too much”: to be reasonable (as opposed to being unreasonable) appears to
imply “not wanting too much.” Furthermore, we can note that “being reasonable”
is not a solitary virtue but one that has something to do with other people. The
following examples from Cobuild are quite characteristic in this regard: Let's
make a deal. Let's be reasonable. You wanted Eva. Well, you got her. Okay. Take
off and let's ...

Let S All Get Behind The Pope End Of Faith End Of Prejudice

Author: Lucien Gregoire
Publisher: AuthorHouse
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Ignoring my comment, "Today, very few of us think Sherlock Holmes actually lived
. Yet, as a matter-of-fact he did live, in the very same way Jesus Christ may have
lived — both lives being overblown by a multiple succession of biographers. In
the case of Christ, I say 'may have lived,' because unlike Sherlock Holmes, who
we know lived, we have no record, other than the gospels written long after His
alleged death, Jesus Christ ever lived. The reasonable Christ "Yet, it is
reasonable to ...

Negrophobia And Reasonable Racism

Author: Jody David Armour
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814706703
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So let's just get it out in the open, let's, let's get it out of the closet, because this
case is not just about AIDS, is it? So let's talk about what this case is really all
about, the general public's hatred, our loathing, our fear of homosexuals, and
how that climate of hatred and fear translated into the firing of this particular
homosexual, my client Andrew Beckett. JUDGE: In this courtroom, justice is blind
to matters of race, creed, color, religion, and sexual orientation. PLAINT. ATTY:
With all due ...

Reasonable Disagreement

Author: Christopher McMahon
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 052176288X
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reasonable. disagreement. Cooperation presupposes agreement on a
cooperative scheme. In small groups, the process of reaching agreement often
involves the offer and acceptance of what I call a coordination proposal. In its
canonical form, a coordination proposal is formulated with the words “let us” (“
let's”). Thus we might get, “Let's go to the movies,” followed by “Okay,” said by all
the others.1 If the first proposal is resisted by some group members, different
proposals may be ...

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Author: Shmuel Waldman
Publisher: Feldheim Publishers
ISBN: 9781583308066
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Stunned by the irrationality of it, you stand up and protest, "Mr. President, sir, the
concept is good, but I'd like to suggest a modification. Let's make it that each year
only one-seventh of the land lies fallow. Over a seven-year period, then,
everyone will experience one shemittah." Proud of your idea, you sit down.
However, the President says sternly, "The whole land at once! Or none at all."
You retort: "But what are we going to eat that year, not to mention the year
afterwards when the new ...

The Epistemology Of Keith Lehrer

Author: Erik Olsson
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401000131
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that is is true, on the basis of X. D5 p beats is for S on X* if and only if is competes
with p for S on X, and it is more reasonable for S to accept p than to accept is on
X. D6 x neutralizes up as a competitor of p for S on X if and only if is competes
with p for S on X, but b /\ X does not compete with p for S on X, and it is as
reasonable for S to accept to /\ X as to accept is alone on X. Intuitively, definitions
D4 and D5 are not beyond reproach. Let us assume, for instance, that it is
extremely ...