La Giara The Water Jug

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In this inspiring story, long-shattered relations are eventually healed by Nunzio’s grandchildren, who discover that la giara, their symbolic container of traditions—some broken, some lost, some retained—has endured the cracks and ...

A Dictionary Of English Etymology

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Jar. Fr. jare, Sp. jarra, It. giara, from Arab. garrah, a water-pot.—Diez. But It. giara
has also the same sense as Fr. grès, sand, gravel, sandstone. Giara then, like
Prov. grasal, may originally be a pot-de-grès, an earthen pot. See Grail. To Jar.
To creak, make a ... But she withal no word may sowne But chitre, and as a bird
jargowne.—Gower in R. ... 'Garde la ley et le conseil et vie ert à ta alme et grace a
tes jowes :'—et erit vita animae tuæ et gratia saucibus tuis-Proverbes. The cries
of ...

Pirandello Studies

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their enthusiasm for this version of 'La giara', and indeed for the film as a whole.1
The Tavianis strenuously avoided merely 'illustrating' the stories. As they said in
an interview about this film in 1988: 'Un'illustrazione e sempre meno dell'opera,
per cui uno soffre a vedere qualcosa meno; e una specie di deturpazione' ['An
illustration is always less than the work, and it's painful to see something less; it
ruins the work']. Nevertheless, they insist: Lavorando a 'La giara', mentre negli
altri ...


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ShibaOnko salva il compagno dall'annegamento nella grande giara, variante
della leggenda giapponese che prevede che la giara venga spezzata in modo
che l'acqua possa spandersi. 19. ShibaOnko aves his companion from drowning
in the giant water jar, a variation on the Japanese legend where the jar is broken
to allow the water to flow. Legno di bosso. Firmato MIWA, di Edo, ultimo quarto
del XVIII secolo. Altezza mm. 33, lunghezza mm. 40. Un esemplare simile è stato

The New Encyclopaedia Britannica

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Cascade Range 9 1 8 a garden's existence in a particular place, as at Tivoli in
central Italy, where the fall of the Cascade in the form of a water stairway, Palazzo
Famese, Caprarola, Italy EcJwui Smith Aniene River was made into the garden of
the Villa d'Este. Cascades can be used in architectural .... He established a more
personal style in the ballet La Giara (1924; The Jar) and in the orchestral works
Scarlattiana (1926) and Pa- ganiniana (1942). Other notable works were Italia for

The Edwin A Fleisher Music Collection In The Free Library Of Philadelphia

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Paris, April 2S, 1910, the composer conducting *1915 Le couvent sur 1'eau [The
convent at the water's edge], Choreographic comedy on a theme of J. L.
Vaudoyer; Symphonic fragments Ric. 1. Festive march, 2. Children's round, 3. ...
Str. 22 Strings printed, other parts in MS comp. 1915118; 1st perf. at a Concert
Cohmne, Paris, Oct. 1919, Gabriel Pierne conducting CASELLA, Alfredo— Cont'd
*1589 La Giara-Suite [The jar], Symphonic suite LARGE AND SMALL

Spazio E Societ

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Pareva, e di fatto era, un problema di importanza decisiva verso la metà degli
anni 40, durante la resistenza; ma ora sembra un non senso perché la giara è
sforacchiata e l'acqua è stata inquinata. Tra acqua e giara - giara e acqua - non
... It seemed, and in faci it was, a prob- lem of decisive importance in the mid-
1940s, during the Resistance, but now it sounds like nonsense, because the jar
is riddled with holes and the water has been pollut- ed. Between water and jar,
jar and water, ...

Horror And Science Fiction Films Iv

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One, "La Giara" ("The Jar"), apparently concerns magic: Is the pot-mender the "
devil's son '7 Does he die and return to life? Does he personally hold the ... A
flying "eye" ... a little thing caught in a trap ... an apparently- stopmo baby alien
and its parent ... apparently-computer-generated "water" in their cave ... an
ambitious Symphony of a Countryside sequence, with aliens, boy hero, and
community all in tune ... and the apparent death of the oldest alien.... The scenes
with the aliens here ...