Re Imagining African Christologies

Author: Victor I. Ezigbo
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630878030
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In Constructive Christian Theology in the Worldwide Church, edited by William R.
Barr. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1997. Onwurah, Emeka. “New Yam Festival in
Igbo Land.” Journal of Dharma 15 O–D (1990) 314–23. ———. “Priesthood in the
Traditional Religion of the Igbos of Nigeria.” Journal of Dharma 15 (1990) 45–54.
Opefeyemiti,Ayo.“Iwure: Medium of Communicating the Desires of Men to Gods
in Yoruba Land.”Journal ofReligion ofAfrica 18 (1988) 27–41. Owanikin, Modupe.

Yoga Journal

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Dharma. Wisdom. BY PHILLIP MOFFITT IF YOU CHOOSE to follow the path of
meditation, you are likely to encounter what are sometimes referred to as your "
karmic knots"— those physical and emotional traumas you have accumulated
throughout your lifetime. For instance, when you sit in meditation for a lengthy
period, physical tensions in your body caused by stress or old injuries may
manifest as a stabbing pain between the shoulder blades, an aching neck, or
throbbing legs.

Yoga Journal

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The foundations of Yoga • Ayurveda, the ancient Indian diet and healing system •
Purification • Meditation -- renunciation of disturbance • The Guru • The Yoga of
marriage • The 5 elements and universal mind • Man, the microcosm • The path of
devotion (Bhakti) • Stories of great saints • Yoga psychology (Jnana Yoga) •
Sharing Truth (Satsang) • The practices (sadhana) • The spiritual community •
Creativity and the spiritual life • Dharma Sara I -- A journal of Yoga sadhana(
current) ...

Yoga Journal

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She was a serious student of the dharma with lots of retreat experience but was
new to the sangha. When we were finally alone, she explained that she had
recently been betrayed in a relationship and kept getting upset with her lover
about what had happened. She was also feeling distrustful of her boss who had a
pattern of acting unfairly and was worried about her job. It was making her
miserable. "I place a lot of importance on being able to trust someone," she said, "
but from a ...

Hermeneutic Philosophy Of Science Van Gogh S Eyes And God

Author: Babette Babich
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401717672
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Space as God's Presence, Journal of Dharma, 8 (1983), 63-86. Natural Science
and Being-in-the-World, Man and World, 16 (1983), 207-216. 1982
Hermeneutical Realism and Scientific Observation, in PSA 1982. Ed. by Peter
Asquith and Ron Giere. Lansing, MI; Philosophy of Science Association,
Michigan State University, 1982. Pp. 77-87. 1981 Verbandstheoretische
Betrachtung des Erkenntnisfortschritts, in Woraussetzungen und Grenzen der
Wissenschaft. Eds. by Gerard ...

Yoga Journal

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BY PHILLIP MOFFITT STUDENTS LEAVING A meditation retreat will sometimes
ask me to recommend a mindfulness practice they can incorporate into their daily
routine that will keep them in touch with the experiences they've had during the
retreat. There are many such practices, but occasionally I suggest one that almost
always surprises them and sometimes draws skepticism— the mindful cultivation
of gratitude. Gratitude is the sweetest of all the practices for living the dharma in ...

Signs Of The Times

Author: John A. Saliba
Publisher: Médiaspaul
ISBN: 9782894203262
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400 ff. 12. The complete text of the Federal Court's opinion has been published
under the title TM in Court (Berkeley, CA: Spiritual Counterfeits Project, 1978).
For commentaries on this court's decision see Peter Maabjerg, "TM Is a Religious
Practice, Court Rules," Update: A Quarterly Journal of New Religious Movements
2:1 (1978): 27-30; and Robert D. Baird. "Religious or Non-Religious: TM in
American Courts," Journal of Dharma 1 (1982): 391-407. 13. A short description
of this rite ...

Ecological Awareness

Author: Sigurd Bergmann
Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster
ISBN: 3825819507
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Dr.Ahern has developed courses in the areas of Religion and Modern Culture
and the Christian Tradition. Her publications are in the field of modern religious
and Christian thought with specialization in sociologist Peter Berger's theory of
religion; cf. her book: Berger's Dual-Citizenship Approach to Religion (New York
1999). One of her recent articles, “Berger, Modernity and Feminism”, was
published in the Journal of Dharma, 1997. Dr.Ahern has had other articles and
book reviews in ...