Image Brokers

Author: Zeynep Devrim Gursel
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520961617
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From corporate sales meetings to wire service desks, newsrooms to photography workshops and festivals, Image Brokers investigates how news images are produced and how worldviews are reproduced in the process.

Contemporary Latina O Media

Author: Arlene Dávila
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 1479893889
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Despite the ubiquity of their photographs, paparazzi continue to operate largely
outside the formal economic channels of celebrity media. Paparazzi are not on
staff at any media outlet. Many work on a freelance basis and provide their
photos to one or more photo agencies in exchange for a percentage of any
revenue from the sale of their photos. Others participate in under the table sales
of photographs to other paparazzi who act as “image brokers” to the agencies on
their behalf ...

The Messages Of Tourist Art

Author: Bennetta Jules-Rosette
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1475718276
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Thus, the image brokers, the producers, and the consumers collectively create
the aesthetic standards for tourist art. I shall refer to these standards as an
aesthetics of symbolic exchange. Hans Jauss (1970:7–37) has described the
audience's role in generating such standards as the “aesthetics of reception.”
Rather than viewing the art audience as passive receivers of forms presented to it
, Jauss suggests that the public actively contributes to the communicative process
that defines an ...

The Sixties

Author: David Farber
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469608731
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Alfred Haworth Jones, Roosevelt's Image Brokers (Port Washington, N.Y.:
Kennikat Press, 1974); Betty Houchin Winfield, FDR and the News Media (
Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1990); Cornelis A. van Minnen, ed., The
Roosevelts: Nationalism, Democracy, and Internationalism (Middleburg,
Netherlands: Roosevelt Study Center, 1987); Edward Mortimer, The World That
FDR Built: Vision and Reality (New York: Scribner, 1988); Halford Ross Ryan,
FDR's Rhetorical Presidency ...

Patriot Heroes In England And America

Author: Peter Karsten
Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Pr
Size: 51.52 MB
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61 Quoted in Peterson, Jeffersonian Image, p. 375. 62 Ibid., pp. 356-65, 425-36.
63 Edward Griggs, American Statesmen (Croton-on-Hudson, 1927), pp. 5, 174;
A. H. Jones, Roosevelt's Image Brokers, p. 28; Benet to Davenport, January,
1942, in Selected Letters of Stephen Vincent Bene"t, ed. Charles A. Fenton (New
Haven, 1960), pp. 391-92. 64 Peterson, Jeffersonian Image, pp. 364-75, 432-35.
65 Ibid., p. 433. In the early summer of 1946 George Gallup had found that
Lincoln ran ...

The Anthropology Of News Journalism

Author: S. Elizabeth Bird
Size: 22.71 MB
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In making their various decisions, the image brokers I studied relied on how they
imagined populations — both those represented in the photographs and
potential viewers — as well as their views of others in the exchange network.
Images and imagined communities then are produced, reproduced, and
circulated together. I offer the term formative fictions as a way of thinking about
how expectations of what something should look like — the manner in which it is
anticipated to be ...

Seventh International Workshop On Research Issues In Data Engineering

Author: IEEE Computer Society. Technical Committee on Data Engineering
Publisher: IEEE
ISBN: 9780818678493
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Technical Committee on Data Engineering Peter Scheuermann. Stock Photo
Brokerage Scope l l I l I | 'image preservation 'escrow 'image categorizlion I *
indicates available brokerage services Figure 7: Stock Photo Brokerage
Operational Flows On Disconnected Browsing of Distributed Information*
Anupam Joshi Department of. 'query interface 'result visualization 'usage /monitor
Im»gc107 'digitization 'promotion 'image analysis 'fee collection Sock Ptiolo
Agenda Image consumers: ...

Proceedings International Workshop On Research Issues In Data Engineering

Author: Peter Scheuermann
Publisher: IEEE
ISBN: 9780818678493
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Stock Photo Brokerage Scope On Disconnected Browsing of Distributed
Information* Anupam Joshi Department of. * indicates available brokerage
services Figure 7: Stock Photo Brokerage Operational Flows. Image consumers:
Our architecture allows image consumers to pose semantics-based queries and/
or cognition-based queries to search images using the visual query interface (IFQ
), or to pose similarity based queries by providing an image or drawing example
to retrieve ...

Mid America

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Roosevelt's Image Brokers: Poets, Playwrights, And The Use of The Lincoln
Symbol. By Alfred Haworth Jones. Port Washington, New York: Kennikat Press,
1974. Pp. 134. Bibliographical note, notes, and index. $8.95. Much of the success
of Franklin Roosevelt's ascendancy as leader of the United States depended
upon his ability to unify and motivate the American people. Roosevelt was not
only a master of the early twentieth century political techniques used to captivate
the public, ...