Author: Jan Rüger
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Far more than just the history of a small island in the North Sea, this is the compelling story of a relationship which has defined modern Europe.


Author: George M. F. Drower
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Heligoland is the astounding story of a mysterious British colony in the North Sea that the Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury, swapped for Zanzibar in 1890.

Heligoland Past And Present

Author: Alex Ritsema
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In 1807 Heligoland was once again a pawn in European warfare. In those days,
the French emperor Napoleon wanted to isolate Britain by cutting off the latter's
trade connections with mainland Europe. When in the summer of 1807 British
spies informed London about a potential alliance of France with Russia and
Denmark, the British authorities decided to carry out a pre-emptive strike on
neutral Denmark, by destroying many Danish warships in Copenhagen46.
Shortly afterwards ...

The Battle Of Heligoland Bight

Author: Eric W. Osborne
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The battle of Heligoland Bight was the first major action between the British and German fleets during World War I. The British orchestrated the battle as a warning to the German high command that any attempt to operate their naval forces ...


Author: Shena Mackay
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Of Indian/Scottish parentage, orphaned, without family or friends, Rowena is in search of her own Utopia - or the Heligoland of her childhood imagination. Shorlisted for the Orange Prize for fiction and the Whitbread Novel Award.

Heligoland As An Ornithological Observatory

Author: Heinrich Gätke
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Collett met with this species during the summer months at the Porsanger Fjord
beyond 70° N. latitude; such individuals could therefore migrate from this locality
only in a line direct south, inasmuch as the bird has only once been shot in
Heligoland — in October 1854 — and has never been observed in Germany. To
these Warblers may be added the case of the Northern Nightingale (Sylvia
philomela). The most western nesting stations of this bird are found in south
Sweden and ...

Heligoland Or Reminiscences Of Childhood

Author: M. L'Estrange
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HELIGOLAND. CHAPTER 1. 0h memory, thou gift from heaven, To man, to mortal
beings given; 'Mid purest pleasures be thou ever classed, The softened
recollections of the past. N elevation of rock situated about twenty-eight miles I
from the Weser, the Elbe, and the Eider, is now the only remaining island
belonging to a group which once were visible among the wild waves of the
German Ocean. Beileigeland, Heligeland, or, as it is now called, Heligoland (or
the 'Holy Island '),* is ...

Heligoland Or Reminiscences Of Childhood By M L E Ed By Mrs C W

Author: M. L'Estrange
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Heligoland, at the mouth of the river Elbe, began in the year 800 to be much
consumed by the waves. In the years 1300, 1500, and 1649, other parts were
swept away, till at the last only a rock of red marl (of the Keuper formation of the
Germans) about 200 feet high, and some lowland, remained. Since 1770, a
current has cut a passage no less than ten fathoms deep through the remaining
portion, and has formed two islands, Heligoland and Sandy Island. — LyeU's
Geology. * Before ...