Heated Pursuit

Author: April Hunt
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1455539465
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Now Penny and Rafe will have to up their game because they're about to go into a master criminal's lair without backup, and the danger---and passion---is about to explode . . . *** The Alpha Security series Book 1 - Heated Pursuit (Rafe and ...

The Last Word

Author: Morley Kev
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462861598
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“it,” your turn to tag someone else, in the heat of the chase, one would find
himself forty feet up a tree, with no choice, but to jump into the water, sometimes
even before the other person had surfaced and begin pursuit, hoping to keep that
person from returning to the island, where the cycle would begin all over. The
tree is no longer standing, so it is probably safe to reveal trade secrets at this
point in time. If one jumped exactly into the right spot of the water below and let
himself sink to ...

Holding Fire

Author: April Hunt
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 145553949X
Size: 14.61 MB
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And Trey's not just determined to keep her safe . . . he's determined to win her heart. *** The Alpha Security series Book 1 - Heated Pursuit (Rafe and Penny) Book 2 - Holding Fire (Trey and Elle) Book 3 - Hard Justice (Vince and Charlie)

Markets Of English

Author: Joseph Sung-Yul Park
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136320474
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The cases that we have looked at in this section are taken from highly specific
contexts and represent drastically different social contexts, so it is not our
purpose here to draw generalizations about the valuation of English as a global
language. Instead, what we tried to underline is the importance of images of
personhood and their interdiscursive circulation and evolution to both cases.
While both the emergence of RP in Britain and the heated pursuit of English in
Korea are shaped by ...

English Language As Hydra

Author: Vaughan Rapatahana
Publisher: Multilingual Matters
ISBN: 1847697496
Size: 31.96 MB
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South Korea is well known for its heated pursuit of English – a phenomenon that
is often called the 'English frenzy' (yeongeo yeolpung). Despite the country's well-
established monolingualism in Korean, and the fact that English was not the
language of the colonizer, significant investments are made in English language
learning. The government continuously proposes revisions to the national
curriculafor English language education, introducing more English into the
classroom and ...

National Portrait Gallery Of Illustrious And Eminent Personages Of The Nineteenth Century Noblemen Statesmen

Author: William Jerdan
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This heated pursuit, however, had not the effect of separating the friends ; and
notwithstanding the disparity of their political sentiments, the Doctor, or, as he
now chose to designate himself, plain Thomas Beddoes, inscribed to his fellow
collegian an ingenious treatise, which he published in 1792, entitled, "
Observations on the Nature of Demonstrative Evidence." The great points which
the author endeavours to maintain in this performance, are, that geometry may be
best taught by ...

Hollow Shotguns

Author: Khalid Patel
Publisher: Severest Inks
ISBN: 0957325509
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“Zeth, gotta cut the 'phalts. Only chance.” Zeth glared at the looming truck. “Do it.”
Thump fixed his pupils on an oncoming break in the guardrail. The police prowler
, hunter of countless criminals but now itself hunted, veered off the asphalt as
Thump sent it off the highway. The motor lurched down an embankment, hit a
field spreading towards the woods. The stallion galloped through the grass. “Still
on us.” Slash saw the truck also vault off the highway in heated pursuit. Heavy
and hard.


Author: Dave King
Publisher: Dave King
ISBN: 1463757514
Size: 60.95 MB
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... Haarigoians ceased their heated pursuit upon seeing the smoke that rose
grandiosely from inside the gates of the large encampment. The jubilant minions
of Ahnak went so far as to carouse in the shallow but clear waters of the Ekleus
River that provided the fort with an ample supply of fresh water. Their boisterous
and brazen taunts echoed tauntingly inside the fort, their celebrations deepening
the Betrovians' humiliation. The commander of the harried regiment was thankful
that he ...

Her Secret Husband

Author: Andrea Laurence
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460340515
Size: 25.63 MB
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“Absolutely certain. I've just been too busy building my career to worry about
something that seems so trivial after all this time.” Heath's jaw flexed as he
considered her statement for a moment. He obviously didn't care for her choice of
words. “We've never really talked about it. At least not without yelling. Since it's so
trivial, care to finally tell me what went wrong? I've waited a long time to find out.”
Julianne closed her eyes and sighed. She'd almost prefer his heated pursuit to
the ...

The Use And Importance Of A Preaching Ministry Considered In A Sermon On Rom X 14 15 Preach D In The Church Of St Laurence Jewry Upon Opening The Tuesday Evening Lecture There

Author: Nathaniel MARSHALL
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The Misfortune, however, is owing here to no DefeƐt in the Prescription ; but to
the want of a lively and proper Application ; to our Inadvertency and Folly; to our
fixed Engagements in Affairs of another, and a foreign Nature ; to our deep
Immersion in Sense, in a mere animal Life, and in an over-heated Pursuit of the
Things which are fèen and temporal. THE Cafe, then, standing thus with us ; All
Helps, All Governments, All Diversities of Administration; Restraints, Perfuasives,