Good Bait

Author: John Harvey
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1453271562
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Brilliantly plotted and filled with rich, subtle characters, John Harvey’s latest novel reveals him once again as a masterful writer with his finger firmly on the pulse of twenty-first century crime.

The Young Angler Naturalist And Pigeon And Rabbit Fancier C

Author: Young angler
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The ash-grub, which is found in the rotten bark of a tree that has been felled
some time, is an excellent bait for grayling, chub, dace, or roach, and may be
used all the year round ; it should be kept in wheat bran. The brandling worm is a
capital bait for almost any kind of fish. The name of the cabbage worm indicates
its habitats; it is a good bait for chub, dace, roach, or trout. The caterpillar, which
may be found in the leaves of cabbages, is employed for the same fish as the
cabbage ...

Complete Book Of Fishing Baits Rigs

Author: Julie McEnally
Publisher: Australian Fishing Network
ISBN: 9781865130385
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This book is aimed at showing anglers how to catch, find or make the bait and
how it should be presented to the fish for best results. The rigs necessary for
good presentation are also included. The real secret of catching fish on bait is to
keep everything as natural and as simple as possible. The baits and rigs used in
this publication follow that principle closely. The key to good results is premium
bait, presented in a natural manner that the fish want to eat. At this point the
angler has ...

Every Boy S Book

Author: John George Wood
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This is a good worn for salmon, chub, trout, barbel, eels, and large perch. 2.
Brandling is found in old dunghills, rotten earth or cow-dung, and the best in
tanners' bark. It is a good bait for any kind of fish. 3. The Marsh-worm is found in
marshy grounds, or on the banks of rivers; and is a good bait for trout, perch,
gudgeon, grayling, and bream. 4. The Tagtail is found in marly lands or meadows
, after a shower ; and is a good bait for trout when the water is muddy. 5. The Ash-
grub is found ...

The Boy S Own Book

Author: William Clarke
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This is an exeellent bait for Trout, Chub, Grayling, Roach, or Dace. The oak-worm
, caterpillar, eabbuge-wonn, erab-trce-wonn, corewort worm, or grub, may be
gathered on the leaves of eolewort and eabbage, or on the huwthom, oak, or
erab-irce ; and may be long preserved with the leaves of those trces or plants, in
boxes bored with holes to admit the air. They are good baits for Chub, Dace,
Roach, or Trout. The bark-worm, or ash-grub^is found under the bark of a felled
oak, ash, ...

The Angler S Own Book Containing Ample Directions Whereby A Thorough Knowledge Of The Art May Be Acquired Etc

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They are good bait for tench, bream, barbel, dace, gudgeon, chub, bleak, and
carp. Cow-dung-bob is found under cow-dung, and somewhat resembles a
gentle. It is best kept in earth; and is a good bait for trout, chub, carp, tench,
bream, dace, and roach. The white-grub, or white-bait, is much larger than a
maggot; it is found in sandy and mellow round, and is an excellent bait, from the
middle of April to November, for tench, roach, bream, trout, chub, dace, and carp.
These baits should ...

Holiday Sports And Pastimes For Boys

Author: H. D. Richardson
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It is good bait for perch, trout, and eels; but is, in our opinion, greatly inferior in
attraction to The red worm. — This worm is small, and bright red in colour. It is
found in rotten bark and in damp places near old dunghills. This is an excellent
general bait, and will often take trout when they refuse everything else. The black
head, — called by some the sedge worm, as it is generally found in sedges, — is
good bait in such localities only. There is a red worm, with a black head, found
under ...

Every Boy S Book

Author: Edmund Routledge
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The Ta [ail is found in marly lands or meadows, after a shower; and is a good bait
for trout when the water is muddy. 5. The Ash-grub is found in the bark of tl'CCS. It
is a good bait for grayling. dace, roach, or chub. _ 6. Cowzluny Bail is found
under cowdung, from May to Michaelmas; and is good bait for grayling, dace,
roach, or chub. '7. Caterpillars can be found on almost every tree or plant. Almost
any small caterpillar will answer. 8. The Cabbaye caterpillar is found on
cabbages. 9.

Hunting Trapping And Fishing Made Easy

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Grasshoppers are good baits during June, July, and August ; thei r legs and
wings must be taken off before they are put on the hook. Shrimp are good for
bass, tom cod, and lafayette fish. Crab and clam are good bait for these also,
shedder crab especially. Cheese Pastes. — Take some old cheese and the
crumbs of white bread, and mix them up to a tolerable degree of consistency, and
you will make a good bait for chub. White Bread Paste. — Knead crumbs of white
bread dipped in ...