First Nature Encyclopedia

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Describes the plants and animals found in different regions and habitats throughout the world.

Encyclopedia Of Human Development

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Three Natures It is helpful to distinguish between three basic forms of nature. First
nature is material; the whole universe is a web of basic particles and energy. It
was the only nature around for most of the 12- to 15billion-year history of the
universe. Second nature is biological. Life appeared on earth some 4 billion
years ago. Third nature is ideological. Through the medium of the human mind, it
made its appearance with the upper-Paleolithic and Neolithic revolutions. The
emergence ...

The Social Science Encyclopedia

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Following Cicero, Hegel (1970) recognized a distinction hetween first and
second nature. First nature was original, pristine, god-given, the stuff of natural
science, while serond nature comprised the system of social structures, economic
institutions, legal and state edifices, and altered environments. More critical
approaches in the social sciences have generally developed this distinction. For
the Frankfurt School, social production necessarily involves the 'domination of
nature', ...

International Encyclopedia Of Geography 15 Volume Set

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Employing similar terminology to that used by Smith (1984), the theoretical and
conceptual significance of Cronon's work is that capitalism, via the
commodification of nature, problematizes the separation of a pristine “first nature
and the artificial “second nature” created by humans. The expansion of capitalist
markets transforms first nature in its own image, thereby “merging” first and
second nature. “What had once been a diverse prairie landscape produced fewer
and fewer species.

Encyclopedia Of Early Cinema

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Pike,. Oliver. b. 1877; d. 1963 cameraman, Great Britain A well~known nature
photographer, Pike took up filming in 1907 when quieter camera models allowed
him to film wild animals from a camouflaged blind. He initially released films such
as St. Kilda, Its People and Birds (1908) through James Williamson. In 1909, he
switched to PathéFr'eres, perhaps because of their expertise in color, releasing
such titles as Glimpses of Bird Life (1910). One of the first nature filmmakers to
realize ...

Encyclopedia Of Religion And Nature

Author: Bron Taylor
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At any rate, by the late eighteenth century and the time of the American
Revolution, nature became explicitly linked by elites who were establishing the
new political culture with their expansive republican venture. They understood
nature in at least three senses, and each ofthe ways of signifying nature led to the
patriotic ideology they promoted (suggesting already a nature religion in the
process of unraveling?). First, nature meant “new-world” innocence – a freedom
from the ...

Encyclopedia Of Phenomenology

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The lifeworld encompasses nature as that which is not human-made but which is
nevertheless clothed with and soaked in human meaning. Lifeworldly nature is
not yet the abstract, objective nature of mathematical natural science, but it is an
abstract layer of our concrete lifeworldly experience. It is the first nature out of
which we matured into the second nature of human culture. What we witness
today as a global ecological crisis is the destruction of our biologically natural
lifeworld and ...

Encyclopedia Of Contemporary French Culture

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Indeed, it was pivotal during the Enlightenment period; Rousseau, with his vision
of humans as 'good in Nature' in Le Contrat social and in Émile, differed from the
modernism of the Encyclopedists such as Diderot or D'Alembert, for whom '
reason' and 'industry' control 'nature'. In the Romantic period, this debate was
continued from all sides. The impulse to 'preserve' nature can be dated back to
the creation of the first nature reserve in the forest of Fontainebleau in 1853, after
a long ...