First Nature Encyclopedia

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Describes the plants and animals found in different regions and habitats throughout the world.

Encyclopedia Of Phenomenology

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Lifeworldly nature is not yet the abstract, objective nature of mathematical natural
science, but it is an abstract layer of our concrete lifeworldly experience. It is the
first nature out of which we matured into the second nature of human culture.

R Mpp Encyclopedia Natural Products 1st Edition 2000

Author: Burkhard Fugmann
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256– 258 °C, soluble in water and ethanol. S. is a biogenic *polyamine, formed
biogenetieally from *putrescine. It is the precursor of * spermine. S. was first
found in human sperm but is widely distributed in nature. The S. in sperm is
bound to ...

The Encyclopedia Of Eastern Orthodox Christianity 2 Volume Set

Author: John Anthony McGuckin
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... Natures far surpasses the power of our intellect. Accordingly, much more does
it escape the power of our intellect to describe the First Nature and (since I draw
back from saying merely the “nature which is above all others”) that Only Nature.

British Encyclopedia

Author: William Nicholson
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It is, however, a most compact and curious machine, and is an invention
altogether worthy of the genius of the nobleman who first constructed it. A very
minute account of the nature and construction of every part of this press is given
in Mr.

Complementary And Integrative Medicine In Cancer Care And Prevention

Author: Marc S. Micozzi, MD. PhD
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He was the author of several books on diet, nature cure, and heliotherapy.
Professor F. E. Bilz (1823–1903) authored the first natural medicine encyclopedia
, The Natural Method of Healing, which was translated into a dozen languages.

American Edition Of The British Encyclopedia

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To arrive at this knowledge in an accurate manner, it is necessary to consider,
first, the nature and properties of tan; and, secondly,the structure and composition
of the skin. We shall not enter into the detail of such precautions as are requisite ...

Fundamentals Of Complementary And Alternative Medicine

Author: Marc S. Micozzi
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
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They first used the term vis medicatrix naturae, the “healing power of nature,” to
denote the body's ability and drive to heal itself ... Professor F.E. Bilz (1823-1903)
authored the first natural medicine encyclopedia, The Natural Method of Healing,